General gameplay tips for Shayne and Aurox?

Hi everyone, I need some help.

Anyone here who can give me some general tips for playing those two in Incursion, I honestly have not the slightest idea how to make them work, but I’m forced too often into playing them lately.

I’m just throwing each game when I’m put on them, like I did yesterday:

Ernest nuked me with 3k+ damage in less than 5 seconds, Marquis took me out of lane each time I stuck my nose out. Had absolutely no way to level other than the tiny amount of XP you get from buying some stuff and I was more than useless for the whole match.

I’ll take any advice I can get. Positioning, general playstyle, build recommendations, gear recommendations, gameplay footage to learn from, …

Tried a bunch of stuff already, but nothing really worked.

Don’t heed my word too much, as I have very limited PvP experience. But I understand mechanics and I more-or-less understand Shaurox in a PvP setting.

  • Gear
    • First and foremost, don’t prioritize health or “on health damage” gear. You are wasting Shaurox’s 20% DR from their talent, and potentially Immortal Aegis, to build a health pool they don’t even benefit from. Plus they have a lot of health already.
    • Don’t build skill damage. It was an “okay” stat to build on them in the past, but the Fall update heavily nerfed at least both Fetch’s and Stealth Strike’s damage. Not that they did much before any way. And their Ult is just an AoE wave knock up, not a damage dealer.
    • I’d strongly recommend a purple LLC AD and AS gear, the third slot is up to you. I’ve settled on a purple Jennerit health regen, as I don’t play with reliable healers, and even if I do it’s still a good piece of gear.
      • Other options: free Jennerit shield, purple Eldrid DR, free shard gen, blue LLC health, free shield regen rate (if you don’t choose Hulk Out at level 3)
      • Not my taste options: free cooldown, free move speed, free sprint speed
  • Playstyle
    • If you don’t have something better to do, you should be spamming the ■■■■ out of your Boomerang. That’s how you leach XP off of waves that are too dangerous to melee. And how you pick up assist you don’t deserve.
    • You can play her as a Tank-Assassin or as a CC-Support. Odds are you’ll want and be expected to play the CC-Support role in your 10 mans.
      • As a CC-Support your job is to be an Off-Tank that soaks up damage only when you need to, and “peel” for your teammates. You are the anti-engage that stuns/pulls the Rath that just Cat Smashed, Deande that’s stuck to your Orendi with Silent Strike, Gali that just stunned someone, etc… And you can also intelligently engage as well, even more so if you aren’t the only frontline on your team.
        • And feel free to be dirty as ■■■■ and chain stun the enemy your Gali just stunned.
      • I love playing her as a Tank-Assassin, where I’m effectively a Pendles with a 2k health pool. I also off-Tank and CC-Support when I play this way as well, but it’s a risky strat that gets less effective the more coordinated the enemy team is. But the playstyle is to pick out that lone WF, break line-of-sight, pop Stealth Strike, and slow his ass. Then melee him until the slow is about to wear off, then get an easy stun and melee some more.
  • Helix
    • 1 - Overshield always
    • 2 - I always pick the attack speed, but I don’t play in places where my teams follow up on my engages (I still think the extra slow isn’t need though).
    • 3 - I always pick Hulk Out, but the Power of Two can work for the Tank-Assassin playstyle.
    • 4 - Stun always
    • 5 - Immortal Aegis always
    • 6 - DR always
    • 7 - I always pick the shield capacity, but the health regen isn’t bad.
    • 8 - Stealth duration always
    • 9 - Fetch cooldown always
    • 10 - Pull always

Closing words: Much like how high level Montana is played, you are preferably the off-Tank with your main-Tank Gali or Boldur, and you play the role of anti-engage or the ■■■■■■■ that chain CCs off of your main tank’s hard CC.

But still initiate “intelligently”, as experience is the only thing that differentiates that Fetch from being a dead enemy Battleborn, or 3 of your own dead because the enemy Montana saw you had no Fetch and chain knocked up your team for free.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to use your Ult just to reduce your hitbox so you can live. 5 seconds of being a tank with an Orendi’s hitbox massively increases your odds of survival.


That wasn’t my usual loadout in this game. I have blue Rogue Damage Reduction, blue LLC Max Health and purple Jennerit Attack Damage for her.

Spent too long with looking through all my loadouts yesterday in hope of maybe finding something that could work and only could pick my Attikus loadout in time then.

Thanks for detailed post.

You’re welcome. How come you run a purple Jennerit AD instead of a green? I’d think the cheaper cost would be more worth it over the AS being passive for her Boomerang.

Activation cost hasn’t been a huge issue (I know how to get my shards in a decent amount of time), so I kind of preferred the secondary without any requirement attached to it.

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It’s got good range, too. As an example, on Echelon I use it to take out the enemie’s accelerator while everyone else is blocking the stairs.

Definitely (unless you’re doing the lore challenge, but I’d do that in Bots or Story). You want that when the target gets pulled in to you.

Oh yes.

This I need to read up on. Sounds like I’ve been missing something in the mechanic.
Edit: Nope, I’m good - been taking it all along, apparently! Just didn’t recognise the name (oops!)

@wrriddle I used to Main S&A before the buffs and Nerfs which heavily solidified them into the Tank spot. Prior too, they where a jack of all trades, with massive mobility and health being good for flanking.

These two are the best in game for initiating (When fetch works). Pulling players out of position wins fights, and easily swings battles. The stun is good, but I always prefer the pull for the sheer ability to open a team fight.

One major tip: Your assists should be MUCH larger than kills. The close range damage is good, the bommerangs are good for poking slower comps, and fleet-Footed is fantastic for getting places (even if it is only 2 seconds not 4.)

Please take this advice with a grain of salt, I haven’t been online for a while (massive courseload at school, I don’t have time to spend 30 mins in matchmaking to stomp or be stomped 80% of the time).

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Shayne and Aurox is my main melee and while I am not amazing/the best with them, I’d say I know some fair tips and tricks with the Girl and her Monster.

Thanks to Galilea taking the nerf, and even before she did, Shayne and Aurox was and, thankfully after the semi-patch, they are super relevant again.

Personally, because of their damage reduction when they have any type of shield, I like to stack shield. As much shield as I can, my own build for them has them clocking in at over 1000 shield by lvl 7.

Gear Wise I take:
Erratic Internal Capacitor: +140 Max Shield strength, -21% reload speed (free +140 shield, giving Shayne and Aurox a lvl 1 Max Shield of 740, and it’s free)

Bolstering Ostentatious Saber: +8.40% Attack Speed and +98 Max Shield Strength (Shard cost: 1050; this is a gear piece that benefits the dynamic duo a lot, not only in slightly adding to their tankiness, but also boosting their attack speed in a respectable fashion. Since Aurox is half of your melee damage, hitting faster should always be a priority over hitting harder ie attack damage)

The third gear piece is quite flexible, which fits the playstyle of the Dynamic Duo. They are super flexible, considering their cooldown timer for their skills are never far apart from one another. It gives them a very serious unpredictable nature for the enemy team and can mean the difference between a win and a loss. Shayne and Aurox are solid primary tanks, but also phenominal back up tanks, easily put in place wherever on the battlefield. For this reason I personally go for cooldown reduction, but really I would encourage you to try different things, primarily shield recharge rate per second. A lot of their helix options bounce off or are effected by her skill tree or just her style of play.

For cooldown reduction gear, I roll with Sketchy Gambler’s Greyhound (cost is 630 shards): -10.50% cooldown time and minus another 6.30% cooldown when all skills are on cooldown, with a -14% heal power, but that has no effect cause shayne isn’t a healer.

Helix Options (I might make a guide for these two later but for now, just what I pick and why)

Lvl 1: Welcome Committee (Successfully landing Fetch grants +225 Overshield for 8 seconds): This ability should be the only option at level one. For one, Overshield still counts towards Shayne and Aurox’s passive of -20% when they have a shield. There should be no reason to not pick it. It grants survivability so long as you can hit anything registered as an enemy (be it Battleborn, minion, turrets, sentry). Since Fetch also counts towards Shayne and Aurox being seperated, it grants the speed bonus Shayne gets while using Fetch.

Level 2: Wait for the Drop (intensifies the slow effect of Stealth Strike, +100% slow): I prefer this for Incursion, it prevents escapes and chases hard.

Level 3: Hulk Out With your Djinn Out (+105 shield regen per second): I choose this as it goes well with the level 5 option I always go with, as mentioned, for Shayne, it’s all about the shield, you want shield up and accessable as often as you can. It may seem like a waste at first, but trust me, with the level 5 option that should be the prime choice, it is essential to a tank Shayne Build.

Level 4: Holding it Down (Fetch now stuns for 2 seconds): Absolutely amazing for almost all situations, coupling this with level 1 choice mentioned earlier, it provides your overshield, but also can either provide A) a fabulous escape from pursuing enemies or B) provide peerless set up for high burst DPS characters. It has a lot of utility and is never not useless.

Level 5: The Immortal Aegis (at the conclusion of all skills, Shayne and Aurox’ shields immediately begin to recharge): Let me say it this way. On a tank character that relies heavily on shields, at the conclusion of each and every skill, their shield begins to recharge; this option is also effected by the level 3 option I mentioned as well.

Level 6: Sneaky N Resiliant (while in stealth Strike Shayne and Aurox get an additional 20% damage reduction): If you are wondering, it does stack with your passive damage reduction given from merely having a shield. Let me give you a scenerio that happened to me. I got caught in a Toby double hug (both mines), was taken down to 98 health, threw stun fetch on the Toby and immediately ran (in overgrowth) to sniper perch, down into lane, and through friendly tunnel past a Benedict. Benedict noticed me at low health, but by the time he fired Boomsday I had full regular shield and overshield from stunning Toby. It hit me. I tanked it and survived with 200ish regular shield and 98 health and survived. Take this option always.

Level 7: Bigger, Badder Djinn (Increase Shayne and Aurox’s max shield by 240): More shield is more tank for you and using the gear I use, your total shield is over 1000 by this point.

Level 8: Long Arm of the Lawless (increase the AOE of Stealth strike by 50%): I prefer this because it makes it easier to apply crowd control to targets you need to target, however the increased damage isn’t a bad secondary option either

Level 9: Got Em (increase fetch’s speed by 100%): Did you like stunning people? How about stunning them so fast that they cannot dodge it?

Level 10: Aurox Beckons: (When Tag Team is activated, Auroxpulls in nearby enemies , slowing them at close range, +3 sec slow): It’s just the go to, even with the nerf it got, it’s still amazing. Always this

Also, small tip: Fetch can pull/stun Kelvin out of Sublimate.

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This has been something I haven’t tried yet, but it makes sense to focus on Aurox’s survivability and I don’t know why I haven’t thought of this yet …

I’ll look through my gear to find something. I know for sure that I have the three pieces you’ve mentioned, but I’ll just try a few things out when there’s a more casual evening again - For now, I consider trying out some sprint speed instead of cooldown reduction. Your helix path is basically what I was rolling with, but I always have issues reaching late game. Biggest mistake probably was not focusing on Aurox more.

Always do, from anyone (sorry, if that sounds disrespectful). I’m really bad at copying other people when playing a character. I watch good players and try to find some vital things you need to know (e.g., spin cancel on Rath), but I can’t really play a character just by copy pasting a build and just doing all the things I saw in a video or while spectating. I need to understand the kit and I need to know how to act and react appropriately. Just watching or even asking for advice only teaches the “how to act” part. I’m mostly doing a few things different for any character when I compare myself to the top tier players, but sadly it’s often better overall to do it “my way” instead of using the pure meta build, even when I’m wasting potential. When I came up with it myself, I know why I did chose some helix or piece of gear and how I want to work with it. The copy paste approach sometimes is just a black box.

I know I potentially throw games when I just try out different things (I captained a game yesterday and put myself on Thorn despite knowing I’m garbage on her - still was a very close and fun game though), but that’s the only way for me to get better.

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Shayne and Aurox are in that spot with Galilea, they don’t exactly go get all the kills. But their presence, merely existing, causes a lot of issue with the enemy team. Juggling your skills , generally I like to play them as a character that enemies are always considering. They have high quality CC that can lead to some key kills and I basically lean heavily on that. Their abilities are so good at starting and leaving fights. I have thrown my ult on purpose to draw a stun to force the pop up from Aurox in order to escape. Definitely play around with them, but do make shield capacity your top priority. It is what makes them

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If youre struggling to keep up in levels, since i dont see it mentioned anywhere else here - get the boomerang bounce helix. MORE free asist exp, and generally higher dps since you spend most of incursion matches ranging rather that punching.

i personally ran a max shield shayne, and since shes an off tank rather than tank, unless you have a reyna or kleese to recharge that shield for you, i find it a waste of time. get in, get out. having a bigger shield means that your in longer, and out longer.

play conservatively. you dont need your melee for minions, just get the boomerang in there for the exp. melee is a commitment, save it for when the time is right.

‘Well take everything’ is viable in certain comps/situations. i usually ask my team, if im unsure, what they would prefer i take, since sometimes pulls are better than stuns (fighting a campy team? pull them out, body them- equal to a stun)


I don’t think fetch can pull kelvin out of sub unless you take the stun… I remember because I hate the stun and tested it relentlessly. Just a side note. I was hoping they would fix it in the fall update by accident or something but I knew it wasn’t gonna happen.

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By far, S&A’s greatest strength is flexibility; she can maintank or play aggro, initiate or finish, dive or waveclear, as needed. You just need to be aware she’s not great at any of these things, and focusing on one forfeits other options. She has two axes:

Aggressive <> Defensive
Initiator <> Finisher


If she’s your only melee, and only tank, you’re going to need to focus defense. Take all your shield options (R1, R3, L5, R7) and don’t dive deep unless you have rescue heals on call because the enemy team will melt you first. Build shield strength and recharge speed with a side of DR. You’ll need to take as much fire on your shield instead of your health as possible. Skirmish and give your team time and space to work.

If you do have other melees/tanks to draw fire, particularly if you have no kill confirm or CC, play aggressively. Take your damage options (R2, M3, R5 - stay R1 and R7 because the left options are too situational) and dive to make plays. You have an excellent hitbox for bodyblocking, two built in escapes, good durability, and CC. A Jennerit gauntlet, blue LLC sword, and your choice of final gear (I like Jennerit epic health regen) will let you DPS down flimsy shooters and healers easily.


Shayne’s pull and heavy slow makes her an excellent initiator for a shooter team, but giving up the stun means you’ll probably have to body block for finishes, which will lean you towards offensive builds to DPS quickly. You’ll also probably lose most melee duels if you don’t build offensive, since Fetch does almost nothing in a scrum.

The stun is an awesome kill confirm, but halves your melee DPS while active and removes your pull. You won’t be able to swoop in and get kills with that, but it lets you completely ruin enemy dives.


The waveclear consideration is thus; Shayne’s ult is a high damage, high duration AoE, and it removes Aurox for the duration, halving your melee damage and preventing the use of other skills. You’re basically limited to running away and throwing 'rangs while your ult is up, so you’re not going to be saving teammates or securing kills with CC in the meantime. Only pop ult if you’re relatively sure those things won’t be needed.


It pulls him out of sublimate regardless of pull or stun on fetch.

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Also, don’t pick fights with Attikus without a plan or backup. There are plenty of characters that devour your shield, but in a melee situation, since Attikus does bonus to shields it is not wise to be in negative encounters with him.
Others to watch for: whiskey, Montana , Oscar.

When engaging other melee characters I like to hold my abilities. Other than Attikus and some Phoebes you can outlast a lot of other melee characters without exhausting your abilities.


Is the hit box different? You have my undivided and excited attention.

The main problem with pulls, namely Shayne’ s fetch and ghalt 's hook is movement among both the pullers and people you are trying to pull. Moving too much while being a puller runs the risk of ghost pulls, the game, for whatever reason cannot detect the hitboxes of a pull like fetch/hook landing while the ghalt or Shayne in question is moving too fast.

It results in visually a hit pull or stun, but in actuality it doesn’t land. Hence why you see a lot of, including myself, pullers who try to minimize high movement when attempting pulls.

This glitch of hitbox detection usually doesn’t happen if the target is moving at high velocities, but it can happen from time to time.

The game has issues with registering high lateral movement between puller and target if both are moving laterally. There usually isn’t hitbox detection issues with face to face pulls, where the puller and target are lined up, except towards the end of the pull’s range. It can sometimes be tricked by high movement characters like Caldarius Melka thorn and Benedict due their sudden propulsion momentums.

Tldr: Gearbox didn’t 100 percent test and complete their hitboxes with pulls

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So true. I agree with every point here. As a Shayne and Aurox Main of old, this is so true. The rang is fantastic, never underestimate it, but Build S&A to your play style, or to your teams needs if you want to fill. The flexability means it makes for interesting team-comps, and the Half damage to sheilds is great for confirming kills, tanking, or just dueling. Fetch and the Stealth are great innitiators, and can win team fights, with or without the stun. ( I prefer no stun, as it allows for the yank of a high priority target, and also can pull tanks or squishies out of position from where they want to be.)

The Ult is a high risk, High reward ult that heavily benefits from chokes. abuse that