General non character feedback for Gearbox

Some things that I found change worthy in the pc beta:

Make the developer screens skip able, really annoying if the game crashes at the start of a pvp game and you need perceived 2 minutes to see all your logos for the thousands time.

If I leave the game I just want to leave and don’t go back to the start screen who asks me ifI want to log in.

Why are the faction Loot Packs behind different level walls, it punishes people who like the high level faction most or gives the impression that this faction is the best.

Add a back, sell and other buttons to the menus, that there is no other option than using the keyboard screams “console menu”, also make the yes and no butons bigger or delete them, we mostly know what we are clicking at.

The items have no clear value, I have seen purple and blue items who had only weaker stats than green and white items who are even cheaper in activation.

In the character unlock menu a counter would be nice to see how many games of the 5 I have won or how many of 800 minions I have killed without searching for it.

Add a window to the main menu that shows if there are server troubles or a character is disabled, its no longer state of the art to open twiter for that.

Add a super weapon to sentrys that they only use if no enemy minion is close and that can hit everything that damaged him in the last second, there is a reason why all mobas have mechanics to prevent backdooring so you should have that too.

And the last and most important part:
Give us more informations, ingame or in a useful wiki and I mean EVERYTHING. Base Autohit damage, Damage rise per level, Base HP, HP rise per level, cooldowns, scales the ability with healing, lifeleach, damage or skilldamage items, movement speed, range, how do melees crit, apply item and buff bonuses multiplicative or additive, what exactly do the different buildables and minions with damage, hp, healing numbers and so on.


All good ideas. They could also stand to be a bit more specific and/or accurate in their descriptions of some things. For instance, what does silence do? What does it mean to dismiss Aurox for Shayne & Aurox’s Fleet Footed? What does it mean to clear corruption for the Shadow Mote Overflow gear piece? Some of these you can figure out on your own, but some of the don’t really have a great way to test them.

I thought this exact thing. It seems almost counterintuitive. At least let us choose what order we unlock them in or something.

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Some really good points here, I’m really hoping they add that progress bar for character unlocks. Its just a pain to go through everything looking for them!

I agree that they definitely need to be more clear and offer better explanations for moves. For silence, in case you really didn’t know, it means that it will disable the user from using their abilities. Silence is a status effect that, from what I’ve seen, is often assumed to be known by gamers but a lot of times is not. It’s a common status effect seen in RPGs and MOBAs.

I DID know, or had at least assumed, that that’s what it was, but I know that people have asked, because there’s no real explanation anywhere in the game. Thank you though.

I don’t know what has to be done to fix this but it’s really annoying getting caught on edges and corners. For example, those stairways in the tunnels on Incursion. Just make them rounded ramps with no rails.

Also, please make allies intangible to friendly projectiles. What’s the point of a Tanker if he tanks for both teams? “Thanks for protecting me from Reyna’s peashooter Montana. Now can I please shoot her with my ult? Please move. I can’t get around you because you are in the bottleneck. Alright, I’ll just go upstairs on the side to get around her. She ran away…”

I dont get your context here?

It was meant as a reply to another post, but it looks like it doesn’t show up as one. I was telling VDubb that I DID know what silence meant, but that there’s no actual in game explanation as to what it is or does, and that there probably should be.

As a side not, I’m really not a fan of the way these forums work.

I found this to be quite annoying. The UPR have the most characters available out of the gates but their gear packs are the last to acquire. On the other end the Jennerit had some of the latest unlocks (Deande and Caldarius had no alternate unlocks and Atticus requires grinding of specific nps) and their gear packs unlocked pretty early. I unlocked a skin for Atticus and only got about 1/4 of a game out of him (opposing team surrender) and then the beta was over.

It’s not a major flaw in the game but I did think it was a little annoying. I’m surprised they didn’t have 2 tiers of faction gear available so you could get faction-specific gear and then unlock the same-tier skins at the same time. The really fancy ones could unlock later perhaps?

I also agree with having more information about in-game stats. Some of the abilities characters have sound great but may not work how you would expect in-game. Not knowing what health and shields characters start and end at does make working out helix choices a bit vague.

Jup those things would also count to he infos we currently don’t get.