General moze (Build video/guide)

Sup moze mains or moze enthusiasts got a moze build here. Dark army moze. Key things to note
-dark army does do bonus rad for the 50/150 annoint
-you have to empty clip via shooting for them to get the 300%bonus damage
-the match element dmg bonus goes away when u enter bear or fight for your life so swap weapons
-beskar shield reflect does the 150 rad as well.
-green monster does also affect dark army drones.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Personal notes: after making the vid and with more testing i do go slightly more into red tree and. Less into green but also run either green monster or flare still.
I also now put the bear cub to use the rail gun wheb using green monster so fuel drains EXTREMLY fast it seems surprisingly faster than nukes idk y.

Iā€™m also open to any like tips or suggestions and questions of course