General Atlas Grenade Question

So I have Flak/Moze/Amara at level 50 and didn’t really take grenades into too much account while leveling up but on Zane I’m trying to find the “perfect” grenade so his clone can spam it for me. I like to use 2 action skills so the perfect grenade for my playstyle is essential.

I just really find Atlas grenades to be the best because I’m bad at positioning my clone so wherever he throws it will find an enemy. I tried
Hyperion Longbow: He seems to throw it into walls a lot
Torgue: Ends up killing me
And everything else was lackluster so I’m sticking with Atlas but my question is in regards between two specific versions:

  1. Splits into 2 grenades
    Can explode and detonate up to 3 times

  2. Splits into 2 grenades
    Throws out 3 MIRV grenades

What exactly is the difference? In essence I still get 6 chances to hit and they all seem to home in on the enemy so I’m just not sure why there even needed to be a distinction between the two types? Usually I will find these in Purple with either ‘some cash’ or ‘lots of cash’ as the third trait. I’d love to find a Transfusion but in all my hours of playing have yet to find a grenade with those 3 traits. I even found a grenade with “splits into 2 + 60% health back” but for my playstyle the 6 chances to hit are better.


Mirv will do damage in a shorter period of time.
Different combinations of all 3 will have a different number of explosions. Having all 3 mirv bounce and split is the highest damage you can get. If you want transfusion look for bounce mirv transfusion to get explosions.

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I assume your using the Drone with the Drone Delivery skill for free grenades.
One of the better grenades in the game is called The Hex. It comes in Cryo, Shock, and Radiation. Its Cryo efficiency is un paralleled at over 1000% Cryo Efficiency. If you get Slip and MIRV on it then you will be able to easily freeze enemies simply by having your Drone on the field.

Another is “The Ghast Call” which will only be obtainable for another 9 days from the Bloody Harvest event. This is probably the best grenades in terms of raw damage. It is always Corrosive and comes with ether Roid, Split or both as its modifiers. After it initial explosion it swarms near by targets with green homing skulls. Since your drone is dropping free grenades its damage output can be down right aw inducing.

If you want healing try and find a Trans-Fusion legendary grenade. It comes from every Manufacturer so if you get an Atlas it’s great. Its damag is nothing amazing but it heals for 120% of its damage delt. I was able to get a MIRV with Generator so I also get shields back.

Honestly I use the Hex or Ghast call for most situations as the damage or crowd control will far outweigh the healing utility offerd by a Trans-fusion along with the problem that the frequentcy of grenades would need to be higher for the healing to be a reliable source of survivability.

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