General Knoxx Armory Glitch

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Might have to do with splash damage getting absorbed by the terrain?

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Maybe. And on the other hand, it’s mentioned in the Brady guide. I honestly don’t know.

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I did not know that. Certainly lends it an air of legitimacy, being in the offical guide.

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Doesn’t automatically mean that it was intended, however.

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Sure, it could have gone in by mistake. I don’t think we’ll ever know at this stage.

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That would be a multi-mistake, though. Logically that would be unlikely. First the mistake has to be in the game, then it has to be noticed, then it has be put in the book and finally left in there after being (presumably) checked by GBX.

That’s a lot of coincidence…

What do the characters say about it in TPS? They call it a 'glitch; don’t they?
…aaand the water becomes muddy again…

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The whole armory-glitch was the mainly reason for me to keep on playing Borderlands. If you ask me, missions like the armory or the pirate treasure room of borderlands 2 should be repeatable endlessly. Maybe they could cost a bit, but the reward of the loot should outweight it.

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Agreed. The main advantage BL2 has over BL1 IMO is the end-game content. Craw and the Armory compensate for that a bit, otherwise there’s not an awful lot to do once all quests have been done.

I’ve done the Farmory countless times and there are still weapons I’ve never seen, especially Pearls. I really don’t see the issue with it. If GBX left it in the game by mistake then that’s their problem for poor quality control, to put it bluntly. Everywhere in the game you’re encouraged to explore and try different things: as long as you’re not introducing any external things to the game or changing the code then anything’s fair game as far as I’m concerned

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Hey: no-one here cares what you choose to do in your game. Just be aware that’s it’s technically an exploit, and be okay with that, or not.

We used to see the biggest disputes with people who couldn’t reconcile their use of an exploit with their self perception as someone who didn’t cheat. Some people would go to extreme lengths to argue that it was legit and intended by gearbox. I get a little twitchy when I see this getting discussed because of that.

There has been a lot of speculation about why it wasn’t fixed, coming down to a sort of consensus that there may be restrictions about the kind or size of changes that are viable for patch content.

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i get that - for me, i’m not in denial, and have no objection or shame in exploiting something where i otherwise simply couldn’t do whatever it was - one example is killing Crawmerax, which frankly i can’t see a way of doing on SP in 2.5 unless you use the ledge - the other creatures just are right on you and wipe you out

As for the armoury, it does have the look of a glitch, but again if so i think it’s a shame they created such a big well-designed space and then gave people no real time to explore it - they should have designed something into the game which, depending on the successful achievement of something-or-other, gave you more time…

Some might not like it, but i’ve sometimes used god mode in other SP games for boss fights because i think most boss fights are pretty boring anyway and can come down to simply getting lucky once rather than huge skill IMO - eg to get past Knoxx on SP in 2.5 is almost impossible because the destructors plus medics mean it’s just too much to take him out…

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@roland5001: For knoxx, a high RoF weapon in the face keeps him ‘staggered’ and therefore less of a threat. Corrosive helps, too. Shoot the medic turrets before the medics, or just ignore them and kite Knoxx out of their range. Same technique with the destructors.

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good tips - especially corrosion - that did for Knoxx and the others too - didn’t get much out of my armoury visit though - the best was an improved hellfire plus a heavy gunner mod with weapon damage - not quite as good as the one i already had, but still a good spare to put in the bank :smile:

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Yeah, Knoxx can be very difficult and time-consuming if you don’t have a solid plan (which PH summarized). I remember HATING that fight the first couple of times.

Craw is doable too, with practice and patience. Eventually you’ll be able to take him down >50% of the time.

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I find Knoxx easiest with Mordy and a corrosive thanatos of some kind or a 6-shot defiler. Roland has no problems with a good havoc or crux, although I seem to recall someone taking him down in record time with a caustic bulldog.

And just to make you feel bad, Jaredhite1 took craw down in 17 seconds…once. most amazing kill in any game ever, by far.

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Damn that requires quite a bit of RNG.

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Just for you guys I gave Craw a go without the ledge - tried to use the rock arch as cover but each time overwhelmed by worms and maggots - am L69 Roland with good shield and weapons - am sure it’s doable but not by me anytime soon - I prefer farming him from the ledge or on one of the custom maps - they give you a decent chance at least…

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Yeah, but some of the custom maps have fudged drops too…at least the 5 craw map does.

Roland is the hardest character for Craw solo, I think. Lilith is easiest (actually would call this “easy”) and Mordecai fastest but more volatile. Brick and Roland struggle.

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yeah the craw farming map on slot 22 is better - you still have to fight the worms etc but it feels a bit more even and the weapon drops are cool…

glad you agree the original map’s a struggle for Roland :smile:

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I think a lot of people have come to terms with the fact the armory is a glitch or bug but that we have also (almost all) agreeded to kinda look the other way and just accept finds from the armory as legit. I really dont see anyone calling people out for armory runs in the item finds of the day thread. I know I myself am guilty as charged with that and using the fast travel custom DLC because I am far to lazy to drive lol.

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Atleast you have that kind of comfort to just fast travel.