Gearbox's decision on removing slugs

I recently heard that Ghalt was possibly going to lose his slugs in place of a shield upgrade. As ghalt main, I don’t see this as a reasonable choice. I use slugs almost always on incursion, and I understand they are quite powerful. I do not understand why it should be replaced though. While slugs do increase effective range, it does not make Ghalt unfair. To use slugs you still need skill to AIM the slugs as it not as easy to hit a retreating target as one might seem. This helix is one that rewarding as it is risky. If you choose this helix, you can not just simply land every hit, you need to place shots and be able to hit your target. If people find this helix to be overpowered, then they are just making themselves a very easy target. The number times I have avoided an enemy ghalt slug rounds show that it isn’t easy to land hits. Keep also in mind that the same people who complain about this helix might also just be new to the game and have yet to learn what to do against a ghalt. Not to mention ghalt mains aren’t to common. I find it ridiculous that this would be replaced, yet orendi’s ultimate mutation allows for practically instant kills from full HP. HOW IS THIS NOT AN ISSUE!? It isn’t because so many people out there play orendi, so they enjoy the ridiculous amount of power, but if they face a good ghalt, they immediately think he is overpowered just because they can’t win against him eveytime.


I hardly ever play Ghalt (like, maybe 3 matches?), but even facing him I never had an issue with his slug helix in terms of it’s power or range.

GBX be cray, yo

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From watching the stream they stated that the slugs did not fit with their idea of a shotgun character. They wanted ghalt to have to get in people’s faces to do damage so they are through giving a choice between survivability and DPS - shields or spread.

This change was not due to Ghalt being overpowered but to fit with the developer’s idea of what a shotgun character should be at least according to the stream :slight_smile:


It’s really interesting to see the disconnect between the Devs ideas and ours. I’ve never seen a post or discussion on issues with Ghalt’s attacks, same with Melka, yet the Devs are fine with Rath’s auto kill ultimate which is the subject of numerous posts and in game discussions amongst players. It’s clearly coming from differing approaches on the philosophy of what constitutes balance. It’s great that the Devs have been more open than most AAA releases on this stuff and hope they continue in this manner.


I almost forgot to add, I once did play against a Gearbox Dev ( he had the gearbox Dev title to prove it) outside of the “Play with the devs event,” and my team wanted to try our best so I went Ghalt naturally. Dev was using orendi, and our team made their surrender as soon as it let you six minutes into the match. I was using slugs against. BUT I didn’t use slugs to snipe him, I used them to focus headshots everytime I chain trap combo him and his teammates. I use slugs to accurately pinpoint headshot at close range. Something tells me this choice to remove slugs might have been influenced by this encounter. I still know the dev’s gamer tag, but will not share it to avoid him receiving spam message. I just find it strange how this change is happening considering slugs are still sensible to a shotgun character, I mean it still has quite some damage fall off.

At same time though, I still mostly use slugs at point blank range to hit targets that are on me. If anything slugs help take on skinny targets where buckshot would be less advantageous such as fighting Melka, Orendi, or Galilea. Buckshot on these targets would lead to unefficient use of shots due to a good portion of the pellets simply not able to land on skinny and/or small target. Slugs rewards those who can keep a steady hand enough to hit a jumping orendi or Melka, as buckshot won’t help as much since these characters are always moving. If you say, “That’s what the chain trap combo is for,” well sometimes they can survive this with Alani burst heals or a miko, and I need to be able to hit directly for a chance to finish. Without slugs you are reducing Ghalt’s effectiveness a great portion to defend himself from said skinny and small targets.


I don’t mean this in the wrong way, but to assume that your, a single player’s skill would affect an entire dev team and game seems a bit arrogant. Additionally, they don’t think it’s particularly strong. They just realized it was an odd choice that didn’t fit their design.


I did say I was with a full team. Call me arrogant, call me cocky, but I have not seen a single player play a better ghalt than me. Plus the slugs are even mentioned in his lore as an alternate ammo for fighting sentries as he mentions he hates getting close to sentries and he requires something with a little more “THUMP”. Which makes sense. I wouldn’t really want to be close to a sentry as ghalt either.

If even if you are the best, which I have no reason to doubt, it seems a bit presumptuous to say that you’re the reason they changed a character. And I don’t see what him having it mentioned in his lore has to do with them fixing a character. Because in their eyes, they’re fixing him.

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You’re right, I am just a bit paranoid that I found him in a match and played as ghalt. I mentioned his lore, because it explains why I use slugs partially, and that’s to help my team push on enemy sentries without being close and still be able to do a fair amount of damage. And again slugs help get full damage on a close small battleborn where buckshot would miss some pellets on the same target due to spread and the character’a small body such as orendi or Melka who are hard to get all pellets from a buckshot to land

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I agree
to be honest xD I hate that (I insist… no problem with that) but as you say “need skill” (or players who fall easy in that trick) and not only push one or two buttons and then instant kill !!! oops!

It’s also entirely possible (and likely) that said dev had absolutely nothing to do with character design or balance. I ran with a GBX dev a few weeks back (in PvE) and, when I asked what they did at GBX, I was told that they were an “audio programmer”. A vast majority of the people who work there aren’t going to be in charge of or able to influence character balance.


I faced gearbox devs with 25%-30% attack speed slug spam, also they “stepped into my office” multiple times without leaving. I may have also contributed with ghalts nerf. Also played a Phoebe with 55% attack speed boost and melted faces off so the ban hammer may drop on her too. I apologize to you… The community for this… I didn’t mean to :frowning:


Well, attack speed is nerfed so there ya go.

“But if they face a good character who isn’t Orendi, they immediately think they’re overpowered…”

My guess is that they were checking the helix choices that are underused, and slugs was one of them. Or something like that.

They said they just wanted a close up shot gunner, but that was changing him in ways they didn’t like.

It’s maybe a bit of both.

That would make sense, except for the fact that slugs are mostly used by Ghalt’s out there. And that whole idea of how is changes him from close up shot gunner is partially countered to the fact that I use it to ensure I get full damage on small or skinny targets up close where pellets alone would fail to get full damage. I can understand if it’s not the playstyle Gearbox intended, but that’s what helix options are for right? Many Ghalt’s will lose part of their playstyle with this change. I suppose I can work with a bigger shield if that’s what they said they’ll change it for. Even if this change isn’t desired from many people.

Yea I agree with you. Now Ghalts have to make sure they hook those skinny targets to a trap, if they miss, you will have to run away because there will be no way to fight a skinny target like you could before with slugs.