General perk complaint made worse by latest patch

The way perks are weighted towards those with the lowest points is very frustrating. Both Hunter (luck) and Survivor (FFYL move speed) have options that I would never select. But the other options are fine and forcing me to even out the others is fine, I guess.

But Enforcer has three options I don’t care for, melee damage, grenade damage, and of course the worthless vehicle damage. Rarely was I stuck with bad or worse choices before. But now, those options come up more and more, making progress in the tree very difficult.

Vehicle damage needs to be swapped with or combined with melee damage (since melee doesn’t hurt vehicles, it’s not doubling up on the damage). FFYL duration and move should be combined. And, for future reference, I’d rather have more control over my character progress, not less.

The game has enough RNG in it, I don’t need it in my character progress. What bright idea will they have next? Randomizing your skill progression?


If you play long enough, these will have diminishing returns. With that in mind, and if you expect to level these substantially, then it will even out.

If you do NOT plan to level them substantially, then you are basically 100% right…but also these ranks were not designed for people who play like you (not saying you play in a bad way, just tailored to your specific desires)

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It was the same d@mn nonsense in BL2 bada$$ rank. I didn’t want shield recharge delay for my melee Zero, but I was FORCED to upgrade it eventually. Ugh… Don’t try to fix what isn’t broken. Especially when their are twelve obvious broken things waiting to be fixed in front of you.


Annoying, but save quit works for re-rolling the options. On the other hand, with 6 options I have never felt like I was forced to put points into something I didn’t want. Level 150 guardian rank, still have 0 in vehicle damage.
I have heard they cap 15% as well, but I can not confirm that.

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They take forever to make any substantial difference after like 12% anyway. I left some of the more pointless ones like melee and vehicle damage for last. My other ones are all over 11% and move so slowly it doesn’t even matter anymore.

Each GR level I put into max health, for example, moves it up like 0.01%. Just get them all to 10% and don’t even worry about them at all. It takes ages to get them up to 15.

Edit: I see it was changed, didn’t realize that. Though personally I don’t find it a big deal at all because the effects are so small, I can see why some people hate it. Why take choices away?


Ugh stop apologizing for a stupid change just because you guys don’t care one way or another. Or are stuck on a single way of thinking “bleh bleh it takes too long to max anyways”.

Lets look at my example where I’d now like to raise my shield delay but I’m being forced into FFYL ■■■■ I don’t want.

As you can see it’s entirely possible to raise what you like to a high level. Or it WAS until they made this stupid ass change for no reason.

And no it’s not easy to “just save/quit” now. It WAS this new change ruined that, I’ve gotten these same choices 15 times in a row.


My apologies.
Funny to me. FFYL duration is my 2nd lowest, I want it, and it rarely gives it to me.
Best of luck getting your issue resolved.

This change was completely uncalled for and serves abolutely no purpose, other than putting the players on a leash. I have spoken out against it in another thread, so just the short version: GBX promised before the release that players can allocate GR points freely and there would be no cap. Now we have the same lame system as in BL 2, every inch of progress was taken away by the patch.

Wait what change happened? Is it not the same as before the patch?

They made it so the things you have spent the least points in are weighted to show up most(or at all). But in cases like mine, those are literally the only choices it gives me. I was forced to spend 1 point in a FFYL stat before it gave me the choice to spend in the shield delay.

Like they just changed this?

If that’s the case, then I take my comment back. If it’s different than before. Because before it was random, and that was easy to just evenly distribute points.

Yes this last patch. Very very very stupid anti-player change.

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That’s nonsense. I’m glad all of mine are now 10+ I guess… We will all end up with the same result, but that’s annoying for people that went straight for max in certain things.

Ps though ffyl stuff isn’t that bad. It’s just not super noticeable.

Did they give any reasoning behind that? I can’t think of a possible scenario you’d want to be forced to do that… I put all my points in to good skills until 10, then just threw them in whatever. Now people don’t have that choice…

This is all it said:

Which I was fine with when I thought it just meant that they would show up more often. Not fine with it now that I realize it’s actually forcing me into choices I don’t want. @Noelle_GBX whyyy???

My guess is they think people want to evenly distribute points, and thought people would be upset that you keep getting ones that are high already and can’t choose the lower ones.

Just out of touch. Like giving us 3 skill points. I’m guessing they have some kind of data that shows the majority wants this sort of thing, even though it’s at the expense of hard core fans.

For real though. Wouldn’t the easier and more crowd pleasing solution be to allow us to just choose whatever stat we want instead of separating them into groups of 2? Crazy that wasn’t the first choice…


Yeah I honestly never understood what the point of having it a random system is in the first place. It just makes zero sense to me why it would be a thing that I have to save/quit 10 times to be able to spend a point in the stat I want, what the hell is the reasoning behind that?

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Haha yeah I don’t know.

Maybe they’re planning on a 2nd round of 15% increase to GRs and don’t want people getting some skills too far behind.

Example, imagine if your character like Moze gets a melee tree and you have zero points and GR goes up to 30%, you’d have to put so many points into that.

But it all comes back to just letting us make our own decisions, and allow us to choose whatever skill we want without this weird 2/category bs.

I must’ve skipped right over that patch note too. It just didn’t stand out to me I guess.

If the intent was that they should all be even over time, then why provide the illusion of choice? Why not simply make them increase slightly over time, without our input. The system feels like it’s trying to serve two different purposes.

It offers players the option to focus on a particular path, in case they want to prioritize a specific ability. This system could have really allowed players to focus on their particular play style.

But then it limits our choices and now prioritizes ones that we may have purposely avoided.

The ideal system, speaking strictly for me, is one where I can pick specific buffs and perks, without the RNG nonsense. Give me access to the whole menu, so I can increase whatever I want. And it would be way faster than the current process. Ugg.

But this system now doesn’t benefit new players or player who waited to spend their points, or maybe just don’t play as much as the hardcore players.

Knowing the randomness of the system, I stockpiled my points to ensure that I had enough, where even with a few bad choices, I could jump to another path, and still have points to unlock the perks I wanted. But this system almost ensures that I’ll have to waste a lot of points.

Like @kabflash, I had vehicle and melee damage come up several times in a row, forcing me to invest in another path earlier than I wanted to. Sure, after 400 hours of play, it won’t matter. But for now it does.

As for the diminishing returns, I have a fraction of the points as kabflash, so those points are actually worth more to players with lower ranks, specifically because of the diminishing returns.


Is this specifically part of the patch or part of a hotfix. Because in the above post it says “feburary patch and hotfix” if it’s part of the patch then rip. If its part of the hotfix try redeeming points offline and see what happens.

I thought GB decided to cap the GR because people abused the XP exploit. Players had GR levels of 1500+ a couple of weeks after launch.

GB will raise the level cap even more shortening the time taken to reach the 850 GR level cap. I can imagine GB would either have to raise the GR level cap or introduce some sort of prestige system the challenges had on BL2 where your GR progress will reset. I doubt players would continue to play as much if their GR is maxed or their game keeps crashing like the players who exploited the XP glitch.

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