General Knox DLC will not release additional Missions

Hello!! I’m new to the board and hope this is the place to post this issue…

I purchased the General Knox DLC about 2 months ago while on playthru 2.5. I’ve finnished every mission except Crawmerax, so I dropped down to start the DLC on playthrough 1. While working on several of the early missions I was tasked with the “Wanted Dead” mission. I started this mission while working on the Marcus Power Cell mission at the same time. After completing 2 stages of the “Wanted Dead” mission I went back and finnished off the Marcus Power Cell mission. After turning that one in, I was given no other missions by either Marcus, Scooter, Moxxi or the Bounty Board. I’m now stuck because you can’t complete the “Wanted Dead” mission until later in the DLC.

Can anybody help me with this?

You’re probably missing talking to someone or picking something up to advance the main story. Memory is a bit fuzzy, however, so you might want to check the DLC mission list/overview on the Borderlands Wiki - that should give you a clue based on where you are now about what to do to advance the DLC.

Yeah, it’s funny that you mention “picking something up” . My onjective header takes me to the control center in the Crimson Lance fort on the Crimson Highway . But when I get in there I’m dead center on the compass point, but I dont see anything to activate or pick up.

I already did this in playthru 2.5 but I cant remember how I advanced. I believe though, its something in the control center. I already activated the switch to open the roadblocks in an earlier mission, but the objective header keeps taking me back to the control center.

If that’s the wanted poster mission, you have to go into the control room over the roadway and interact with stuff on the wall in there (from memory). Once you’ve done that, things should tick over. (Hopefully it isn’t glitched - might want to check the Wiki entry for the mission in case it lists bugs.)

I think that’s what I have to do is interact with the wanted poster. I’ll check wiki though.

Thanks Bro👊

If it’s any consolation, I totally missed that the first time through - I was looking for a switch or button or someone to shoot!

The control center is not the problem.

In the mission “Prison Break” you have to remove the north and south road blocks on Ridge Highway so that you can proceed to Lockdown Palace and rescue Athena. However, after you remove the roadblocks (which I’ve done) you’re supposed to get the Lockdown Palace assignment from Moxi. But I never got it, and I know where lockdown palace is, but when I jump the fence to enter the palace grounds I cant enter the facility cause I havent been given the mission yet.

I checked wiki, but they don’t give enough detail on this particular mission in terms of how or when it is assigned to you.

When I get time today, I’ll look at the entire prison break mission on YT to see what happens right after you remove the roadblocks that will trigger getting the mission assignment from Moxi.

This is very frustrating because I already did this on 2.5 but I can’t remember how I did it.