General balance changes

(Tren) #1

I have been posting some faction oriented balance suggestions, however I also feel some overall changes could be beneficial to the game.

First off, Carrier range system nerf,
probably the most important change I would like to see is for carrier max range to be brought down,
Currently a high power carrier is able to fire back on Railguns, which just seems wrong and forces players to bring a purely air counter to cope.
That said good luck killing a power 5+ Coal carrier with 3+ support cruisers with AA upgrades.
Bringing the Carrier max ranges down would allow players more options to cope with a high power carrier and limit the snowballing effects of such builds.

Power Lv and core tech indicators
Though many are unaware core tech (AAV, Rail and Air) all have visual indicators visible on the deck of the carrier, making this more obvious in the sensor manager seems like a good QoL change, further to that indicators for carrier power research would reward good scouting and again allow better prediction of Carrier power rush.

More soft AA options, weaker hard AA.
As it stands you either have enough AA to decimate an air force or you don’t and your ground forces suffer.
Air has alot of options skirting around and hitting exposed resourcing or isolated rails, but air is a heavy investment, unless it is able to deal some decisive hits it quickly loses value as AA rolls out to counter.
I would like to see more of a push towards easy access soft AA such as better Baserunner AA(an upgrade?), a slight nerf to dedicated AA and a serious nerf of HARD AA such as the support cruiser AA upgrade and HGC AA ability.

Currently we end up with late game situations where Air just becomes inaccessible due to the strength of AA, a shift to damage over time, light AA that offers the player a chance to react as opposed to spike damage would allow air more practical options and applications in the mid and late game, while also reducing the impact of air rushes catching players off guard in the early game.
This is admittedly more and issue for Khaan and Gaalsien who typically rely on production cruisers initally but then need to switch into missile ships to cope with serious air threats.

Any feedback or suggestions are welcome as always.


(Brect) #2

I agree completely about AA vs. Air. It would be nice to have aa and air efficacy be more of a hill instead of a cliff.