Gearing Supports for Ops

Anybody have any advice on how to gear characters like Reyna and Kid Ultra for 100 pt Ops.

Ambra, Kleese and Alani aren’t too bad its mainly Kid and Reyrey that I have trouble with.


In solo I just build Reyna like a DPS. She really doesn’t have any synergy with attack speed or skill damage, so I just build to become an attack damage “tank”.

  • Purple Eldrid attack damage
  • Purple Eldrid reload
  • Purple Jennerit health regen

Should be easily purchasable in all the OPS solo, and for Phoebe’s or what not you can upgrade to a Symbiotic Gauntlet, etc…

KU does “beep” for skill damage anymore, so I’d probably build him like this now.

  • Purple Eldrid attack damage
  • Your choice of heal power gear (or skill damage since all his heals also scale with it, you just get less)
  • Blue UPR reload

You can take her level 5 helix to prevent overheating and spam her secondary fire with a full attack speed build. That’s pretty fun.


Every pve mission i focus on one stat. max health. now, there happens to be another stat that tends be be on those pieces of gear - attack damage. so i kinda go ham on those. i always start with vampiric vestement to work on the stacks from that, then i usually also acquire the symbiotic gauntlet at the end. in the middle i usually run either oath of the susyained (regen) or the vigilant power scouter (MOAR DAMAGE)

the max health helps alot, but dying means you lose those stacks so :frowning: