Gemstone weapons

Anyone have any info on these? All I know or think I know is you can only get them from Buttstalion. What do they do that’s special? What gemstone prefix is best Diamond, aquamarine, etc?

The Prefix is set by what the manufacturer is, like Torgue will always have the Rock prefix, for example. What the gemstone weapons do is they have a small increase in Crit damage and possess bullet reflection capabilities. Also, there is a bug in the lootpool that makes it so you can’t get a gemstone Maliwan sniper rifle.

Do you mean the bullets bounce off of:

  • Walls? (like the Stalker or Close Enough?)
  • Enemies? (like Chain Reaction)
  • Yourself? (like Kinetic Reflection)

This. It’s a random chance though and no one knows what the chance even is.

technically we do know it, just not the exact number

So then what’s the ballpark number? 1%? 5%? 10%? 50%?

I have to check my papers again but it was something odd like .85% or something.
It was a large variable I know that, it’s really hard to test.

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And on top of that @Derch and @Sljm had a lot of trouble testing what the precise value for the crit bonuses even were and just gave up after a while.

So do you guys have a favorite gemstone weapon? I’m thinking about farming for a Anarchist and a Ravager.

That was only on non sniper Jakobs, everything else is good.

Really? I must have misread what you and Chuck said in that crit guide thread.

Its possible we weren’t that clear about it

I use a Ravager with the vertical grip.

Excellent choice! It’s a top tier gun! The only downside is that, because of it’s high firerate, you risk running out of ammo if you’re not careful.

If only farming Butts stallion wasn’t such a pain. From my point of view I’d describe it as farming 500 eridium just to throw it away for a minor chance to get the item I want. Pretty underwhelming imo.

True, but Eridium is practically useless on the other hand… You don’t use it for anything other than opening some chests and to gain access to raids