Gearing suggestion going forward

I understand how annoying a 3 lvl increase can be for the community. Putting in tons of time and effort for your gear to be rendered “useless” (the scaling is better in bl3 so it wont be useless but it will feel that way anyway) feels awful.

Personally I dont think this is a huge deal. I dont mind farming, I spent more than 1 day all day farming graveward when the game first came out. I did it because i wanted to, also it was the best way to get the most gear. With the recent changes farming is way better even for myself who didn’t mind killing graveward a million times.

The only part that is frustrating is the anointments. I love anointments and how they work with different characters and builds and really allow you to min max your character to do awesome things in game. But with the totally random nature of getting them is awful. They feel like something I should be able to farm separate and add onto a weapon. While I don’t think that is a great option I had a few ideas that I thought might make this pain point in gearing more accessible.

First idea, allow us to combine items so that we can put an anointment onto the item we want. Destroy the item that has the anoint on it and place it onto the item you are keeping. Have a cost in eridium to do this (i personally dont think 2500 is an unfair number, or more even). Also require the item that has the anoint being taken off of it be equal or greater rarity than the item receiving the anoint. ex. I have a maggie with no anoint and a woodblocker with 100% dmg increase on ASE. I can destroy the woodblocker, put that anoint on my maggie and it just costs me 2500 Eridium.

2nd would be allow us to randomly roll an anoint onto an item for an eridium cost. So for 1000 eridium we can put an item in a vending machine and the game will add an anoint onto it from a pool of all generic and character specific anoints available to that item. This keeps some of the randomness in receiving them but still gives the player a way to farm and get exactly what they want.

I feel both of these ideas keep with the spirit of borderlands and farming, while keeping the excitement of seeing that perfect god roll item drop. It also does not require any new currency or items to be added to the game, just the vending machine that lets you do it.

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I’ve just posted this idea on another thread but it would fit more into this one, so let’s ctrl+v :

A thing that could reduce the amount of farm required to gear up your characters could be : All annointed items that are specific for 1 character should also have different annointments for other characters.
If my Cutsman is STNL Cryo while I’m on Zane, the same weapon could have a Gamma Burst annointment if you pick it with Fl4k, or a Phaseslam annointment if you pick it with Amara, and so on.
Each annointed gear could be used for multiple builds / characters. That would lessen the amount of gear that goes to trash just because of the annointment that doesn’t fit your character.
edit : And that would make our bank space more optimized, since we could use only 1 bankspot for 1 item that potentially fits 4 characters, instead of 1 item = 1 character most of the time. (Except shields & nades ).

I feel like if we had this + the possibility to upgrade item’s lvl and/or the possibility to apply a specific annointment to a piece of gear this would make grinding less painfull and more rewarding.

The ice on the cake would be dedicated drops limited to 2 pieces of gear per Named/Boss instead of 3/4.