General Golden Key Question

I believe that you can only have around 250 or 299 Golden Keys. Is this across the entire game or just per game character. As an example, if I had characters Maya, Zero, and the Gunzerker is it 250 keys per character or 83 each. Again if I had used 200 on one player (say up to UVHM) would the other characters only have 50 between them?



Keys are per profle (steam/psn/xbox) and are shared across all characters created by that profile. So yes, if you had 250 keys and blew 200 on one character, you’d only have 50 left for any of your other characters to use.

The limit thing came about because GBX never expected people to hoard that many keys, and there was an overflow if you tried to unlock more than 255. That’s fixed, but the display count stops updating at a certain point, and doesn’t resume updating until your key total has dropped below some threshold again.

Out of interest, how many keys are available?

If you mean how many can you actually have at one time, I’m not sure - never got above 230 or so myself. If you mean are new keys still being published, yes they are - there were two new codes for a total of 10 keys just a few days ago. Your buddy @Gulfwulf has a thread for that, although last time I checked he hadn’t updated with the latest codes (but they’re listed right at the bottom of the thread, obviously.)

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You can have up to 254 or 255 before they reset back down to 0.

Might want to check again, bud. :dukejk:

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Yeah, it’s not like you needed a reminder or anything :dukewhistle:

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I have no idea what you’re talking about. :dukewhistle: