Gehenna not in planet list but quest is launched

I have deluxe edition of borderlands 3. I did not have any problem with previous DLC.
I have the french version.
I have accepted new quest “pierre sanglante”, first quest of the new DLC. First I have to go to GEHENA planet BUT this planet in not in planet list in SANCTUARY warp tool.

FYI . After having accepted the “pierre sanglante” quest, I also accepted another quest from santuary’laboratori linked to a blue crystal before going to warp room of santuary.

So, I cannot launch the news DLC…
Here screen copies with Blood stone quest active and the liste of planets…without Gehena planet.

2020-07-13 17_19_18-Borderlands 3


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Did you tried save&quiting to main menu?

In addition to the restart, DLC3 is currently only available with English and German narration. I don’t know if this would affect your ability to access the DLC from the French version of the game, but it might be worth switching to English just to see if this resolves the issue.

If none of that works, you can file a support ticket for further assistance.

If you play on Epic platform:

  1. Go to Epic Store Library
  2. Select the 3 horizontal dots at the right side of the game’s title
  3. Select “Verify”
  4. Download DLC 3 files
  5. Restart the game
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Thanks. It worked for me. And yes narration is only in english for the moment :frowning:

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Oh oh! Most of the narration is in French :smiley:

Interesting - I guess they’re adding the other languages as they become available directly on the platforms?