General Feedback after first session with P1v1

Hi! Thanks for including me in the CTT. I didn’t get to play until tonight, the last night of the first test. (Between Destiny 2 and work it was hard to find the time :wink: )

I booted up the game and took a look at the collection tab to see what the cards were about. The layout of this tab is actually pretty good considering it is so early. I was still a bit confused as to what the game was about, so i entered the Dojo and ran around for a couple minutes. I pressed some buttons on my keyboard and had pretty much figured out the mechanics in a few seconds. Seems to be a “class based shooter” but the class abilities are completely customizeable from randomly dropped “cards”. An interesting concept, especially when there seems to already be so many abilities in game. I was especially impressed by the idea of the “Excalibur” card. I’ve seen some people already calling it OP, but I think the idea of defending an objective to give yourself an edge is a very interesting concept, and one that paid off for me in one of my ranked games later on.

I attempted to play 4 ranked matches. The first of which I sat at the loading screen for about 3 minutes before the opponent disconnected (I assume). The rest went flawlessly with minimal load times and a lag free experience from what I could tell. The game runs at a steady 120FPS on my 970.

Some concerns I have about the gameplay:

  1. Unless I missed it, I don’t see any way to switch cards or decks during a match. This makes counter picking impossibe. I won all 3 of the games I played, but I had difficulty dealing with someone who had a turret card of some sort. If I picked short range, hit scan weapons, I would likely have difficulty dealing with a turret without being able to swap to a rocket or grenade launcher.

  2. The game seems pretty slow… I feel like movement speed should be increased by something like 50% so that I can find my opponents faster. I feel like i rarely saw my opponent, and when I finally did, the TIme to Kill is so low that I instantly killed them and then went back to hunting them down for another 15 seconds. (This was all on the default? map that was in some sort of skyscraper. Sorry I don’t recall the name.)

  3. What is the motivation behind keeping this 1v1? A team based game where I could switch around all of my abilities seems like a great game. It could still have “class” archetypes that are limited to certain types of cards, but the ability to change each card seems unique enough to set it apart. Not being able to team up with friends will definitely turn some people away.

  4. Free to play aspects seem “meh” to me. This style of cards that need to be ranked up has always been my least favorite. It’s completely random and doesn’t feel very rewarding to me when the rank ups simply give stat bonuses. It also leads to the top tier of players not being higher skill, but simply having higher level cards.

Thanks for the opportunity to try the game. I’ll give it another shot next week when the second test rolls around.
Steam Account: FIXER

PS: The Detonader looks way to similar to Junkrat’s weapon… even the card image looks like him … I know you guys are more creative than that!

To reply to your concerns, as someone with over 100 matches played and 600+ MMR:

  1. Yes you cannot switch mid match, doing so would be broken. You can certainly make games harder for yourself by picking cards that have weaknesses, but right now, its not rock, paper, scissors type of play, clearly more skilled players win. If skill is equal then yes you can hinder yourself. For your issue with the sentry, you have 2 weapon cards, you clearly chose the shotgun (kinda a meh weapon), that means you have to get behind the sentry with an ability like cinders or bubble, or nuke it with human flame. Your other weapon, unless it was the bit blaster is much better for killing sentries, peek around a corner and shoot it before it locks on. Use splash damage if you have the rocket or grenade. Also the lightning gun shoots through walls when charged.

  2. 50% is way too high. Honestly with 3 games you and your opponent wouldnt know the maps well, usually its about 20 seconds per kill, longer if they purposely hide to try and heal via healthpacks. You can definitely hit 20 kills in one match though, which is a lot.

  3. I agree, that the 1v1 genre is very defined and small, I could see 2v2 or 3v3 working if they made larger maps, but being like OW/TF2/paladins seems like a bad idea as that 5/6 player class based objective fps is pretty overdone now.

4.Agree, nobody I have spoken to really likes the card leveling system as it is anti-competitive. F2P is fine, but needs to not be P2W.

  1. Agreed with S-X that during a match should not be allowed. How would you also handle cooldowns/charges at that point. But being able to choose after seeing the map would be nice. Bringing a shotty to Heart is pretty weak compared to shotty on the other map.

  2. You should be able to find your opponent pretty quickly via sound. There’s not many places in the current map pool where you can stand and not hear every other part of the map.

  3. That’s a tough question. In some circumstances you want to do a single thing really well. Something balanced for 2v2 can be broken in 1v1 and vice versa. The current state makes it so players that do play this game are concentrated in 1v1. Unless you have a giant player base that can support good matchmaking in several game modes, having more game modes can detrimentally dilute the population. But it could certainly be a lot of fun to have other game modes as long as you keep it to one or two others. It’s a mixed bag for sure.

  4. Delta undermines the core of the game, which is competitive 1v1.