Gearbox's Priorities

Based on common sense which should come first in a single player game.

Choice 1: Fixing the numerous performance issues on all plarforms.

Choice 2: Nerfing Loot Drops.

Luv ya Gearbox…you released a game with numerous bugs and performance issues and the first thing you do is tone down the things people are actually having fun with.

This is an Anthem move…you’re better than this.


No doubt. My issue is they released a game filled with bugs and perfomance issues…and the first things they change is loot drops in a non competitive game.

If anything they should keep them in as an apology until the real issues are fixed first.


I see the point you make but for me it seemed the drop rate was ridiculous. It needed fixing, i saw someone get 8 legendaries in one run. Only other time i saw that was the fiasco when BL2 had an update making almost any enemy drop a legendary. My opinion totally so no bashing towards you.

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I have to slightly disagree with you on the last part of your sentence…“you’re better than this”
Nope, no they’re not, if you look at their track record they love to nerf things all in the name of balance of course! (heavy sarcasm alert)
Hopefully as more time passes, Gearbox will finally address the real concerns that players are having with this game, instead of nefing everything to the ground…I’m not holding my breath though.


Anthem was a lot worse then the release of Borderlands 3

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What is this referencing? Are there patch notes I’ve missed somewhere?

Just saw the hotfix patch notes. This is ridiculous. Instead of actually fixing the plethora of serious issues like characters being deleted and items being deleted from the bank, and adding much wanted quality of life changes like more vending machines on certain maps that only have 1 machine area and skippable cutscenes so that you can run through the game faster on extra characters, they instead focus all of their early patching efforts on making it much harder to farm, so that only no-lifers can get the best loot in the game.

Glad this is only a hotfix, which can be avoided by disconnecting from the internet while playing. Not going to download this as I was looking forward to farming Chupacabratch and the Eden-6 Vault Guardian once I beat the game, in order to get some good loot and good guardian rank XP without having to no-life the game for the next few months.


Here’s my official position.

-Do I agree with loot farming being too easy? Yes.

-Do I think it needs to be changed? Yes eventually… but not before fixing the game. When I mentioned Anthem they nerfed loot drops in a time where they shoud been focusing on other things like making the game more fun to play.

It sends the player base the wrong message. I would have more respect if they came in said “here is a list of problems we currently working on including loot…enjoy it while it lasts.”

I’m sitting here trying to get better optimization, less crashes, less freezes, less studdering, and instead the thing they need to hotfix immediately are loot drops.

2nd… anyone who has alot of loot knows that actually getting the legendaries is the tip of the iceberg. The real challenge is getting the correct parts for min maxing. So if they are going to reduce the amount of loot I Mayhem 3 (here I thinking the entire point of mayhem is to get more stuff) I would at least like a loot pool so I cam target farm certain legendaries better. This type of hotfix and the release of the game in it’s current state just shows they dont think things through at Gearbox.

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Hotfixes target things that can be adjusted through in-game data table values etc that don’t require changes to actual code. They can be pushed out quickly because - as pointed out - they don’t require platform certification in addition to internal testing.

The more serious issues will almost certainly require code changes, and will need to be both tested and certified before being released. Based on past games, I have no doubt that both Sony and MS will expedite the certification process, but it will still take some time.

Do you understand how long it take to fix the performance issues they are having versus the spawn rate of loot? It is really no contest.

They have told us they are working on the performance issues, and to be fair the game has been out six days. The number of performance issue increase a million fold the day the entire world gets on line to play!

Let’s just give Gearbox some love for bring our beloved Borderlands back to us again!!

Thank you Gearbox!!

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I’m sorry but the drop rate of loot in a single player game is a complete non issue.

Gearbox is lucky I even purchased the game after all the controversies they keep creating. So No… Gearbox doesnt get a free pass.

Easy Farm fix…sure

Torgue shotgun, Pipebomb nerfs…sure.

Reducing drop rates in Mayhem 3…wait what? The best loot currently are world drops and you want to make it worse. So IMO to combat this they need to assign legendaries to bosses to make thing less painful.

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Hot fixes changing in game values are easy.

Fixing performance issues, not so easy.

At least they are showing that they are already working on things, even if they are minor at the moment.

Sadly, when it comes to consoles, it costs a ton of money to patch when you have a console game, not as much as it used to, but still lots of time and money. Not only that but they have to go through multiple stages of a patch to get it approved by each system.

PC is not so hard to patch, as it’s all native, but converting over to closed systems of Xbox and PS4, you have extra parameters you have to be aware of, and not only that, but now the consoles are producing multiple types of systems, so what optimizes well on PS4 standard, might not optimize or render in 100% the exact same way as it does on a PS4 Pro, and same goes for Xbox.

It’s annoying and its time consuming, but it’s one of the things that Sony and Microsoft do because, well, they just can, because they supply the console and console users are a majority of gamers, so they run the market share.

But again, I don’t think that they are just up and done. The game just came out a full business week ago (about 5 business days), I sometimes can’t get a web developer to update a link on a website in that time frame. It’s just one of those things. I think they are and will fix them in due time. They have been asking people to report things so it can aide them better.

Come on, a 500% drop rate on Normal Mayhem 3, is insanely high!! I could see a 500% drop rate on True Vault Hunter Mode Mayhem 1 or 2.

It’s not a matter of Priorities but how easy it is to fix individual things. Adjusting drop rate %'s or fixing an erroneous spawn are simple compared to fixing reported bugs and issues. As such its normal to see numerous small hotfixes for simple things while they work on heavier stuff.

I thought I escaped this mindset when I left the overwatch forums…apparently it spread here too. Some things are easy to fix, its just change values. others require you to look through the code you made, and figure out what is going on, and if some bug isnt easily replicatable, like the moze iron bear bug, which happens are random, that can increase the time it takes ot fix it because it may take many tries just for the bug to happen, then you gotta see if the bug happens again after you modify the code

If anything they should keep them in as an apology until the real issues are fixed first.

You make no sense. This is no online pay2win game, where loot can be granted for free by them as a reward. They are trying to balance the amount of loot so that the game is fun for us. Getting too many legendaries is no reward, it makes the game boring fast.

People need to understand that Hotfixes are like a Bandaid on a bullet hole. It prevent you bleeding to death untill you get to the hospital. They will tinker with the drop rates untill its at the right spot. What they did in the hotfix isnt the be all end all, they will adjust. As for the performance patch, they said numerous times they are working on it, game is only a week old. Give em some time.

I guess people arent understanding how much variation and variability are in each piece of gear. For the vast majority of the player base will be happy with the first legendary they get and completely ignore how the parts make each legendary better or worse. Parts give more damage, more fire rate, more projectiles, and parts also give negative attributes and have different elements.

So if you nerfing the drop rates in supposed the hardest difficulty in the game what are they going to do to make this process less painful…legitimately that is.

I don’t care what’s.easy to do…Gearbox did this to themselves by not tesing the game and knowingly releasing a half baked product. They made the bed…they need to lie in it. Their first step should of been to improve the performance of the game, butmainly they need to suffer consequences so they dont keep doing this in the future.