General Knoxx DLC still not scailing

It’s been so long I’m still trying to remember. I played play through 1 campaign (no DLC), played play through 2. After I finished main game I made sure to get up to level 69 before going into DLC. General Knoxx DLC scaling is at 50 . Did I do something wrong? I’m just trying to make sure armory farm is 69 when I get there.

I think this dlc scales once you have killed Knoxx. For some reason that dlc stays at 50 up to that point.


Gotcha. Thank you been so long. So armory will be 69 correct after I kill Knoxx?

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Unless I’m mistaken, but I’m fairly sure that’s correct.

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Ok cool. I went in knowing to not doing Knoxx until 69 level. That’s all I remember lol. Was just confused as I just started it. Thanks bud.

Worst case scenario you get the second and third armory mission reruns from Marcus that should have scaled if the first one doesn’t.

I don’t know if the playthrough guide migrated from the old forum but it might be around and, as far as I’m aware, the remaster didn’t change it much if at all.

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Nice! Marcus armory mission are after you finish all the side quest?

Just seen that link. Thank u.

“The DLC scales once you turn in the final story mission to Athena. Sorry I forgot about that bit. But yeah, kill Knoxx, do a legit Armory run, turn in to Athena. You get two more chances at the Armory, so don’t be scared that you’ll be wasting one of them.“

You do the first run, kill knoxx and blow up the armory. Then the dlc will be scaled to you.

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on my PL2 i went at level-53 into the Eridian Promontory prior to final boss vault. the XP the alien mobs give is huge and always matches your level. i would go to the end then log out, i leveled my player and got some weapons prof level up. once i got 69 and killed final boss of main game, everything in the game scaled up to 69+.

luckily i saved General Knoxx / tbone junction DLC and was now all relevant to my level-69 with gear dropping at level 66 to 69. alot of key gear from quest mobs is available at correct level, viable and usable. some are no longer available after the quest is done

i still have to do Claptrap DLC at tartarus station also, which is good.

Dr Ned DLC, that was blown, since i did it all in the 30+ level range, but looking at loot farms, area is not talked about alot like knoxx DLC