General disscusion about the recent borderlands show

so i see alot of different discussions already but some arent there
like new versions such as 100 euro/ dollar version for all content
or 70 for base game and final form cosmetics

or anything else that was talked about

what do you think, do you think this is what borderlands 3 needs?
do you think they behave the way they should? personally i will say they still pretend rly hard to ignore the problems

what do you think

bonus info 1 fl4k could have gotten a saurien instead of the bot
my dissapointment is great


Agreed on that point. A Saurion pet would have been way better imho.


Or a Sauron pet…


I think they will never run out of imagination about how they can further ■■■■ this game to death


We’re in the next gen now, who’s to say they won’t eventually add a 5th skill tree?

And considering there is so much unused out of bounds space that can be populated with terrain, they can eventually update any level such that a given closed door could have more areas added, arenas even.

That they are providing alternate character models makes me wonder if they may someday do Multiversal versions of entire Maps and include new altered sidequests, if not an entire Alternate Story Mode at some point?

The lack of (news on) updates to the main game is pretty disturbing…

If it where an other company I would know they had those planned… With GBX and this game I can’t shake the feeling that they want everyone to forget the mess they created up until now :expressionless:


Bot is such a weird choice for Fl4k. So sad we didn’t get a Saurian.

1 year ago i would have said the same
but man after that 1 year coming to this point i can only say
you truly give them the benefit of the benefit after you had a drink because the benefit before that was already a benefit of another benefit of a doubt

in short
you trust them with more then they rly are either willing, or capable of doing


Nah, if I trusted anyone i’d preorder games and buy within the first 3 months of release at full price. I have yet to do that for any game besides Tekken 7 and the Toe Jam and Earl Revival. Tekken 7 had been in arcades for a few years before coming to console and PC so it would be unfair to count that. I’m simply speculating.

What I don’t get is why they don’t do the gameplay presentations, like tomorrow’s, with any average ‘Joe’, and by the way, erm… paying customer.

At a point when Gearbox hasn’t made a slight effort into fixing the stuff people already paid for, it’s hard to take any real value from ‘Arms Race’ and whatever else is coming in season 2, especially when it’s being presented and spoken about by people that only point out the positives of every piece of content in exchange of freebies and ‘exposure’, whatever the hell that’s matters for.


yes exactly
the way they present themselves and talk about it makes me angry
the borderlands show is like, yeah we only heared the best, yes its amazing, its super amazing
then they talk about how they fix all issues with this dlc
and im like
can we solve the issues we have right now, and THEN we sell it
cuz i aint buying this crap

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