Gearbox you need to hear this from a well known youtuber. This guy makes good points on the state of the game

I was looking on youtube of all places and came across “EpicNGG”
He made a video on his final thoughts of the 2nd so called DLC and said some pretty good stuff about it along with what alot are thinking about at the moment on the state of TTW. A good watch and i agree with him. Gearbox needs to address things. This is not going to go away magically.


What do you mean, “YouTube of all places?” :stuck_out_tongue:

YouTube has been a resource for Borderlands content since day 1, and EpicNGG has been one of Gearbox’s Stream Team since BL3 if not before that. They have all been dropping support for TTWL one by one and all for the same reasons.

Is Gearbox listening to them, though? Are the streamers saying anything different than the rest of us have been since DLC #1? The answer is the same, or at least it has been so far.

Personally, I’m hoping the recent “radio silence” means that Gearbox is holding off on DLC #3 until they can correct some significant issues in the game with it, but there are loads of people who have had enough of these all-too-familiar issues (coughBL3cough), and I can’t say that I blame them.


Honestly, there very few examples of franchises as big as this one that actually listen to what the fans want. Doom Eternal is the only one I can think of. Sure, they all say that they do. It’s a pretty common PR strat tho. Social media posts and forums are a lot less effort than genuinely understanding your player base.


Couldn’t agree with you more, but I also couldn’t tell you the last time anyone from Gearbox visited these forums. Case in point, three months and two DLCs in, and TTWL still has no official forum category.

Even the master but list for TTWL is in the BL3 General Discussion thread. XD


Welome to my world: Spin off game get released and everyone claims it’s the best in the series and can do no wrong.

A month later the game is being slowly abandoned and it comes with the worst paid content drops in the series. Free content from BL3 was more interesting and repayable.

Can’t wait till the game is free in a few months!


If TPS still isn’t free, TTWL never will be.

As it stands, they’re still asking full price for it even though its value is probably closer to $29.99 including DLCs 1 and 2 (worth maybe $3.99 combined).

The first month is never an accurate gauge for the quality of a game - only its level of anticipation and the efficiency of any pre-launch advertising. An accurate measure of a title’s quality cannot be assessed until its been on the market for a solid fiscal quarter (four months), and by that measure, TTWL looks almost identical to TPS.