General drop and skin drops

So I’m wondering… Does anyone know where I can find the current drop rates in BL2? Or if anyone has them vaguely memorised? Also specifically the skin drops?

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You’ll find some information in the “Inside the Box” article on loot - it’s linked from here.

Some of the skins/heads are world drops, so covered by the loot tables in that article. Others are designated drops for various bosses, raid bosses, etc. Those have different odds.

Was there anything in particular you were looking for?

I’ll have a look at it! Thanks :slight_smile: Well I’m farming skins for Maya atm. But just got the King Mong skins I was looking for so that’s cool! It’s my impression that the skin drop rates are pretty low in general?

The world drop ones, yes.

For the ones from bosses like King Mong, Henry the Stalker, etc., it’s complicated by the fact that some of them have both a skin/head and one or more gear items in their designated drop pool. So, a 1 in 10 chance of something from that pool, multiplied by 1 in n where n is the total number of designated items for that boss. I’m not sure off the top of my head what’s in every boss loot pool, but you can find that information by looking them up either on the wiki or the relevant loot map.

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Okay, so in general most bosses have a 1/10 chance to drop something from their pool? Do you know if this is the case for e.g the Bunker, which seems to be pretty stingy? I wan’t his head drop! Well King Mong only has skins and the Badaboom I think, so not bad. Yeah thanks for reminding me, the loot maps are pretty great! <3

Bunker’s drop rate is indeed 1 in 10, but:

  1. He has a number of items in his designated loot pool
  2. There’s a tendancy for items to drop out of bounds, glitch through parts of the map, or just be plain hard to see

So, he can indeed appear somewhat stingy. I’ve managed to get a few of his heads though (XB1). Note that if you’re only really farming for the heads or skins, the mode doesn’t make a difference, so you can drop down to TVHM or even NVHM for speed kills.

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Okay :slight_smile: Yeah I’m aware of loot dropping through the floor at times. Didn’t think it was really a problem for Bunker tho but… That’s cool that u play on XB1 :slight_smile: Yeah I might consider dropping to TVHM or NVHM.

Just checked, and I got 9 drops in 100 runs, 3 of them being heads. So about average, probably!

Aah that’s not too bad I suppose, considering he doesn’t take long to kill. Did you have it written down?

Yup! Just about to go do some more… If you’re on XB1, which heads are you looking for?

Aah cool :wink: I actually wrote down when I got my first Norfleet from Hyperius: Only 29 times for a Corrosive, and 118 for a Shock. But I’ve really come to like farming, with a stream and some chill music in the background. Quite relaxing! Well the one I want the most is the Vermi one.


I have another question, without actually creating a new post… Regarding elemental weakness for enemies. Obviously I know the red health bar = Weak to fire dmg, Yellow = Corrosive etc, but it’s my impression that it’s not always so black and white? I.e if an enemy has a red health bar, but has actual armour it might be better to use corrosive? Do you know if there’s a list of boss weaknesses. I’m getting a new Sand Hawk and haven’t decided if fire or corrosive is best for i.e Vermi…

  • True. For example armored psychos have a yellow health bar, but only their body is weak to corrosive, their head is weak to fire.
  • All major bosses have a red health bar, but ones like Bunker and Hurly are weak to corrosive. While other bosses like the Warrior and the Son of Craw (I believe) have no weaknesses.
  • I know we made a list for TPS (which might need a little revision), but I’m sure if there’s one for BL2 Vault will find it.

Vermi is flesh fyi.

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Oo - did not know that!

Interesting fact: watch Wilhelm when he first appears from underneath the train. His health changes to the usual boss one, but before it does you can see a different one!

Son of Craw I’ve always used shock against for some reason. That may just be a little bias in my loadout on Axton though.

Ahahahaha! Funny guy!

Here’s the TPS list, which comes out top in my Google search:

And this helpful steam community guide:

Bummer! @khimerakiller - want to start a thread for this over in the BL2 Discussion area? I think it’s past time we need a list!


Yeah, so it’s both intuitive becasue they are actually armoured, but counterintuitive because they have a red health bar. Yeah such a list would be nice! But I suppose it’s not worse than simply doing a bit of testing… :slight_smile: Suppose since I’m playing Maya I’d prefer to use an SMG, so simply using a DPUH isn’t as viable - even though it works for most enemies. I’m not aware of any who resist explosive?

All shields resist explosive a little bit (-20%), and bosses like Oney resist explosive a lot. Which that is just the yellow numbers. Enemies like constructors resist all grenade based “explosions”, of which most guns with splash damage is grenade based.

@VaultHunter101 I’m lazy and I’ve sorta moved on from Borderlands for the time being, so your best bet is to probably create a thread and list all the bosses you can think of. And invite people in text (and probably in actual inventions too, like Chuck and anyone else). And that way it can be a collaboration and people can test and fill in the bosses they want to. I’m sure they’ll chip in and mention any bosses you may have left out too.

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Understood, and no problem. Feel free to chip in when the thread appears, though!

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You don’t know any other of the major bosses’ resistance at the top of your head? Well I know Vora is flesh, Pete is flesh I suppose, Dragons are complicated…etc. Anything to improve farming efficiency basically :wink:

Pete is flame resistant flesh, so he has no element he is weak to. That’s why people use shock and explosive for him.

They resist the element that is represented by their color and attacks.

Lol I’m so stupid, I really knew that about Pete and the Dragons haha… But thanks anyway. I suppose the “glitch” is still active where they become resistant to whatever element you shoot them with in the air? I don’t know if I want to try to take them on with Maya. I feel like it’s too hard to keep the bee up with dmg from so many angles