Gearing Up during UHVM

Hi Guys

I am posting this in General, as opposed to the Axton Forum, as its more of a Generic question than Commando specific and thanks to advice on these forums, I am finally running UHVM, first time, just finished the First part of the firehawk, but bummed I died, especially when my turret actually killed the guy who shot me and it didn’t give me a second wind, but chalk that up to experience.

Anyway, I know a big part of UHVM is gear, having Slag, and switching to the right Weapon type for the enemy, however, how do you know when to start ditching gear? I know there are posts on “Top Gear”, but that’s more aimed towards the End of Game and Farming to do OP levels, my problem is, what to use and what to ditch and when to ditch, while getting to 72?

My rule of thumb before UHVM is price/gut - I usually keep the more expensive weapon, so even if the stats are not as good (damage for example) as a weapon I just found, I tend to go with “more cost means more hidden potential I am missing”, or gut wise, I just think the weapon I have is better.

However, as Legendaries are in the $150k+ range, but weapons need swapping out more often to get through UHVM, I am curious as to how you know WHEN? to ditch a Legendary/Purple/Blue with red text for maybe a weapon the next colour or two down?

I want to have fun going through UHVM, but will I have to stop every now and then to farm? I went into Frostburn Canyon at 53 last night, and some of the loot drops were 54, so I figured I might already be under level for even frostburn, but 1 death and some running around bunny hopping to avoid 2 Super Badass Psycho’s in the final battle got me through.

I would just rather avoid farming, and just enjoy the story and challenge if I can.

My Current build, with a level 18 Legendary Commando mod (+3 to all first level skills, 25% Action skill colldown, 20% gun damage, and something else)
(just realised, I need to trim a point out of Preperation or Pressure to get the shield on the Turret)

I cannot remember all the gear I have (would be nice to use Shift to upload a character profile you can link to), but there is roughly

Jacobs Pistol/Shotgun/Sniper, a Fire Vladoff Sniper,3 SMG’s (Slag Emperor, Maliwan Fire and the Lauscaux from Frostburn), A Kerblaster and a hornet

A slag Longbow Transfusion (only level 47, but nothing else has come with both the effcts I need), a longbow Shock bouncing bonny.

+47% health

90K shield -10K health, Turtle Shield (first time I used a Turtle shield, but as it had Double the closest shield capacity I had, I figured losing 10K health was a good trade).

I am sort of okay with the gear I have, it could be better, but it could always be better, but how do I know when to trade out? I will be honest, I do switch to corrosive for Armoured Psycho’s, but otherwise I tend to use Jacobs, or the Kerblaster, eats ammo, but does something like 35K damage. I have got in the habit of slagging the targets with the emperor too, because the turret has a tendency to die if a Pyro Nomad looks at it funny, I thought I might not need slag to much with Double Up, but lessons learnt.

I have to say, the help on this forum is top notch, even if I do seem to ask stupid questions.

Going into uvhm your gear should remain effective for 4-5 levels, as for when to swap it out, if a weapon has better stats it’s usually better, test fire any weapon with red text just in case there is a hidden effect. In ultimate your first priority with gear is to swap out regularly. Some guns last better than others. An on level blue or purple is adequate for the base game, only time you need to farm anything specific is for raids and the peak. I usually keep a few items the whole way - class mod, singularity and possibly a relic. I am not an Axton player so I can’t help you with your spec.

Ps if the slag Emperor is working don’t bother to replace it for higher damage, the priority for it is to slag.

There’s no fixed rate for letting go of weapons. You should upgrade your weapons when you feel they aren’t performing as well anymore. Generally, when a weapon is 5 levels below you it starts losing some potential, but some weapons last longer than others. You don’t need to waste time constantly farming for better weapons, though. I never did and I did just fine. If you have some golden keys and the Mercenary Day HH pack, farm the golden chest and the loot train for some on level purple gear every ten levels or so. That should be enough. The Lascaux is very easy to upgrade as well. You shouldn’t worry about farming for legendaries before reaching 72. Slag from your turrets should be enough for UVHM, but keeping a slag weapon available for stronger enemies and second winds is a smart move. I would also try to keep a rocket launcher equipped (preferably Torgue, Bandit or a Topneaa) to help you out with second winds. It’s not essential, but it helps at early UVHM.

Your build looks alright for this point in the game and your gear is pretty similar to what I had on my commando at that point in UVHM. I did most of UVHM using only a KerBlaster and a Skullmasher that I got from their respective sources during the story missions. Other than that I was using mostly purple Jakobs weaponry, a Vitality relic and a Sentry Engineer COM. My only suggestion would be ditching the Turtle shield for something faster. You should be paying more attention to recharge delay and recharge rate than capacity right now. One of those really fast Tediore shields will do wonders on Axton. With some of his shield buffing skills, they’re almost never depleted. They’ll go from depleted to full between enemy shots, and when they’re full, you’ll be regenerating health. They work great with Axton and will make him very tanky.

Thanks for the responses guys/gals.

I did see someone post about fast shields for axton, and have kept my eyes peeled ever since, tempting to use a golden key or 2, but I might just try my luck on a random drop for a better shield, and keep checing the vending machines.

I do have a Launcher equipped, but it an Legendary Tediore with only 2 in the clip, and bounces when you reload, and more than once it has started to come back straight at me, so i am currently looking for something with more shots, preferably TORGUE…BECAUSE REASONS

All my Jacobs gear is Blue, so I am running aournd with Oranges or Blues, with 1 purple vladoff fire sniper rifle.

I could really do with getting a good TORGUE SHOTGUN.

One thing I did get I haven’t seen before was a Blood of the Ancients or something, Extra Max health and Pistol Ammo, but as I don’t get short on Pistol ammo (The Kerblaster is my goto, and it chews through Assult rifle ammo) and the Health was less than my Vitality Relic, I might have to send it over for May to do her “Pistolero run through UHVM” at some point. Plus its a level above me right now, so depending on how easy the xp comes, might be a while before I could equip it anyway.

Thanks for the advice guys/gals, I guess I will just keep at it.

If your KerBlaster is your go to gun, you might want to start speccing into Steady and then Do or Die the next times you level up, as they buff grenade damage. That really helped me doing the Tina DLC as I used the KerBlaster a lot there with my Axton. I don’t know if you’re aware but you can drop down into TVHM to easily farm Pete for Torgue Tokens, which you can then use in UVHM to upgrade your Kerblaster or DPUH every so often.

As others have said, different weapons fall off at different rates. I’ve had some Legendaries last me 8-10 levels even in UVHM, although it got progressively harder. You just have to “feel” it. Sometimes Green weapons of a higher level carry a bigger punch. Just pick one up occasionally and test it out.

If you like Turtle shields a Hoplite would be good to get once you’ve completed the Torgue DLC. It has massive protection and if you play solo or are the only one in your party with one the small movement penalty is hardly noticeable. An alternative, which I’ve switched to now, is the Antagonist. Again, it offers very high protection but also slags your enemies. And it’s easy to get once you’ve done the Torgue DLC (Pete is the easiest Seraph crystal farm IMO).

One farm I would definitely recommend doing is the Hornet from Knuckledragger. It should only take you a dozen runs or so and each run takes less than a minute (in fact, it usually takes longer to Save & Quit and then reload than it does to kill Knuckledragger). I usually pop back there every 3-4 levels to get an upgrade and it makes anything armoured so much easier. It’s almost the only Corrosive weapon you’ll need (unless you’re shooting long distance) and you can get one as soon as you start any playthrough. It’s great against Armoured Maniacs, for example.

Good luck!

TBH this is the first time I have ever equipped a Turtle shield in over 200 combined levels, never thought the health loss was worth it, but I couldn’t pass up 90K shield with all the DOOM around UHVM :slight_smile:

I have been looking at an explosive build, but since I got all the DLC, the opportunity to have 2 Turrets with Rockets, SLAG, Teleporting and Shields is to much to pass up on. As I get more experience in UHVM, and a better COM than a level 18 Legendary soldier, I would love to try out a TORGUE EXPLOSIVES Build.

I currently have this build (as posted above)

But I think I am going to with this instead tonight

And eventually this

with 1 point spare.

Also, am I understanding this right, in the same play-through of UHVM, I can go back to Knuckledragger, and he should be my level? So does UHVM level to your current level? I had not realised that, that’s cool.

Yes, in UVHM everything scales to your level. Be aware that quest rewards are set at the level when you acquired them, not when you hand them in. E.g. I foolishly accepted the Sandhawk quest at L71 and when I handed it in at L72 I got a L71 weapon :cry:

So easy ones to refarm include:

Kerblaster / (DP)UH (easy token farm in TVHM)
IIRC you are about to get to the Dust, so if you take the time to detour on the Clan Wars you will get an easily farmable Slagga or Maggie, depending on preference.
Also in the Dust, doing the Good, the Bad and the Mordecai will let you farm for the White Death/Lyuda and the Veruc.

Between that lot you should have a fairly stable base!

edit: if you want a Bee shield then just do the Tina DLC as far as the Forest. The Treants are an easy source

Well I sort of made a mistake early on, I did almost all the DLC on NVHM, so I was level 41 before I started asking on here if this would mess me up for UHVM, so on that advice I powered through TVHM, only doing the main storyline, and managed to finish it at level 50, so I haven’t done any of the side quests or DLC while doing TVHM, but I should be able to farm TORGUE tokens on the NVHM.

I wan’t the SWORDSPLOSION at some point, but I have to decided when to go get it.

I am assuming I will have to run UHVM a few times to reach level cap correct? or am I going to get 19 levels in on 1 playthrough, if I do all the DCL content as well? I am unsure how much Xp I will need per level, but I know it’s going to be a lot.

I might as well take an early detour and go do Marcus Saves Mercenary day so I can farm the train a bit then if everything will keep levelling with me :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info bud

No problem. Glad to help! :grinning:

You won’t reach the level cap just by doing UVHM once. I didn’t do it again but just replayed certain areas until I got to L72.

WARNING: Choose whether you will just redo UVHM or not early on. If you decide not to, then don’t do any of the side missions which give you unique gear you might want for later, as they will be underleveled at the end. If you do decide on another playthrough, no problem, but still keep in mind to only do quests which reward you with gear once you start L72

Upgrading is definitely more about the actual gun stats. Just ignore the price… it has nothing to do with combat abilities.

Mercenary day train is a great way to gear up with purples as well as gain experience. I think the snowman is 18-20k experience, which is easily 10% of your exp bar during early UVHM.

I’m a huge fan of purple tediore shields on Axton, especially with 5/5 in Willing and Pressure! Recharge delay and rate is far more important than capacity. You really will find the shield charging to full between bullets while standing semi exposed when enemies are on the other side of a Bloodshot Stronghold room. I’ve used some with like 1.07 sec delay on the card, which is 0.486 - 0.669 seconds depending on how low my health is (Willing + Pressure = 60% - 120% delay).

Also, doing the story (almost no side missions) on UVHM left us at like level 56-57. You’ll need to do some exp farming (snowman / tubbies work great), DLC, side missions, or resetting the story to get to 72.

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I’m soloing uvhm right now. I go so far in the story until I start getting my butt kicked then I start re-adjusting gear and upgrade where I can. I get an at level hornet, I get a new bee from treants in DLC and I got the com I needed off the train.

Now my question, how do you get clan wars to activate? I read you go near lynchwood and you’ll get the quest. I ran around there all night last night and didn’t see anything. I want to farm the Maggie. Can I get some direction how?

You need to get the mission from the Sanctuary Bounty Board, which will direct you to visit Ellie in The Dust

To be able to farm the Maggie, you need to kill the Zafords at the end. Killing the Hodunks will make the Slagga available

Ok thanks. I didn’t know it was on the board. Yea, I’m looking for a Maggie. That means I have to side with the Hodunks right?

Oh yea, I can farm this weapon like the hornet right?

Yes you need to side with the Hodunks and kill the Zafords. The Maggie will then be farmable: the best way to get it after completing the missions is to enter the Dust from the Lynchwood exit. That will spawn you right at the train station

Super cool. I found a Maggie from a drop in the tiny tinas DLC when I was in tvhm. I loved that gun till it became useless. Is there a fast track to lynchwood? I can’t remember. Thanks for help. I’ll be farming Maggie tonight for sure.

yes, there is, but it’s from the train station in the Dust, which you will be at anyway in order to kill Zaford / Hodunk at the end of the mission. Once the mission is complete you will be able to enter Lynchwood from there and that will open up the Fast Travel

Good luck!

With 5 points in Grenadier I have to assume you plan on using grenades as often as you use the Kerblaster. If that’s the case I’d take the points out of Healthy and spread them out to include either Steady or Battlefront to up your grenade damage (I think both skills also buff splash damage but I’d have to check to be sure…). Also, Pressure is a great skill for Axton. My suggestion for you would be this:
Or if you plan to continue with the Legendary Soldier com, this:

Just my suggestions of course… :grin:

Thanks for the suggestions.

I have ditched pressure for the moment only because i found my self a purple tediore shield. 35k capacity, 37k recharge rate and 1.5sec delay, with 60% recharge delay reduction from Willing and 9.5% from badass ranks i calculate that to be about 0.5 secs

So other than boss’s, i figured more health over faster recharge on low health as i hope to not get low enough that it matters, but would be fun to see instant shields on low health

Its the DOTs that are the real issue, i suppose pressure has a chance of getting the shield to full between ticks. Have to try it.

Thanks for the suggestions again, all appreciated

What I always do is try to pick up a Sham shield while farming the bunker for exp and Logan’s gun from Wilhelm during normal runs as early as possible. They provide unlimited rocket ammo for the rest of your game as shooting yourself with the Logan’s gun provides rocket ammo.

Of course, any absorb shield would do but will obviously take longer.

You’ll want a low level Logan’s gun, Sham level does not matter.

Rocket launchers are great for mobbing while leveling, only hindered by its scarce and expensive ammo.

Also, go side e Zafords during clan war so you can farm yourself a Slagga. Invaluable during UVHM.