Gee and the Ahab

So been farming him for ahabs for like a week now. Drops one almost every time. Last two days now, he hasn’t dropped a single one. Dropped a bunch of patriots and devastators. Did something change or is this normal for him? I didn’t even know he dropped that pistol till tonight when he kept dropping them.

Could be the tweak in the drop rates Gearbox has been doing for the past few weeks- they may also be tweaking what gets dropped and where…

That was what I was thinking, just wasn’t sure if it was confirmed or not. Well that sucks. He’s the only one who drops it. Where else am I supposed to farm for it?

Should be just coincidence, the current event only changes how often they drop anything (Gee always drops one of several Seraphs in UVHM so those drops shouldn’t be affected, only the other stuff that has a chance to drop). Keep trying and he’ll drop one again sooner or later.