Gearbox, your Platinum currency is an overpriced, convoluted currency exchange system & I refuse to use it

This is a long thread and I’ll admit, I haven’t read every post as closely as I should have. I’m sorry if I read something into your post that you didn’t say. However, though I agree their Marketing strategy was more than poor, I have to point out some of what you are suggesting couldn’t have happened.

The most obvious is that Blizzard changed the release date of Overwatch more than once and appears to have deliberately released it as close to BB’s release date as possible. Even the BB Marketing team saw the danger of releasing a title so close to something similar made by a bigger company, but Blizzard ended up controlling that debacle.

Changing the art style/graphics would have made Battleborn a different game by a different company. This is and has been from the beginning, Gearbox’s style. Battleborn’s style is what anyone who has ever played Borderlands expected.

Your what if scenario wouldn’t have been Battleborn, it would have been some other game, no matter how much was charged for it.


Absolutely. I’m still scary terrible at PvP, but, damn it, GBX made it fun. I have tried all of the PvP only games at friends houses, and never had a good time. This game is still fun even when butt is being handed about like a collection tray at church.

So, GBX did something special with BB - made a competitive game with an ‘in’ for PvE players. I really hope they continue to support it.


Even if that’s true about Blizzard/Overwatch - Gearbox still chose to release near a much bigger game that many people think are similar games and a more popular/well-liked studio than them (they still get a lot of hate due to Aliens). Borderlands looks way more interesting than this game, so Gearbox games don’t HAVE to look like this. Battleborn having a variety of characters with different powers and being MOBA-like is what makes it unique, not its sub-par visual design.

Battleborn has a ton of unrealized potential and probably loss the company money, so my scenario not being what you consider to be Battleborn sounds fine to me - most people don’t like this game and think it’s a joke. I’ll be the first to defend it, since it has more content and original ideas than Overwatch, but that is how many gamers see this. Like it’s akin to something like Brink or Shadowrun (the FPS).

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That’s a matter of opinion—one I strongly disagree with.


Actually, I’d warrant most of the over six billion humans on this planet don’t even know Battleborn exists. If you mean to say most of the gamers you know don’t like Battleborn, that’s fine with me. All of the gamers I know love it and have no problems with the art style.

Since there is nothing to be gained by debate with someone who speaks for “most people” I’ll just humbly disagree with all of your opinions of BB and not engage you again. As Montana says: “Aaaannnd done.”

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The playerbase is divided by half between PVP and PVE:

If they made only PVP modes and release the game as FTP or alike that would be a different game for a half of players.

That’s not an accurate assessment of PvE vs PvP players.

There’s no way for us to calculate how many PvE and how many PvP.

The majority of people playing BB are not on these forums.

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How good a skin looks is subjective. I think most of them look great, I’ve met people who live every single one of them, and I’ve met people who hate a few or all of them.

Regardless, please don’t try to pass your opinion as fact.

So far the only skin I’m not really a big fan of is the Kleese one with the green beard.

I agree with you whole heartedly but there is a very practical reason behind the platinum currency. The reasoning is centered entirely around the console marketplace. If they were to sell you each individual like say all the heads and skins for BL2 then each and every one would have to get approved through both Microsoft and Sony, so they can be released simultaneously. That’s a big fudgin hassle and they most assuredly wouldn’t be turning out these skins so quickly if that were the case. It doesn’t just apply to cosmetic items, they’ll be able to skip alot of the bull with anything they want to release in their marketplace. That doesn’t excuse them(probably 2k)for the bad pricing though.

Edit:Oh crap I didnt check the date.

people like to compare battleborn to other F2P games, saying how battleborn should be a F2P game.
Okay, lets put it like this, imagine the game is F2P, you get 5 characters on each rotation, and you have to grind to unlock permanently just 1 character. you can only play the base multiplayer game.
you pay 60 bucks, and you save hundreds of dolars unlocking all the characters that would take you maybe 20 matches each (at best), you get the PVE maps.

what doesnt include is the skins that came out way later into the game life… is nice that there is a way to unlock them now, and they could be a little more generous with the platinum rate. but at least you can buy the skin you want instead of buying crates and try your luck.

and thouse 60 bucks now cost alot less because the game is really really cheap, so your F2P game with a 30 or 20 bucks entry to unlock every character sound like a good deal.

And even then if it was generous and F2P, people will complain.
Just rememeber how people was bitching about the prices of the Hunters in Evolve stage 2… When the friking game had a system that gave you “COMPLETLY FREE” full unlock characters just by logging in during the month, stuff like "the 4 day you log in you get a complete new character"
but the guys just where like “Why is so expensive to unlock characters”, more like “why you just dont buy the complete game that give you all the unlocks”…

Also, in some F2P, you should grind and pay for the palette swap, here are “leveling up rewards” and in some crates that you cant buy with movie.

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I think my favorite part about your post is that the one preceding it was from five months ago and ended with…

You just necro’d a necropost, which I think kills it in some other reality.


But it’s alive again, so…

I’m not against the platinum, especially since doing enough dailies can now get you your favorite skin / taunt with time / patience.

But it sure would be nice if they were at least 1 Tier 2 and Tier 3 skin you could earn through the game, i.e. Lore, Challenges, Story, etc… rather than exclusively through earning premium currency.

It just feels cheap to only have above Tier 1 skins in a cash shop.

Just look at Champions Online or City of Heroes. Yes, there were higher tier cosmetics that were exclusive to the cash shop, but holidays, game events, story events, etc… also unlocked higher tier cosmetics that tied in to those events, giving multiple reasons to want to sport them.

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Give the game time, devs rly like to spoil us but somehow 2k dont allow them.

After thr WU the game seems to be doing better with a lot of new players.

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I still think the pricing of the skins is a rip off - some skins are cheaper and some are more expensive for no real reason. But at least it’s not loot packs!

I always figured the ones with special sound effects or attack visuals were the more expensive ones.

Still waiting on that Nega-Toby skin with his voice… :cry: I’d pay over 2000 platinum for that.

Some come with additional things, some do not. Some that do not cost more than some that do have additional stuff. It makes no sense and there’s still no comment from gearbox regarding these prices and what they are based on.

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well its obvious the platinum system was in the release plans from the very beginning and it suffers from the same original design flaws and assumptions

I agree that they need to buff the platinum rewards to make them more compelling

Nothing about the platinum motivates me to play. I play for whichever dailies are convenient and for fun. The platinum actually irks me when I think about it due to how low it is and how obviously gigantic the grind would be to use it.

could use some readjusting instead of being an almost worthless path to obtaining DLC that was excluded from the season pass

if it is only viable for the truly hardcore playing all day every day, it isn’t well balanced


Breaking Character…

I like the daily quests.
They give me an objective to work towards when I’m bored, and it allows me to grind for the handful of platinum skins and taunts that I really like without resorting to microtransactions.

Not saying anyone is right or wrong in their opinions. Just saying… they work for me.

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