GEARBOX you are pathetic. Never buying anything from this company EVER

I waited so long for todays stream. Xbox one X coop as well resolution mode as well online coop is unplayable since launch. No vertical splitscreen as a cherry on top. And they come up with 3 lvl increase and some other totally forgetable news. are you kidding me ? You release half complete product and milk us ? No more gearbox, no more. no matter what you do next me and my friends are completly forgetting Gearbox ever existed. Bye.


I struggle to think of a more despicable company at the moment, and I am thinking of companies like Enron, Purdue Pharma and EA.

Gearbox, you have absolutely and unequivocally betrayed the consumer trust and confidence in your company. You are frauds, shysters, and nearly criminal.

You took our money, and gave us a defective product. You wont talk to us about the issue, or entertain a product recall and refund. You have purposely constructed barriers to prevent information on this issue from being delivered. You hang the moderator team out to dry, you provide zero communication to anyone about this issue.

You are the case study for unchecked and unregulated business practices.

You are crooks with a business license. You just committed cyber-fraud to all of your customers on 1X, you should feel proud.


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