General Knoxx Armory Glitch

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if we talk about just the vanilla games, it’s a matter of your mileage may vary, since everything is tied to RNG.

Then again, I might be one of the few who prefers the droprates in 2. Well multiple items sharing the same pool aside.

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Sure but with that logic we should be able to openly mention or offer advice on how to use Gibbs and should be able to show off Shredder Shredder Bessie. To help “console plebs” I reckon we aren’t allowed so as to not confusion or anger them about a double standard.

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What’s so taboo about the armory or the Craw spot and where is this highlighted?
[/quote]For me personally, it’s word of mouth from the old forum people/days (thought it was Kitty_Jo who said it actually once in a similar thread that it wasn’t really an appropriate topic but I could be remember some other mod or regular forum goer. I think the reason was something like “Sure it’s in the game and you don’t use 3rd party stuff but it wasn’t intentional and GBX has decided that they don’t want to support it.”)
If I’m mistaken though I’d still tread carefully at least until someone like @joe_king can confirm or deny whether or not it’s ok to discuss and if so any limitations (only so long as you don’t mention that you’re a console player for example as far as Willow and other 3rd party software goes).

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I’d love to see that post…a quick search on the old forums doesn’t turn it up, unfortunately. If you happen to remember where, or a string of exact words so we could find it, I would be very appreciative.

The environment always has been a little different in this forum vs. the BL2/TPS side, since there were so many fan-made mods/maps/etc weapons developed for BL1. Willowtree was a tool people used to do all kinds of stuff, whereas Gibbed is pretty much just used to cheat…at least that is my impression.

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Ask @Psychichazard. I remember him being part of said thread.

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The fact that GBX has gone to a fair bit of trouble to patch the Treasure Room, but has not entirely succeeded, should tell us that they A) do consider these glitches to be detrimental to their game and B) they are not as easy to fix as people would have us believe.

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Ya know, now that people are mentioning it, I do seem to remember that GBX was unable to patch out the Farmory glitch because it was technically considered ‘changing existing content’, not ‘fixing bugs’ by the console manufacturers and thus was not allowed. (Dumbest policy EVER, but hey, this is Microsoft/Sony we are talking about). Even so, many a glitch other than the farmory has been discussed many times on both the old boards and these new ones (e.g. Berserk run-glitch Brick has).

As for 3rd party software, I maintain that if said software has legitimate (i.e. not cheating) uses that don’t involve violating terms of service (and #Willowtree does have such uses for PC users), then it’s fine to acknowledge its existence, but discussion of how to use it is outside of the scope of these boards (note that I didn’t say anything about how to actually use #Willowtree), and so is best avoided.

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I don’t see why the Armory should be such a big deal. So what if it improved your chances to get loot? Isn’t that the whole point of the game? By the time you reach it, most people are in end game anyway and there’s not an awful lot left to do except kill Craw. It’s beneficial because it extends the life of the game and many people enjoy it. Seems a bit killjoy to try to ban it

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It’s such an awesome fight followed by rewarding great loot. It’s a great accident that we could easily repeat it. Otherwise only pc players would be doing it, by resetting their mission status flags via editors. There really should have been an intentional and repeatable series of massive fights followed by loot rooms in BL2. Closest thing was the dragon raid in Tina Tina’s DLC or the end of the pirate DLC (doesn’t count because the guard of the loot perma-dies), and the end of hammerlock’s dlc. The headhunters helped a little with the snowman train and the BL2 crawmerax fight. Decent loot rooms. Great places but there should have been more. There should have been 10 knoxx like things by the end of BL2. Basically, fast travel to X, fight & travel decently tough to pretty tough stuff for at least 10 minutes, loot 10 or more chests with excellent drop rates. And repeatable. Digistruct peak was very good too I should say, but matchmaking should have been improved to support it better.

That’s the kind of thing that keeps people coming back. In my opinion, 30 unique named guys with legendaries attached to their drop pools are nice but kind of boring compared to driving/fighting through a horde and a boss in order to loot a lot of item chests. How much work is it really to kill most of those unique guys? Not much. You don’t really expect to fail/die very often doing it. You keep doing it mostly because you want that specific item he drops rather than other factors.

Killing BL1 Cramerax was a decent challenge. A worthy kill/loot loop. Very good drops. The hidy spot isn’t all that OP. It’s still immensely challenging to get the spot on his back. Either requiring another player or to fight him in the open around the pillars.

TPS? I love that game and want more of it. And the kill / loot loops are decent. Especially because of purples and grinding. The cortex arena is fine work and is exactly the kind of thing Borderlands 2 needed and Borderlands 3 will need. Repeatable awesome fights that you might fail or at least challenge you, take maybe 10 to 30 minutes and provide a bunch of good loot all at once. Even better that it’s scale-able in difficulty. But yeah, BL2 and TPS still needs more knoxx style loops of awesome. And BL1 needed more too. So you had more options for hunting pearls and loot rooms.

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So even though I already said its fine to talk about, i sought for a more stable answer from the higher-ups.

Official word on this subject - It is ok to talk about. So thats that on the matter. The thread is welcome to stay open and future discussion of it is permitted regardless of whos been told what about it in the past.

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thanks for checking it out

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Sweet! That’s a load off my mind. :slight_smile:
So… who’s hoping for it to return in a remaster of BL1?
Hmm… actually, who would like for an infinitely repeatable mission to raid it were made but it had the optional objective of something like “don’t use ‘secret entrance’” that’d auto complete the mission and prep it to be turned in if done with the “secret entrance” but would complete like the original mission (3, 2, 1… BOOM!) if done “properly”?

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Just wanted to make this clarification in case others want to comment on it; I’d think for balance purposes the “3, 2, 1… BOOM” method would have a higher chance to spawn higher quality loot than the “secret entrance” method.

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I have another question. So if I want to kill myself to get out of the armory in order to be able to sell each and every one of the guns there, (I have a LOT of time on my hands, I know) will I still make money if I kill myself every full backpack load (33 weapons at the moment) or will the new-u cost cancel out all the money I would be getting from selling the guns?

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I have no idea. I wouldn’t do it though since the fee is a fixed percent of the amount of money you have (unless you’re flat broke in which case it’s on the house cause “we care about you”) so eventually it’ll cost more than what you can carry.
IMO you should just open everything and pick up what you want and if the gun is max9’s pick it up as sell fodder and leave the rest.

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I think the new-u fee is around 14% of your cash(can’t remember where I heard that). I’d say to a certain point at high levels you’d be able to get your cash up pretty high so you could buy anything out there. Do that now and then, and you’ll be rolling in cash.

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It’s 7% of your cash, so as long as all the guns you pick up are making you more than the 7% you lose on respawn it’s worth it (albeit a bit tedious).

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It depends a lot on how many free spaces you have in your backpack, since as others have said you need to clear at least 7% of your current cash reserves to make it worthwhile. If you have a lot, then you should be good for a couple of runs at least. But the law of diminishing returns will catch up with you eventually, since there are still a good number of lower value items in there and at some point their combined value won’t be enough to make it worth your while

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Getting back to the glitch, IMO without it the armoury is really frustrating, as it’s a large multi-space area which you’d never see more than 10% of if you had to stick to the time limit.

As per my thoughts about the Craw ‘ledge’ I still think it’s possibly there deliberately, otherwise most of the design of the armoury would be wasted.

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The terrain exploit into the Armoury is definitely not intentional. It appeared in the list of known issues as a terrain exploit and mission/progress-breaker, it was referenced by Mikey as a mix-up by QA, and called a glitch by Botman. Be under no illusions about the legitimacy of armoury runs!

Craw Safespot is more unclear. Could be a glitch, could be intentional.

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