General Failure persists after 2.0 update

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I am having a similar issue that stigmA was having. Whenever I load a skirmish, it crashes when the screen says FrontEnd. I find this in the log file

Unable to retrieve UI (animated) texture ()
Error, LoadScreen failed to screen of type GameBalanceScreen when loading section GameBalanceScreen from file DATA:\UI\NewUI\Developer\GameBalanceScreen.lua
Error, LoadScreen failed to screen of type DeveloperScreen when loading section DeveloperScreen from file DATA:\UI\NewUI\Developer\DeveloperScreen.lua

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If the usual things don’t work (verifying the game files, checking you don’t have any weird launch options set, etc), you can file a support ticket here:

Although it’s quite possible one of the regulars here may also have some good ideas (they’re a knowledgeable bunch!)

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Thanks. Is there a way to find what is causing the problem?

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If you look near the top of the thread, there’s a post that lists a launcher option you can set to get a full error dump which might provide some clues. Just looking at the first message you listed (missing texture) suggests that either a file is missing or a file path is set incorrectly (for example if you moved the game location after downloading/installing it). If this is the Steam version of the game, verifying your game through Steam should catch and fix those types of errors. After that, not really my area of expertise, but some of those who create game mods may well have a better idea. And, of course, the support staff should be able to walk you through some trouble-shooting steps.

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This is coming from my modded game.

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In that case, I would suggest reposting here:

There’s still a core of active posters there who may be able to help you out.