General behaviour of closing and moving threads

It is sad that the community and users who really are expressing some good criticism are shut down and closed immediately.

Is a forum such as this not designed for feedback?

Also I see a lot of posts moved to the current hotfix where as they are not directed directly at the hotfix but trying to discuss a general problem of issues not being addressed. These do not make sense to move to the latest hotfix thread because they don’t address any specific point of that hotfix.


Literally just happened to me. They don’t want to hear it.


If you have issues with moderatoin you should pm a mod, that is stated in the rules, you can and should read them here

In those rules it states

What we are moving are topics about the hotfix to that thread, it is also easier to have devs read one thread and not 100. We are not silencing voices but amplifying them. That improves feedback.

Please PM the moderation team with other concerns about moderation as the rules suggest.

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Feedback is one of the primary purposes of this forum. Gearbox devs do read this place, a lot.

The mods are entirely separate from the devs; we’re not even employed by Gearbox. As Derch says, we’re trying to make your feedback easier to access. We don’t ever censor constructive criticism or give positive opinions any kind of preferential treatment.

If you post in a way that breaches the rules, however, don’t be surprised when your post gets hidden or removed. Being angry doesn’t mean you get to ignore the rules.

And whilst you may think that your opinion is worthy of special treatment, I’d ask folks to consider how much more difficult this place would be if everyone thought that.

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