General Knoxx Armory Glitch

I just completed the General Knox Armory DLC and completed the armry before knowing about the glitch that lets you get inside and loot without the time limit. Is there anyway I can get back into the armory to loot again and have a second chance or do I need to start a whole other playthrough?

This is a fairly taboo topic as officially it isn’t an intentional nor wanted glitch.
There are however two more optional missions that let you loot the Armory after completing a quest or two.

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If you’re on PC there is something you can do to alter your save file. However, if you’re on either of the consoles there’s nothing you can do without breaking their terms of use.

If by completed you mean just killed Knoxx and looted armory for the first time in PT2, than you have two more missions that will let you into the Armory (given by Marcus in T-Bone Junction). If you have already done both of those, then on PC you can use #Willowtree to save edit the last of those missions to be active but no objectives completed once again (altering the save files of either console version is against the console manufacturer’s terms of service and hence shall not be discussed on these boards).

Brace yourself, locks are coming.


Really? People used to talk about WillowTree and armory glitch all the time…just hasn’t happened in a while.

As they said, which mission have you completed, and what platform are you on?

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I just completed the first mission. I read up and discovered that if you do the glitch on te other two missions it just breaks the mission and nothing really good happens. I did take a look at that willow tree thing though and determined that I could just go through the missions legit once and then reset them so I could then do the glitch as many times as I wanted.

It will only glitch if you mess up and go into the elevator room…otherwise it is infinitely repeatable. Supposedly the last of the 3 missions gives the best loot, but I’ve had lousy luck with all of them!

The last mission is the one I use, got plenty of good loot that way, just be sure to avoid the elevator room. If you accidentally do trip it (had it happen once, #Willowtree can be used to fix it).

It is a taboo topic as is promoting the use of 3rd party software even if to fix errors like a misbehaving mission as it’ll more than likely breach the ToS for the user (consoles dislike 3rd party software a lot) or promoting a glitch or bug that GBX has said they don’t like but as of yet unable to patch it out.
You likely won’t get banned for it the first time but since it does breach forum rules (promoting cheats, glitches, 3rd party software, etc. that GBX dislikes) being a repeat offender isn’t that good on your record.

They’ve had ample opportunity to patch the floor glitch out and chose not too, and PC players don’t have to worry about ToS like the poor console plebs do.

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Is that really nescecary?

My apologies, my PC elitism is showing, it wasn’t truly my intent to offend, I meant to be more humorous than anything.

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I certainly don’t want to break any rules or run foul of the mods but I can’t find anywhere in the Forum Rules sticky about discussing the armory? Is it really illegal? If so, would someone please point me to where it’s listed?

I can understand banning anything to do with introducing elements not already in the game (e.g. pirating items) through e.g. 3rd party software, but isn’t anything that’s hard-coded in the game fair play? E.g. the Craw spot is on the map: there’s no skullduggery to get to it. Likewise the armory. How is someone supposed to know what is acceptable and what isn’t? I’m sure the devs didn’t intend or foresee people hanging onto the grog nozzle indefinitely, since it’s specifically designed for one quest, but I see that discussed and promoted all the time. What’s the difference?

I apologise if this comes across as facetious: I’m genuinely a bit confused about this and just thought I’d take advantage of an open thread on the topic to ask my question. What’s so taboo about the armory or the Craw spot and where is this highlighted?

I don’t know. But those two glitches, in my opinion, single handedly ensured a multisequel franchise. Epic.

I agree. which makes it even more puzzling how the minds who would come up with something like that would then give us the miserly drop rates in BL2!

The thing is, DLC3 in BL1 skewered the droprates in our favor.
Have fun finding them when you only have the vanilla game.


As far as I am aware (and according to the forum rules), there is no problem discussing WT or gibbed, As long as you aren’t violating terms of service (consoles) or getting an unfair advantage in multiplayer. Since the OP hasn’t said which system, we are fine. Moot point anyway, since it was just loot larceny.

Also, re: armory farming, I still have not ever seen anything anywhere from GBX stating either:

  • it is a glitch (that is, unintentional)
  • that they would prefer us not discuss it
    Lots of discussion of exploiting bugs over on the BL2 side of the forums (pimp-ahabing, anyone?). Not sure about TPS, but it wouldn’t surprise me.
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I believe Botman confirmed it to be unintentional. And issues with patching kept them from fixing it.

However, I’ve never seen them say anywhere nor have I been told they rather it not be discussed. In fact, this forum is where I learned about it, and not in a secretive way. It was just…Being duscussed.

Thing is GBX choose what can and can’t be discussed when it comes to glitches. This, isn’t one of those that arent allowed. Thus why the thread is still here.


it’s true the DLC was better in that regard, but I still got Legendaries just from playing the vanilla game, either from vendors, chests or ripped from the hands of dead enemies. much more so than in BL2. And the “awesome” mechanic whereby you were far more likely to get Purple loot the higher your character’s level was is far superior to the white & green fest we still get in BL2 even when we are in OP levels!