Gearbox, your Platinum currency is an overpriced, convoluted currency exchange system & I refuse to use it

Agreed. Let’s please get back on topic and talk about the game instead of other forums members.



I wasn’t making the comparison you said I am, I was comparing the ethics of microtransactions, not the pricing. The idea is that if a player wouldn’t complain about characters costing real money, they definitely wouldn’t complain about skins costing real money, since characters affect gameplay and skins don’t.

So you just misunderstood me. I NEVER said skins costing $5 is okay because characters costing $5 is okay in a separate game. Maybe read before making accusations next time?

Yeah, a lot of people arguing that this is the norm in MOBA titles seem to forget that those games are free to play, whereas you’re already having to fork out up to £50 for this game (more if you want the season pass)

I don’t think people would be as annoyed if the price-points were relatively high, if this had been a free-to-play game. But when your putting F2P add-on prices on an already pay-to-play game, it does feel like a cheap money-making exercise.

I don’t see why they couldn’t just put the costumes and taunts on the stores, rather than in game.


No. The concept of fairness is not subjective or relative. Asking for a fair price for microtransactions that doesn’t dsicriminate between currencies has nothing to do with my salary. There are some fair prices I can’t afford, and that’s ok. I can’t afford to buy shares in Apple, which doesn’t mean that they should be brought down to a grad student salary. I do think that microtransactions hurt a game when they’re not ‘micro’. This includes being noticeably above the price of microtransactions for more meaningful content or significantly above those in other paid titles (like Borderlands 2, where skins cost 79p and were fairly unobtrusive, cheap, and not obscured behind a problematic fictional currency).

This isn’t a question of personal entitlement. I’m writing this because I care about the game and want it to succeed, and not only financially but as a work of art. I don’t need the costumes to play Battleborn. But their presence ingame has a significant effect on what that game is.


What awful analogies. What has mobile phones and cars got to do with consoles and dlc? It’s about on par with those people who use pizzanomics to justify the price of dlc. I mean, have you ever heard anything as ridiculous as the cost of a pizza having some bearing on how devs go about pricing dlc in a video game?

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Official warnings now going out to people who are ignoring the suggestions to talk about games rather than other forum users.image

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I feel the microtransaction price gearbox chose to charge was fair, and I paid what they asked for by choice. If someone else comes to a different conclusion about whether or not they feel it is a fair price in no way demonstrates that my belief is wrong (or any others that have purchased the items and did not feel they got ripped off). So yes…quite subjective concerning the value of something like this to someone…no matter how many times someone says a car is a banana does not make it true.

Your door is a jar.


“Everything is worth what its purchaser will pay for it.”

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Human mankind had some wise men in the past.
Where are they nowadays? :frowning:

Please stop complaining… just don’t buy it if you think it’s not worth it. For me it was worth every single cent.

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It’s not the case.

Please stop these oversimplifications. They were discussed hundred times already.


So, the solution is, if you don’t like an aspect of Battleborn, or it’s giving other people a better deal than you… grit your teeth and pretend not to see it? Well, you and Mr Syrus have certainly pinpointed the position of most dissatisfied consumers in our time. Kind of makes these forums pretty pointless though. I have higher hopes for this game, which is why I’m here. I don’t mean to flood the forums with complaints and negativity and I can see why you might want to call people out on that… but my sincere hope is that it’s worth getting involved and registering an opinion to help make this game better for as many people as possible. Even if the wisdom people bring here pales in comparison to the sententious aphorisms of old.


He was able to correctly simplify it because it has been much discussed/argued already.
“I would not give a fig for the simplicity this side of complexity, but I would give my life for the simplicity on the other side of complexity.” - Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

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People that bought the game already got what they paid for: 25 characters, 8 missions, and more. And more modes & maps are on the way. Great value.

They are not entitled to every skin produced because they paid a fee up front, any more than they are entitled to every DLC. These are vanity items (outside the possibility of boosters, which haven’t been implemented yet). Vanity items cost money, both in paid games like WoW and Skyrim and in free-to-play games too. If Gearbox wasn’t going to charge for skins, there wouldn’t be any new ones added (or nearly as many, certainly).

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And yet it has more value then destiny has in 1 over prices dlc lol

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That’s not really point. I’m not sure how you don’t get it, but if you take the time to read these messages, you should catch on to the fact that the real problem is a dwindling player base, lack of content and not getting our money’s worth. In fact, I stopped playing when it was confirmed I’d either have to ask for money from my friends or pay twice for the season pass, in order for said friend to be able to play the new story content locally, as it releases. So after a couple weeks I was bored and logged in to the game only to play about 2 matches before seeing this farce. I thought, "Good god, now they want even MORE money from me for these (mostly) ugly skins. So I’m done. Haven’t played since and don’t plan on playing again. And I know the usual response would be ,“Well good we don’t want you here anyways.” And that’s fine and all but think about the fact that I can’t be the only one leaving. And less people leads to even longer wait times, and more unbalanced matches, which has been a problem since launch. Also, on a side note this game is not free to play, so please everyone, stop comparing it to free to play games. Plus Gearbox has said a thousand times that this isn’t a MOBA (tho it certainly seems like one, I know). And there’s the fact that these skins were in the beta, so it’s not like they had to take all this extra time to make them. For like the thousanth time, this game reminds me destiny, something I spent $100 on before I wised up when the last ‘expansion’ came out, and decided to never play again (which I haven’t).

Why do you try to make 10 hours of original gameplay sound like 100 and an entire 2 maps per mode seem like a ton. And honestly if half the maps weren’t literally the same, asking for more money might not have seen like such a big deal. Plus, The skins were ready at launch, but they held them back to try to scam more money out of us. Also, what is about a game that makes people defend the most hideous problems with it? I used the word Fanboy on here once and the dude completly lost it. So I won’t call you that, but it’s a shame this company knows people will blindly follow whatever crazy agenda they have. You know, when I first played this game locally, with my friend, we both thought it was amazing, easily some of the most fun we’ve had with any game. But as my friend and I finished the levels and saw how exactly much alike they were, we started to wonder what was going on. And then when we figured out the real scam of having to buy mutliple copies of the season pass for him to play locally (something that is wrong, and has never been done before), we both stopped playing. And I LOVED gearbox, thought they were great, but yet I didn’t just blindly defend them and keep throwing money at them. Also, I really don’t get the logic in having to buy these skins to make more skins.

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Similarity between the PvE missions is a fair criticism in my book. I think the overwhelming majority of people here would like more diversity. I have no issue with the campaign length, though. It is a different experience with different characters. This isn’t Borderlands with 4 classes. The length is appropriate to the type of game. And the number of maps argument is so stale. most games in League are on one map. Most maps in multiplayer games never get played. I’d rather have a couple of good ones (though there are still performance issues with Echelon as far as I know, which is very much a legit complaint, IMO).

It’s ridiculous to debate what Gearbox did or didn’t think based on some article being edited or infer intent based on the fact that the skins were in the game at launch (it could just as easily have been that the marketplace simply wasn’t ready yet). The facts are simple: they said as far back as November it was being considered but nothing had been decided.

You keep using the word “scam”. Whatever. I have said multiple times it would have been a nice gesture for them to give everyone enough platinum to buy a skin or two of their choice. I have also said that (especially given that the skins WERE in the game, that if this system was their intent all along that they should have come out and said what the plan was. But they didn’t. It was poor communication that alienated many of their customers. Doesn’t change the fact I’m still having a ton of fun playing and feel I have gotten my money’s worth from the original purchase. But you want to feel like you were cheated, that’s your prerogative.

The bottom line is that if you don’t think they are worth the money, don’t buy them. That simple.

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Well put, I actually agree with most of what you said. You’re right that we simply have different opinions concerning the maps and amount of content. I don’t really go by hours played so much as original content. I.E. not doing the same thing over and over again. But as this is largely a PvP game, that is going to happen eventually, no matter how many maps you have. I just wish it took longer to get to that point. However, you were respectful in your response so I’m not going to keep beating a dead horse I’m just gonna take your advice and not buy it. Oh almost forgot, maybe the word ‘scam’ was too strong. When I said that, I was thinking of a number of issues concerning this game, not just the one being discussed here. Basically I just feel people who are out there on the fence with this game should know all the details concerning gameplay and transactions, so they can make an educated decision.

Fair enough. Not like I think the game is perfect. But I do love it in all its flawed glory. I also get that a lot of people get pissed off about various things because they love it too (or want too). People don’t tend to get angry about something unless they care about it.

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