Gearbox, your Platinum currency is an overpriced, convoluted currency exchange system & I refuse to use it

Yes, I think this is the problem. Setting aside my own objections to microtransactions in general (which are heightened for Battelborn because I really care about this game) I think they were introduced in a problematic way. They were discussed in some press beforehand but it wasn’t clear to everyone and I think playing the game for a good while without them (and then a botched leak) is behind a lot of the ire. Added to that, they’re very prominent ingame, enclosed in a ‘currency’ that tops the HUD…

With a diminshing (though vigorous) PC player base fans and prospective players alike urgently need to hear about new content (that actually comes in the game’s asking price) to spread the word that this title is a horn of virtual plenty.

The future of Battleborn is important to me so I’m concerned about how these transactions might disenchant players… my hope is that their presence in the game will be restrained so that they’re not heavily pushed in the interface, and that the release of more non-premium stuff will happen and drown these current quandaries.


I think it is to many of us (why else would people get so upset?).

And while it is important that people voice their opinions and provide feedback, I would urge people to take a breath before posting. I have to think that the forums wouldn’t seem terribly inviting if someone came by for the first time wondering what Battleborn is all about.

1 US Dollar = 0.89 Euro = 0.70 British Pound = 1.35 AUS Dollar

230p = 1.99USD = 1.7711€ = 1.393£ = 2.68AUD
700p = 4.99USD = 4.4411€ = 3.493£ = 6.7365AUD
1625p = 9.99USD = 8.8911€ = 6.993£ = 13.4865AUD
3500p = 19.99USD = 17.7911€ = 13.993£ = 26.9865AUD
9300p = 49.99USD = 44.4911€ = 34.993£ = 67.4865AUD

1 skin = 420p = 3.6339USD = 3.2342€ = 2.54373£ = 4.9058AUD
1 taunt = 230p = 1.99USD = 1.7711€ = 1.393£ = 2.6865AUD

Again, these conversions are as of today and also not representative of what you may actually have to pay.


I can live with there being skins, but having loadouts and bank slots is ridiculous as that directly effects gameplay and gives people who want to pay money an advantage. Which just shouldn’t exist given the price of the game.

Here is a quote given by Gearbox, “We know that some gamers really love to express themselves through cosmetic customizations that make their heroes stand-out. That’s why Battleborn has a huge variety of skins and taunts that come with the game at launch, and we will continue to release even more cosmetic customizations post-launch – some of which we will sell in-game. This kind of optional cosmetic content has absolutely no effect on the gameplay, and helps us keep all the additional heroes, modes, maps, and other features that extend the core gameplay experience, free for everyone. We’re committed to making sure that you have the means to make your favorite heroes truly your own.”

It’s interesting that they only mention the cosmetic microtransactions and make a big deal about them having “no effect on the gameplay.” All the while they end up adding loadouts and bank slots to the microtransactions. Battleborn’s playerbase is already dropping like a rock; this was a terrible move. You are alienating the few remaining Battleborn fans that you have, instead of trying to do something to make sure the community doesn’t die.

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These the current Aus prices in the PS store. +1 for capitalism lol

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Whether or not you agree with microtransactions aside let’s all just agree to disagree and say that some of us like fair microtransactions and other don’t like them at all. The main point I wanted to bring up with this thread is that everything else aside platinum is both overpriced and too complicated for what should have been a simple system (is $1 = 100 really a hard conversion rate to set up?).

I will say this again, more people will buy platinum if they get the appropriate amount of value that corresponds to the money they spend. People value items on the amount of perceived effort put into the content, how much they feel it affects their experience with the game, and how often it will be used. Most people will buy platinum with the goal of getting a cool skin, you have to spend $5 to get one, $7 to get 2, and $10 to get 3.

Let me put this into perspective: say someone spends $5 on platinum & finds out they can only get 2 taunts (minimal value) or 1 skin (less value than expected) and then realize that if they want more skins they need to buy $2-5 more worth of platinum if they wanted 2-3. To the person with little money or bigger priorities $7-10 can be spent on more useful things, or more importantly things with more value. So if they do buy platinum not only are they not getting enough value (the lowest tier currency packages should alway have enough to buy at least a couple things, whereas the most important thing that players will buy are skins $2 buys none, $5 buys only 1), but they now feel guilty for spending the money in the first place and that is not how you want your players to feel when they buy platinum Gearbox. When people spend money on online games most people will be comfortable spending $1-3 when they get good value out of it, but $5 is where things get icky especially when the value isn’t right, $10 is where people just don’t bother if they don’t see the value of you offering.

I’m really trying to help here, I’m trying to get you more money but the system you’ve put in place actively discourages your playerbase from wanting to spend money, and this thread proves that. You aren’t appealing to the impulse buyers (these are the people microtransactions exist for, this is the cash flow), you are pissing off your other customers, and worst of all your plan isn’t even working is it. I genuinely want to hear from the person who designed the market; are you even getting enough sale for this stupid platinum system to be successful or even worth it. Because I’ve barely seen anyone wearing tier 2 skins on the ps4 version.

“slightly harsh words were used, but no aggression or malice is intended on my part”


How so? You can’t exceed the regular maximums. Yes you could get them faster and use the credits for loot packs instead, but I don’t see why that’s such a big deal.

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I can agree that the Platinum is overpriced in a sense, and that there should be a way to gain Platinum without having to pay out of pocket, albeit a longer process.
I don’t have an issue buying a $5 pack every now and then if I have the money to spare, but I don’t always wanna spend money.

What I don’t agree with is many people putting the blame on just Gearbox. It was most likely a reluctant decision, most likely not entirely on their part or even at all.

Also I happen to like the Caldarius skin as I just bought it a few hours ago.

At that point it’s more about the opportunity cost. If you want to get your bank slots and loadout slots through the free currency than you are missing out on gear packs that you could have bought with that currency. If you buy the bank slots and loadouts with real money, than you can get more gear packs and potentially have better gear.

Sure it’s not the biggest deal in the world, but when a game costs $60 there shouldn’t be any pay to win mechanics whatsoever even if they are only minor.

It also shows some dishonest marketing when before release they only mention cosmetic microtransactions and state that they have, “absolutely no effect on the gameplay,” when in reality they planned on having loadouts and bank slots. They obviously meant to not mention the loadouts and bank slots until they absolutely had to for a reason, and that reason is that they do effect gameplay and they are pay to win mechanics, even though they are only minor pay to win mechanics.

Is it the biggest deal in the world? No, the low playerbase is a much bigger deal. Is it another piece of straw on the back of a camel already holding hundreds of pounds of lead? Yea, it is.


Well, having an effect on gameplay is a bit subjective. I’m on the “doesn’t matter” side. Not saying you’re opinion is wrong, but note that it also impacts how you interpret other things they have said.

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How arbitrary. Thank you for posting those. I know everyone has their own reasons to love or hate microtransactions, but these arbitrary prices need some explaining.

I won’t buy any platinum. I bought the digital deluxe for 85€, or roughly 100USD. Soon after I could have had it all for less than 2/3 of the original price. If they are now aiming for F2P, either they grant the “first hour users” an adequate in-game compensation, or it will be the last Gearbox Game I bought from that point on.


How the hell can you compare a fully playable character to throwing some paint on a character model?

Because they’re both microtransactions, and microtransactions are the topic of discussion, obviously.

It also illustrates my point because if anyone would complain about skins costing real money, they would definitely complain about characters (which they don’t).

I tend to agree. Due to the 1st person nature of the game, skins are not very exciting. I can’t see my character (and therefore my skin) unless I’m taunting so … what’s the point?


Agree, the skins only show-off during the character selection so it’s like candy for kids.


Just looked it up. Characters for mortal combat are 5 bucks, compared to about 3.50 for a skin. So to reiterate that is a fully playable character for 5 bucks to 3.50 for a skin that most of the time you wont see in game. I can see where you are drawing the comparison but you are grasping. If you cant see it from my point of view then you likely never will.

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Personally I love most of the T2 skins. Some are very underwhelming (Kelvin in particular is just another straight pallete swap), but still enticing. If they simply made a coin to platinum converter, at a rate of something like 1:5 or so, it’d be fine; there’d be something tangible to work towards, rather than praying to the RNG gods while grinding for legendaries. Alternatively some new semi-hardcore challenges. Any alternative option, the lazy/rich people will still take that shortcut and throw money at the game, while the other fans who refuse to for over additional cash can still attain them somehow.


It’s really not subjective though, being able to buy more gear packs is an objective and calculable advantage. You can literally do that math and figure out how many more gear packs a person who paid for bank slots and loadouts got compared to a person who earned them through playing the game. That is the exact opposite of subjective; the gear difference between real money buyers and in game currency buyers is quantifiable. Being able to buy loadouts and bank slots affects gameplay; that is not an opinion that is a fact.

Subjective would be me saying the skins weren’t worth the money, but I would never say that, because I don’t see a problem with them selling skins, although it is a bit strange for them to be doing it right now. It bodes poorly on their customer relations. <That is also an opinion that is subjective.