Gearbox: Your marketing for this game is bad

If it weren’t for seeing Totalbiscuits vid, I probably would not know this game existed. I don’t recall seeing any ads for this anywhere online. It’s a great game flying under the radar of everyone because they don’t know it exists, and from what I have read from other people commenting on the marketing that they have seen, they say that it doesn’t convey properly what the game even is.

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Well, they didn’t do much marketing for Borderlands either. And that sold very well. Albeit a while after launch.

Ok BUT they are like it or not going to be competing for the same dollar that could be given to Overwatch because the games are somewhat similar. Gotta strike while the iron is hot.

Please. They don’t need to compete. Gearbox has a loyal, or maybe just stubborn, fanbase. As long as they keep making games, we’ll keep supporting them, because god DAMN if Gbx isn’t Badass as hell.

Well if they think the game has longevity based only on potential sales from past customers, then ok.

I think its better to start out small and grow. Too many games come out with a ■■■■ ton of hype and cause people to get annoyed with it if they have a few bugs at launch. Then they never get those people again.

If you start out small with a loyal fanbase, they can give you feedback and the game will grow as it gets better.


So cynical. Just let it work itself out, man.

TC is correct
The delusional fanboys in this thread are amusing though

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doom today had 25,000+ poeple playing it on steam i dont think i seen 15,000 poeple playing battleborn.

they need better marketing. one way to reach out is to youtube ads, inject on imgur. Overwatch is making it many times to front page there, get more popular youtube poeple to do spotlights. direwolf20 is doing overwatch spotlights.

i dont even know how i found this game i think it was a random fluke i stumbled while browsing on steam

it is sad indeed.

hope does not bring in sales