Gemstone guns vs purples?

I’m a fan of the Emerald Scorpion. That just sounds like some ancient Mayan artifact or something. Not a fan of Dahl SMGs, but I would waste a backpack slot just for the name.

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Jee you should of said so earlier

I could do that many runs in like 1530 or 1020. With my alt character. Even less when i get another wireless controller. Not trying to one up ya just to do it faster since i have less time

I noticed two of the ar accessories are similar the are on the righthand side by the sight how do you tell tge difference

To my knowledge, they are, in fact, identical, and there is no way to tell other than knowing the base stats of the weapon and seeing how they’ve been affected by the accessory. Because the Gemstone property overrules the title, you the normal way of verifying isn’t available.

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Right - complicated answer. Here’s where the prefix is more helpful with non-gemstone guns - so we’ll start with that.

You’ll eventually get to know the various prefixes but here’s a couple ways to check

  • there’s the wiki. You can scroll down about 1/2 way and there’ll be a chart with the various guns’ prefix qualities : Jakobs , Vladof , Dahl , Bandit . Torgue appears to be missing that.

  • there’s VH101’s Parts Spotters Guide. Scroll down to where it says “Here’s a summary, compiled from Loot Turtle’s original tables of gun parts” ( just above the first chart ) and latter link is a downloadable .doc

Now with gemstone guns, the gem takes place of the prefix so you have to be able to decipher it from the picture. The specific problem that you’re referring to is the difference between the two assault rifle damage accessories - they look the same and I’m not sure if there’s a way to tell other than trying the gun out.

  • The “Wild”, “Feral”, “Rabid” prefix increases damage and fire rate, but reduces accuracy - so you’ll see your projectiles fly all over the place.

  • The “Nasty” , “Attack” , “Boss”, “Ferocious” prefix increases damage, but increases recoil and reduces rate rate - the problem with identifying that one conclusively is that crappy parts can also increase recoil ( i.e. Jakobs stock ).

I hope this helped a bit and that I wasn’t stating obvious crap that was thoroughly unhelpful. :slight_smile:

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Very helpful because you pretty much described my purple attack minigun. Jacobs stock, dahl grip, vladof barrel(obviously) must be just the damage version huh??

Is it purple or emerald?
If purple, it’s Attack for +damage / -fire Rate … or Feral for +damage, fire rate / -accuracy.
I’m guessing it kicks, eh?

Its a purple and with a dajl allegiance relic it doesnt kick at all. Havent tried it without

On the subject of parts - Found a pure Jakobs Gemstone sniper. God is this thing a good piece of kit. Doesn’t suffer too badly from the stock, not as much as you’d expect.


With Jakobs stock recoil shake lasts a bit longer, so if you’re going for precision shots it reduces effective firerate for the gun. Anyway nice to see full Jakobs!

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Glad to see other gemstone enthusiasts! I don’t know what parts, but my buddy and I have been collecting. So far, we’ve got:

Diamond Storm and Backburner
Quartz Barfy and Shoky
Garnet Droogs (corrosive, fire, and non-elemental)
Aquamarine Snider (this thing’s terrible; shock and a melee blade)
Citrine Muckmuck
Citrine Quad
A few Rock Ravagers
Diamond Crowdsourcing (corrosive and shock)
Rock Hand Cannon (DP version)
Garnet Anarchist (shock and non-elemental)
Aquamarine Aegis (shock)

…that’s all I can think of off the top of my head. Might be more, but we were talking about doing a gemstone gun only playthrough. Wouldn’t be the most difficult thing, but I thought it would be cool and fun.


I don’t want to ruin your life (farming is never quite the same after you learn the parts system) but would you be kind enough to figure out the parts on your Citrine quad and Diamond Backburner? Or upload a screenshot? I am very jealous of your collection!

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Still desperately hoping for a good coach gun.

Found a perfect torque barrelled ar today whitch was cool. I’m not as into the torque gemstone skin maybe it will grow on me.

It’s all good. lol Kinda glad you asked that, when I went to grab a pic I noticed I also have a fire Diamond Crowdsourcing I forgot about.

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If you hit RS while in your inventory, you get a really good view of the weapon (with it’s stats in the top corner) without having to drop it - makes it much easier to figure out parts!

Tediore grip and stock for the extra pellet quad, accuracy accessory on the hyperion smg.

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Neither is ‘perfect’ but that’s still an impressive shotty, and a better Diamond Backburner than my nonexistent one! That’s the best possible mag size for a Quad, by the way - you get 1/4 your normal ammo consumption with the second shot!

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Just read your post. Here you go…and it holds up well, imo.


Emerald “deep” minigun