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the claptrap dlc when on tvhm can you start and if you can start it at about say level 40 and beating the main game at 50 ,does the dlc scale up like the main game to 50 ?

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yup. 10char

I started with my level 48 Athena in TVHM. By the time I reached the final section, I was level 50 (as were the missions) and the boss was level 52.

So TVHM it maxes out at 50? Strange.

I started the dlc in Normal mode with my Claptrap starting at level 35, continued to level up and the dlc scaled everything up to level 41/42 along with my characters level. EOS was 42 when I fought him as level 41 in normal mode. Though afterwards it really screwed me in TVHM because I was so overleveled from the dlc that all my kills were 10xp or less for until I got more than halfway through the story.

Do you have the holodome dlc that enables UVHM and levelling past 50?

wasnt UVHM a free update for everyone?

the level cap increases are from Holodome and Claptastic voyage 10 levels each.

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Yes, you can do UVHM without the Holodome / Clappy DLCs, but your level will never go above 50 and enemy levels will never go above 52.