Gearbox, you blew it. (only a whine tread)

The Numbers of players are falling by the day, only 2 wreaks after the release its from 12k down to 4,5k.

I cant help to fell bitter about it, I and many other talked about the lacking marketing, and many things that should change after the beta but I have seen no change at all.
With your pricing strategy we put quite some money into it and I try to get some more gametime out of it till the matchmaking times become unbearable but I don’t think that I will buy something from you without a steam sale for quite some time.
I know this post has no helpful hints or constructive critique but I think the time frame for that is already over, so its only for me to feel better by expressing my disappointment.

At last words: Thanks for the try, but try harder next time.


Well… +1 for honesty I guess lol

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Right? I’m just not seeing it. Ps4 is going strong. Maybe it’s just Steam with all the cheaters ruining everyone’s fun…don’t know but he can have fun trashing whatever game he hops to next for 2 weeks. I’m having a blast on Ps4. Can’t wait for the new content. :+1:


Yeah, I’m on PS4 and it seems fairly lively. Queue times are short, people are generally pleasant, and I’m enjoying myself.

I mean, I really need to get my Kill/Assist-to-Death ratio up, but I’m enjoying myself.


It sold better on both consoles anyway… and the stats I’ve seen haven’t shown the player base dipping that far below where it has been on PC. The average is around the same, the player high has dipped some, but not that much, and the 12k was a one day spike.

Honestly have never seen a cheater in 100+ hours on pc. Not sure why everyone is saying that is a thing maybe I just got extremely lucky.

Honestly have never seen a cheater in 100+ hours on pc. Not sure why everyone is saying that is a thing maybe I just got extremely lucky.

If they’re better than you, then they must be cheating.

There’s always the fake call outs of cheating, but some might be real. Battleborn aimbots are selling so they are out there, but I don’t think there’s that many.

I’ve only suspected one person of cheating on PC so far. Enemy Thorn went 28-1 and was gibbing the hell out of everyone, even suspiciously when I’m pretty sure I should not have been in LOS of her for a headshot.

Could it have been a mega skilled player? Possibly, but that’s a pretty damn high kill count for BB.

I feel like they gave up on marketing on Steam though for some reason. It was on the front store page for like 1-2 days and it’s gone now. Steam frontpage advertising must be expensive or something.

I can assure you they exist.
I only met 3 so far (and managed to win against one \o/)
When you see a marquis able to headshot you even when you’re meleeing him… you know there is a problem. And I mean “headshot” with the sniper, not the pistol.
And also an oscar mike able to run around / dodge and still manage to hit the head on almost all bullets, even when playing invisible shayne from faaaaaar away.

Luckily the support is fast but they ask for a video which is… not something everybody can provide.

Closed, as there’s really no need for yet another one of these threads.

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