General OP leveling question

How exactly does it work, short of being in UVHM? Can you level in a host’s game, without needing to save and quit? Could i go to my own Digistruct Peak as soon as I encounter a fast travel station, no matter where i am in the story? ItIt’s been a while and Google was a jumbled mess.

You would have to be level 72 first but once you reach 72, Yes you can go to your own Digistruct Peak as soon as you encounter a fast travel. You can level up in other lobbies but regardless if you are joining someone or doing your own Digistruct, you will have to save & quit. The reason for this is because even though you completed an OP level, the play through would remain on the difficult you selected before doing the Digistruct run.

Example: Say you’re playing on OP1 and you completed DP and reached OP2. The play through will remain on OP1 despite you just reaching OP2. You would have to save & quit and then raise the difficulty to OP2 if you want to try and go for OP3 and so on.

The only way to keep rising in the OP levels is to either do it on the same OP level as yourself or do it on a higher level (if possible). Trying to do it on a OP level lower than yours will not level you up.

the 1 seeming exception to that I’ve found, and that seems to be if you have an OP 8 take you through Digistruct (at OP 8 Level), then you don’t need to save and quit. So all you have to do then is run through it 8 times (really only 7).
I say this through experience,

  1. on 1 of my level 72 (now OP 8) Sirens, providing support (phaselock Surveyors and res) while the OP 8 was farming Digistruct.
  2. Done it for others in my own game helping them get to OP 8

In certain instances, see above

Yes, and in any play mode or Level, but until reaching level 72, you would just be repeating the first run over and over again to no benefit (other then Legend drops), then you can progress through the OP levels