General Meltdown Tips

Just some tricks I’ve learned and thought I’d share. I mostly play meltdown solo queueue (find the other modes way to linear) but some of these can apply to other modes as well.

  1. Shepard Over Shield: Most people don’t realize where the over shield is coming from and how to utilize it. The Shepard gives an over shield to everything around it, including players, every few seconds. This is extremely important to utilize in the early game. As the wave of mobs go in you want to basically walk in with them to obtain the over shield. This will help you immensely (especially if you are melee), to survive long enough in lane to get hits on the enemy wave and in turn get experience.

  2. Killing Waves for Experience: You need to hit the npc within a certain window before it dies to get experience. Make sure you are hitting as many different mobs in the pack before they die and don’t only focus only on the Shepard. Also don’t forget the npcs have critical spots as well to kill them faster. The Shepards critical spot is on the two vents on the sides.

  3. Minimap: Knowledge is power and this is where a lot of your knowledge will be coming from when you are solo queing. You should always have an eye on the minimap to be aware what lanes need help, when your team mates are making a push to coordinate an attack, when you teammates are retreating and you might be able to save them, when shards are up, when you are about to be ganked or are overextending with no support ect. You can change the minimap style under the gameplay menu. The default is on radar mode which I think is the inferior mode. The minimap mode lets you see the entire map at once and gives you much more information (though I wish there was a way to make it bigger like you can in pve by pressing 3).

  4. Know when to rotate to get shards: You should constantly have a rotation to collect shards in the back of your base (both the small and big ones). Where you fit this in your rotation is key to not miss out in experience. Some of it is situational based on what your other team mates are doing. However, the most important thing is only rotating to get them after the enemy minion wave is cleared. Always keep track of where the waves are. Don’t go shard farming if you aren’t going to make it back to lane in time to get experience off of the wave. Losing out on minion experience and falling behind in levels is far worse then waiting a bit to collect the shards.

  5. Know when to build structures: You don’t want to just randomly build a turret or an accelerator because you can. This often leads to the enemy killing it before it even serves a use. That’s a waste of crystals. Some of it situational and also depends how late into the game you are but generally you want to get them up as soon as the npc waves are just about to reach the accelerator or the enemy wave has reached the range of the middle turret.

  6. Know when to give up a lane: Unlike other MOBAs where you can farm waves under the safety of your tower, you can’t in this game. If a wave reaches the grinder the experience is lost. I often see people stay in a hopeless lane trying to defend it but either end up getting no experience because they have to hide or end up feeding trying to clear the waves. Often times it is better to pile up as a big group on one side and get experience together (experience is not split between the people killing the wave so everyone is getting max experience). It is better to lose the early game grinder push then it is to fall behind in levels. You always have a chance to come back later especially if you are playing a late game hero as long as you keep up in levels. There is also no mechanic to obtain “gold” for killing mobs in this game so you are not losing anything by giving up a lane other than the grinder push.

  7. Know when to assist the other lane: Just cause you have an awesome wave clear (Oscar Mike) doesn’t mean you should just sit in your lane twiddling your thumbs while waiting for the next wave. If you are fast wave clearer, get to the other lane asap, often times you can get there in time to help clear that wave to getting double the experience as a result.

  8. Always try and body block when you can: Body blocking is soft CC that everyone has access too. You just hard CCed the enemy? Get in the way of their retreat path. Your ally is running for his life from someone and you have no specific ability that can save them? Get in the enemies way! Better yet get in the way and use your melee knock back ability (everyone has one)! I have saved so many allies from certain defeat doing this.

I will probably add more in the future. Please feel to add your own tips as well.