General gnoxx dlc/ stupid jump to the priison

someone wanna come hlp plz I cant make this stupid jump to the prison in the gnoxx dlc (yes I’m using the racer). have never had trouble with it before but for some reason I cannot for the life of me make that jump today. I just want to get past this part and continue on with the dlc. if u wanna come help we can spilt the loot when we get to te armory if u stick around to the end of the dlc

finally got past this stupid jump after a hour failing at it

It is a very annoying jump. I know I’ve done it easily in the past but, like you, the last time I ran that mission I failed many, many times. It’s like the jump in TPS leaving Regolith Range back to Serenity’s Waste - had it down cold, then failed umpteen times in a row.

yeah it annoys the crap out of me when I fail something like that in a game so many times when its not even that hard to do

I use a racer and make sure I’m not going too fast or too slow. You can easily go too fast.