Gearboxsoftware Shiftcode Question?

I have a Gearboxsoftware Shiftcode Question
As per say all modern day Gearboxsoftwear games you need a Shift account.
Randy Pitchford is the CEO of Gearbox games.
Has Randy Pitchford encluded Shift accounts for use with Battleborn?
If anyone personaly knows Randy please ask him.
Thank you.

Could you rephrase this? Because I’m not sure what you’re asking. No shift codes have been released for battleborn yet, but there will be, following release.

he’s asking if he need a shift account for BB, and if so whether gearbox will be giving out codes for stuff.
Most likely.

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We already know there will be at least one code (or a set of 3) on the 3rd for the golden skins.

As @Psychichazard said as well, your question is very unclear…

I don´t really know what you´re asking, but:

  • You need a Shiftaccount for BB (thats where the gamers metadata is stored.)
  • There will be Shift-codes. (when and how many = we´ll see.)

  • If Randy plays BB I´m sure he has a Shift account as well. (Even if it may has be “hidden” so not everyone bugs him with messages/requests)

Yes that’s what I’m asking.
I’m also seeking any information reguarding Shift and Battleborn.

Sorry for asking unclear questions I’m more uneducated then most normal Adults.
Anyway I learnt a very lot from the feedback others have provided all ready.
I can’t help wondering if the Battleborn Menu before you start your game will have a Shift enter box link you can click onto to enter shift codes that are provided on the internet?

Yes, it does, under ‘extras’ in the main menu.

Never ment to judge you or your education, you´re alright dude :heart:

Didn’t you say you played the beta in another thread? It will be just like that.

@Derch I have no memory of the Beta having referances to Shift codes sorry.

If you linked your account to shift in say Borderland’s, it automatically linked for the beta without any notification to you. Otherwise the only reference to shift was hidden in the extras menu. So it really wasn’t very apparent that shift is being used just by looking at the beta

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You know, that makes perfect sense, but I hadn’t realized it.

Okay, question answered, thread closed, I think.