GeForce now, take2?

It was removed by Publishers.

Merged into the existing thread. As noted above, this is an issue between nVidia and 2K/Take2 (amongst other publishers). Hopefully they’ll manage to come to an agreement before the heat death of the universe.

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Considering the state of the GPU market, new negociations between Take2 and nVidia would be nice.

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Hey there, almost didn’t see this. If you want to ping someone, type the @ and, if there name doesn’t immediately show in the contextual popup, start typing their name. If you copy and paste that from somewhere else, the game will insert it as a link to the person’s profile and not generate the @ mention: it should look like this @VaultHunter101 if it’s worked properly.

Anyway, while agreeing that it would be nice for the two parties to come to their senses and reach an agreement, there is sadly not much I can do about that.

I will note that the heat death of the universe is still some ways off though.

I don’t hope. If it takes too long, I will only buy GFN-compatible games.

Here is a petition and a video explaining things.

I was mad at this too, I got GFN and really wanted to play borderlands 3, it was listed on nvidias list of compatible games… so I went ahead and paid for GFN on epic games store, and found I could not play it. Nvidia has since removed the game from the list since I posted on the forum -.-.