Gearbox, you MUST do this before its too late

Dear Gearbox, Im a huge fan of the series, please address the following issues, I think they would help a lot to improve BL3:

  • Solve bugs and performance issues - Players need to have a smooth experience

  • Balance all VH in order for them to be all competitive and at the same level on Mayhem 4

  • Improve the drop rates - This is a loot game. People will stick around to farm for gear to perform well at higher levels. Making it almost impossible to farm good gear with layers of RNG, bad legendaries and worthless anointments is not an incentive - People will give up when they realize the odds

  • Create an end game where people who farm for perfect gear can enjoy and test the results. But is has to be rewarding - Great effort x great rewards - The takedown in its current form is not rewarding - You go thru it all and a lot of times are rewarded with woodblockers and the lob - Most people will give up after 3 or 5 runs like this.

Hope it helps.

  1. will agree on the bugs
  2. balance is never gonna be perfect, and from what I have seen they are pretty much all balanced, or they can all do mayhem 4 atleast
  3. Drop rates are fine, but if they would throw in a few “events” where they would have kill x and rates are doubled etc… that would help
  4. agree to a point.

World drops are fine but dedicated drops and rare spawn enemies take away from the game imo. Multiple layers of RNG are just too much for me


Drop rates are fine? How do you figure? I killed Borman Nates 50 times yesterday and didn’t get a single cutsman. How is that fine? The dedicated drops are a complete joke right now and need fixed.

Yes I know I can get the cutsman as a world drop and I did yesterday after giving up on Borman. Got 3 from Graveward after 15 kills. Word drop rates are fine. I completely agree with that. It’s the dedicated drop rates that need to change.


Totally agree, I only farmed for one redline and one unleash the dragon when they were guaranteed to spawn during an event. Since then I can’t be bothered to save and quit to more than likely not even get the spawn. Console load times are a killer


OMG don’t even get me started on console load times. Somebody actually timed and calculated it out. Farming on console you are spending about 57% of your farming time on the loading screen (depending on what you are farming for of course). Although this wasn’t that great in BL2 either.

If I’m spending my life reading the load screen text, I would like to be rewarded for my efforts.


Agree on all this. Performance and skilltree fixes need to take priority.

GBX really also needs to make the loot quality tied better to the difficulty level. On MH4, we should be seeing far, far fewer non-anointed weapons and ASMDs/Woodblockers etc. Also, it makes no sense to see green and weak blue weapons in vault chests.


we dont really need balance in a pve game , just buff the weak to a usable level


As the owner of one Earth’s oldest PS4 consoles, I wholeheartedly agree with this. Bosses need to be re-settable without having to reload the game.


you answered your own question, you wanted a cutsman and got 3… sure it’s hard to get one with the perfect parts, prefix and anoint but that’s looking for unicorns.

I played the slaughter shaft with a buddy on m3 and by the last round the floor was littered with legendary’s

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We’re not arguing the world drops. The problem is the dedicated loot sources need to be more reliable. If I want a cutsman, I should theoretically go to Borman to get one. I shouldn’t have to take my chances with getting it on a world drop.


I farmed Billy the Anointed for 13 hours just to get the Raging Bear mod. I got it once.

I agree the world drop rates is acceptable but the dedicated drops aren’t. I would prefer something like Freddie in DLC where he has a dedicated drop of AutoAime (not sure if that’s really dedicated drop of his but from my experience he likes to drop a lot of those).


I don’t get it, people wanted dedicated drops, so they did that. Now they are salty that the drop rates are low.

So what people really want is 100% drop rates, farm x always get a y.

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You are missing the point. People don’t want 100% drop rates.


I think the explanation you’re after is that people think that they should be more likely to get a dedicated drop from its source in the same amount of time or less than from a world drop.

(Which is both pretty reasonable and should be fairly intuitive for the game to work that way, IMO).


These are all really generic suggestions that are far harder to implement than they sound.

That said, definitely disagree with drop rates, especially on (any) Mayhem mode they’re really good compared to BL2 (and even BL1, with it’s vendor amazement). The drive should be to push the Mayhem system for endgame - the only issue I really see about drops is the L49 pieces that drop at L50.

Would be nice to see that go, maybe as a TVHM-only requirement, as it

  • incentivises TVHM, and
  • it’s not really an issue in Normal, because, Normal (even with Mayhem).

Programming-wise implementing the rate adjustments is not difficult (assuming these devs didn’t write spaghetti code and they have a good decent test suite including QAs).

The real complications is making the business rules are correct for all scenarios.

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People want dedicated drops because they want it to be possible to obtain specific versions of an item without lottery-level odds. Borderlands has always struggled with the effects of layering RNG - in Borderlands 2 a base 1/10 farm felt good, but if you had something like the warrior or terra with a ton of items in their loot-pool you were looking at a number of runs it is hard to find fun (chance for a specific elemental conference call from the warrior = 1/980.) at the extreme this kind of layering produces items that have just never dropped for anyone ever, like the perfect HoT. It’s not clear to me who benefits from this arrangement

BL3 adds a whole new layer of RNG to everything in the form of anointments, and it doesn’t change anything about how designated drops work to compensate. World drop rates are great but they are so good in comparison that farming something like a rare spawn is a just waste of time. I could be running Slaughter Shaft, Freddie, Agonizer, Graveward, etc instead.

Also we have some specific problems like rare spawns, low drops rates in the raid, and low drop rates for mayhem 4 class mods.


You mean the exact thing the DLC bosses have and a major reason why so many people find it enjoyable?

No reason to keep that drop rate restricted to paid DLC.


100% drop rates from anything would be broken (even tho there are a couple out there, and I’m not going to complain about that). But there should be a higher probability of getting a dedicated drop from it’s source than getting it as a world drop.