General fan opinion required

Hi folks while this may fit more in the modding sub forum since this is about a mod I’ll post it here anyway because it’s not related to any modding questions but more to what you would like to get…

I’m currently working with yellow13 on the Homeworld Somtaaw mod and am implementing all the original sound files back in for the Somtaaw race. So far everything works charming but now I’d like to hear your opinion:

In the original Cataclysm it didn’t tell you with few exceptions if your ships were completed or not.
Now to my question…

Would you like to hear messages saying “Acolyte completed” - “Frigate completed” etc. or do you think that may annoy you if you build tons of ships throughout the game.

Design wise I’m not sure yet so I’d like your opinion. :smile: Looking forward to hear your opinions.

Building frigates and up I don’t mind being reminded of a completed build. For corvettes and fighters it gets very annoying, especially if you build a lot of them. Too bad there’s not a way to only announce the end of the build lineup for each class, so the announcement would only come after the cue for that ship was empty.

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Maybe instead of a build complete dialog, just use the selection dialog since each was already unique. I’ll echo for caps and above.

So for example, when a hive completes I just hear her say “Hive frigate, ready for orders” or for Dreads that deep “Dreadnought, reporting in”

Edit: for strike craft, a dialog when the queue is complete instead of none or each one.

Do you mean the way it used to be before the Remastering ? cause that would get my vote :slight_smile:

Fighters and corvettes announced at the end of there respective build queue’s every thing else as and when each ship is finished.

Certainly non of this remastered malarkey…, Scout complete…Scout complete…Scout complete…Scout complete…Scout complete,… :grimacing:

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Yes, not needed for any small strike craft it is so annoying, Bomber completed…Bomber completed…if they just had it so the last one was announced that would be better…like Bombers all completed…something like that.

Thank you people.

I see what I can do at the moment I have it indeed like after each fighter, each corvette fighter complete , corvette complete…

I will delete that asap and see what I can do regarding msgs at the end of a build queue. By default it doesn’t seem to work like that. May have to make adjustments assuming it can get done…

I will keep the construction complete msgs for all capital ship classes - destroyers up to carriers&cruisers.

Yeah, I think having an announcement every single time strike craft are built would become ridiculously irritating. That’s why I hate HW1 Remastered, because every single ship is announced, instead of just announcing the completion of the build queue for fighters/corvettes.

But in Cataclysm, it never announced the completion of non-Capital Ships (excepting some specific ships like Recons), presumably because there’s a visible build queue so you can see if a build queue has completed, so if you want to stay true to Cataclysm, you shouldn’t include it at all.


By the way there’s even one in Hw remastered - a visible build queue. Not sure but it’s either caps lock or tab which enables that it’s kinda interesting.

As for the capital msgs you’re right but once this mod is balanced I hope that people will start playing this in mp with others.So I will have to make certain adjustments so that you the player wont have a disadvantage over other races.

So far the messages are very fitting. Little audio editing here and there and it works just fine. By the file structure they were really messy. Getting sounds like group 1 , group 2 , group 3 & reporting damage , destroyed etc…

At least that way I managed to edit them nicely so that it sounds natural and not edited in a negative fashion.

Enable the build queue in corner by pressing Q.