General play-types or hero roles

… Do the hero descriptions in the command menu give an accurate readout of the primary function of your battleborn, on the pvp battlefield, or is each character so varied that they can basically play any role as long as they’re helix is built correctly? (Except healer probably-- I think Miko is the only true healer in the game)… Also what do these descriptions mean?

Like for example Attikus and boldur are both defenders, but Attikus is a disruptor while boldur is a tank… I get what tank means, but isn’t that he same as defender? What does it mean for Attikus to be a defender but also disruptor? Are these descriptions of the different ways u can build their helixes out or are they roles that can fulfill bc of the skillsets they have? Idk…

For the most part, yes, but Thorn is an exception: She is an assassin, not a sniper. She CAN snipe, but that is not her primary function.
Some characters can play a multirole, or one of multiple roles, but each can only do so much.

Attikus can charge in, leap in, stun, knock up, slay, clear minion waves, he can do a lot to disrupt the team. When Attikus enters a brawl he can force the team to panic and split, when he has his ult he can juggle and temporarily remove a major character from the fight and set up kills. He really is quite disruptive. Boldur, he just tanks and runs and tanks and occasionally kills and tanks some more. Not so disruptive, more of a diatraction if you focus too much on him. Attikus, despite being a defender, is not a tank.

So it’s like, a list of various roles that could be fulfilled by that character? I mean it seems like defender is a worthless term if boldur and Attikus are both defenders but Attikus does way more-- tank and disrupted feel more useful… I mean it seems like Attikus does way more… What does boldur do better than Attikus? Nothing? Whatever it is, is that represented by his adjectives in that list? I’m asking because in other MOBAs the terms used to describe the roles each character played were pretty consistent and the nuances came from learning how to use the character abilities… For example, the term “pusher” meant they could wipe creeps and work towers down quickly. One character might do so more by healing, and another by AOE skills, but the point was-- they are a pusher… I don’t feel like I see as much consistency or bottom line descriptions of the role for each battleborn… Is there a list somewhere I can learn what those terms mean, or is it only by experiencing every character? Some consistency in terms helps us learn how to use each toon more effectively and get used to them more quickly…

Tanking, of course! He can take a lot of hits, his shield mitigates, what, 1000-2000 damage? Maybe someone who plays him a lot could elaborate more. But they offer two different playstyles too, which is important. They aren’t really competing with each other.

And the roles in this game are much more vague than in other MOBAs. Personally I completely ignore the classes and difficulties the characters are described with, and just look at their skills and see what I think they’d be best at.
Whiskey Foxtrot definitely isn’t an “Easy Assassin” as the game states, for example…