Gee, another bug with this latest patch

Yep, another one, as if there weren’t enough of them already. I’m fighting Joey Ultraviolet and he’s permanently immune to all damage. Tyrone Smallus can’t be killed. He’s got 1 HP or something like that and he never dies.

I’m getting very close to just uninstalling this f’king game. Gearbox you have seriously ruined this game!!!

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As a fellow Xbox gamer, I can feel your pain. However, you seem to “like” the game so a couple of suggestions.

One, take a few deep breaths. (I hate when people tell me this…)

Second, clear your local game save. Then do a hard restart on your console to clear the cache.
If anything you can do will help, this is likely the thing that will.

Third, they’ve broken it to heck and back before, and they also (finally) fixed it.
(I know this last part doesn’t do anything right now, but just mentioning it.)

I sincerely hope your day is better. :slight_smile:

Yea, I’ve done that multiple times. The game is broken and I’m at the point now that I’m angry about it. It’s my favorite game and the only game that I currently play. I took a day off from work to play today and it’s unplayable.

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I am absolutely and seriously very sorry to hear that. :frowning:
About midway through the Bloody Harvest event, they nearly wrecked the game so bad it was right on the verge of complete unplayability. I was so thankful when Thanksgiving passed and they FINALLY fixed all the stuff they broke.

My suggestions, unfortunately, were the only line of defense I had to share with you. I can only hope someone has a better suggestion, or by some minor miracle it clears the heck up and you can enjoy yourself in Borderlands.

PS. I haven’t been inside the new area for the event yet. I may be here in a couple hours needing “breathing coaching” myself. (I spent most of my time yesterday talking to a fish.)

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This may have relevance for you

Yea, I’ve read that thread. I also have multiple support tickets open with 2K. Their “support” is terrible. It took them 11 days to just look at the first ticket that I opened and that was only after the GBX support manager saw one of my posts on here and told them to look at it. They’ve done nothing with the ticket since then other than to have me try the most basic things of clearing the cache, uninstalling the game, etc. They’re really not interested in helping or they lack the ability to do any type of troubleshooting on their own.

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My experiences were poor enough I quit reporting issues to 2K. I suspect it was the same manager who reached out to me on here as well.

I’ve had bad experiences with 2K support previously with NBA 2K so I wasn’t expecting much.

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It was enough for me that if it comes down to having a broken game, or not contacting 2K, I’ll take the broken game. (My limited experience tells me I can accomplish anything they can, with a lot less hassle.)

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Having the same problem. Smallus has no HP, but won’t die. Meaning Joey is permanently invincible too.

Wandered here hoping someone had figured it out. Guess not :confused:

Anyone offering the advice to start a support ticket with 2K should save their breath. They are totally worthless when it comes to resolving issues.

They basically want to close the ticket as quick as possible without actually offering a solution.

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I agree 100% that their support is terrible. Unfortunately if no one reports the bugs, they’ll never do anything about them.

2K support will tell you to: 1. Clear your cache 2. Uninstall and reinstall the game 3. Take a video of the crash/bug and send it to them.

That’s their cut/paste answer to everything and then once you do that, you don’t hear from them again. My Amara crash ticket is now 21 days old and this is all that they’ve done. I also haven’t heard back from them in 4 days. They haven’t even asked me what my build is for Amara or what Guardian Ranks I’m using. Their support doesn’t seem to know anything about this game.

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