Gearing up to take on Digistruct peak and looking for head mods

I have a lvl 72 zero and my girlfriend has a lvl 72 gaige . Im trying to get us the rest of our head mods mainly Vermivorous to spawn so i can get that sweet Galahad head . Add me on Ps4 : finn merten

we are also gearing up to do the op levels together , dont need help getting through those just advice and maybe help farming the gear we would need .

How would you like to get your op levels? I can help you both. Lord_Sylton is my gamertag

right now we are gonna just attempt the op levels on our own . I was more looking for farming the gear we would need to beat it , and vermivorous and the other invincibles . I dont have any of my legendary class mods either if thats something i could get some help on .

If you have Doctor’s Order open and preferably active (with ideally 0 Notes collected), you could farm the 4 small cardboard boxes in the room with the Red Chest (near where you look for Bloodwing) for LLMs in WEP. If you have Rocko’s Modern Strife open (don’t speak to Rocko), you could farm the various containers in Thousand Cuts for LLMs without worrying about being attacked that much since enemy spawns are greatly reduced while the mission is active.

You should also consider farming Knuckledragger for a decent Hornet (Corrosive) Pistol. For most characters and builds, the Hornet (Corrosive) pistol is the best Corrosive pistol to use. It will help out with the Surveyors and Loaders at the Peak. You also might want to farm Frostburn Canyon and Ellie’s Garage (in the Dust) for Tubby enemies. They can drop some of the Legendary COMs, in addition to some Pearlescents and other things. If you have the How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day Headhunter Pack, you should spend some time farming the Loot Train for Legendary or Pearlescent items. For Zero, I would recommend getting a good Pimpernel and / or Lyuda Sniper Rifle.

I also recommend consulting the following:

The Community Zer0 Guide - All you ever wanted to know

Resources of the Mecromancer Variety

They have very useful info on Skills, Builds, Gear, etc. for those characters. Good luck!

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