General enemy Ideas for Boderlands 3

Put you ideas for enemies here. I saw there was a Character ideas, Story ideas, and General ideas, so i made this for enemies. I have quite a few ideas cause i am helpin make some characters for a BL1 mod right now, and can post them later so y’all can have some inspirations.

One idea i have is an eridian guardian enemy i made (it is for the BL1 mod tho). It is basically a Sera Guardian, but it walks on legs on the ground, Here is what it looks like. It isnt done, jus rember that.


its abilities include stepping on close players, and shooting a ball of energy, and shooting a ball of energy with a bigger blast radius.

You dont have to upload cools images and stuff, but providing a visual can help others see your ideas.

Also i dont know if there is thread for this already. It didnt show up in the similar threads if there is one.


Eridian Badass Spiderant
looks nice

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I miss more sophisticated melee enemies like BL1’s omega assassins. Ninja enemies or a ninja boss would be cool.

Another idea I just had could be mutant female badass enemies that were attempts by the main antagonist at creating a siren army. If Gearbox is planning on introducing more sirens in BL3, there could be several types of these enemies with “different, crazy ass powers” that are similar to real siren abilities, albeit not as powerful. (but still dangerous) So this antagonist will have to have knowledge of all siren powers. It could be somebody tearing apart the galaxy looking for them for some insane master plan. He captures four and possibly Lilith and Maya near the end of the game. Just throwing story ideas out there; that seems like something that can start a war (SPOILER: “War is coming!”)

Or maybe his name is War…lol

Anyway, there can be “sirens” with more offensive or more defensive abilities. These enemies will have a standard melee attack for close combat but will primarily use guns (sometimes elemental) and the attacks of offensive sirens will have a chance to cause a random elemental effect.

This is actually a pretty amazing idea. the fights would be interesting.

Also for enemies, there are probably rejected characters that didn’t make the other 3 games whether they were main enemies or little enemies, it would be interesting to have them in this game somehow.

I got an idea about all the character discussions out there of what should be done, if new vault hunters, who should be an NPC or what. I think, the best way to do this that will solve all big issues and leave everybody happy, is simply create some new 4 vault hunters (of course), but make the previous ones as unlockable characters after the second campaign. Also make a DLC with missions specifically made for them, so people can also have the choice at some point, to play as the old guys that we all love (after playing with the new ones).

Female versions of enemies that maybe react a bit differently, was playing bl2 today and noticed a distinct lack of fem marauders and psychos, could probably do something funny with it

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Sure sounds interesting. I think I’d go with that. Although there’s Laney White, but I don’t recall having to shoot any more psycho ladies.

The clone Siren army would be an amazing idea. Not only would it be a cool plot concept but it would give Gearbox a reason to make humanoid enemies that are more than just re-skins of bandits. Gun fights are cool but having a more…“magical” enemies would provide some much needed variety.

Plot wise though I don’t think he(or it) should kidnap Lilith again since it already happened in BL2. The only way I can see this being acceptable is if Lilith bitches about being captured again while Maya is too busy nerding about Siren stuffs to really get that she’s been captured. Then once you fight your way to save them you find that they’ve already broken out and killed a great deal of their captors( making what you just did kinda pointless). After which you, teamed up with Lilith and Maya, bust out of the [insert enemy stronghold here] and progress the story.

Also having the new baddy’s name being war would be hilarious.


i agree with all of this.

Another possibility for integrating them is some found some of Handsom Jack secret research.

remember attack of the clones when obi-wan fights the green spider monster called acklay. looks like that but cooler and in borderlands. i upvote this

this is a great idea. maybe not make it blunt that theyve put in female characters and throw it in your face like they did with janey springs tho

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I agree with this completely.

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