Gearbox's Cosplay Challenge: Beatrix

So on the stream yesterday, Gearbox issued a challenge to cosplayers to make their newest character, Beatrix.

I love her voice and character (what we know of her so far), but I literally just started working on some new youtube videos for Battleborn, and I’m planning on making more immediately after the update. Sooooo. Here’s my ‘this is how I’d do it if I could’ thread.

First off, in my book she’s not nearly as complex as she looks, when it comes to full costume builds.
Her dress is layered, and there’s plenty of small parts, but most of those parts are fairly straightforward.

Since the liquid was something folks brought up immediately, let me just say that NO ONE no matter how strong, wants to carry around that much liquid all day. Cheating is a must - whether they be double walled and filled with liquid that way (so only the walls are filed), or filled with something light and fluffy to give the impression of liquid.

For her limbs I first thought of having spandex printed to slip on, but considering the maintenance I know that has from an EDI cosplayer, I’d personally rather go the route of ‘puppeting’ the limbs (Theres a fantastic Nick Valentine [Fallout 4] who wears a black glove under his robot hand)- wearing black and having the proportionally built limbs attached on the front/outside.Black ‘disappears’ and is a lot of how I started cheating in cosplay. This also has the double benefit of not needing to be able to stands on the tips or even balls of your feet, if you are conscious of it when photos are taken. It also makes adding longer digits (she has long fingers yo) that won’t really interfere with you grabbing things (which is important when you only have one arm to begin with).

Other than that, everything is material and technique of choice.
I’d probably use my usual techniques with foam for most parts, and pay some one to do the ruffled part of the dress since im not big on fabrics. the rest of the clothing i could manage with fabric wrapped over foam.
I’d need to learn makeup as well, wig would be easy enough to get.

And that’s about it. Once she’s out I can take a closer look at her, and reconsider the youtube videos I have planned to make (I’ve heard others are interested in doing similar things, so I might pass that along them…)