General glitches/issues (possible very light spoiler)

Not sure if this is something that’s been covered or not. I finished the game and unlocked all map/fast travel stations. I joined my brother’s game where he only had 2 of the major story fast travel places set up. When I went back to my game, I lost EVERY fast travel location that my brother didn’t have.

Also on a side note, it’s annoying that the Slaughterstar 3000 mission doesn’t have ANY sort of checkpoint system. First I got to the last wave and a guy glitched in a wall and I had to quit. Then I got to the last wave and the game crashed.

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When that happens to me dont know if he was too far in wall but I always throw hex or something like that near where he is in wall and itll kill through wall or floors

Yeah, the losing your planets and fast travel points is a known issue. It happened to me too. Hopefully it’s resolved soon.

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