General thread about Immortal Steel Cojones, True Mordecai the Undying, Protector of Jimenez, Sworn Enemy of the Incubus! [In context of THE ENTIRE BORDERLANDS series]

I take it you’re on PS4 then?


yep, chem is on PS4 but i believe he also have an old PS3 system.


yep and I’m not going back to PS3 to play BL1 :smile: … done with that console except for the occasional split screen toon levelling for BL2… took me awhile to get my important gear over but very worth it now

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Oh hai doggy.

The point is that actor Julio Cedillo developed this character’s image and role types long before it got in sci-fi videogame Borderlands where we can observe it as quantum superposition(because in videogame can be generated impromptu situations), and Mordecai’s voice samples that are not bound to narrative scripts but reflect playable character’s reaction to the environment in BL1, create the impression of a real living being who feels real pain when getting injured or real joy when doing something badass, or showing us how strongly he loves his pet, or how much lulz he gets from teammates; and all this adheres to very healthy harmonious algorithm providing constant dialogue player-world, filling the character with sincere feelings and making world of the whole game around him – “real”. (Playable characters in BL2 were made on a different principle and calmly repeat the cycles of jokes as usual not appropriate for most of situations, which made them more like plastic toys)
The voice of playable character has important indicator function in the gameplay (for example notifications for other players about your position and actions)
In old classic first person shooters for indicator function were animated icons of characters’ faces, and if you keep in mind Julio’s face by films before you play BL1, you can imagine how charismatic would be Mordecai’s icon! (tons of lulz guaranteed!) It works because the voice is directly related to the facial animation (you can observe that most of characters, even the most cartoonish ones, have similar visual features to their voice actors, because the artists can’t avoid that, because it is so fun.)

NPC Mordecai in BL2 was also written purely for Julio Cedillo (first of all he’s a brilliant dramatic actor, and I’ve even mentioned a short film of 2009 where Julio did amazing job on character in pretty similar emotional condition)
As far as i know, Julio got through half of Borderlands 2 voice over work and then got busy with film work. And The Borderlands people didn’t want to wait for him (most likely they simply did not have a choice because of deadlines)
But they couldn’t completely cut off Mordecai from this story, so they just took random neutral actor to play shortened simplified version of this role - just reading few strict lines for three locations (Tundra Express, Wildlife Exploitation Preserve, Sanctuary) and few short fancervice lines in addons.

In BL2 files could be found unused elements and subtitles telling that there were planned some interaction with Bloodwing in Tundra Express (mabe as supporting NPC) but we can’t see her there in release version because the bird is not stupid to interact with stinking random guy whom she doesn’t trust, so if Mor-decoy would release her she would just fly on walls and got stuck in textures (in hope that her favorite Mordecai will return and pull her out from textures, cherishing as he did in BL1)
In released BL2 Mor-decoy has compact background ancillary role showing that “uugh… Mordecai is the guy who has dreadlocks and beard, wears goggles, and he’s a drunkard”.
What else people who played only BL2 can say about this character? What may make them remember it as something “real”? Maybe there are some unique authentic details that this random Jason LIEbretch has added to this character? Most of his works is bear favors for those who are too lazy to learn languages or just read subtitles (he dubs anime as androgynous girls. Yup. Pure horror, nothing native to Mordecai.)

Oh, I know! Mor-decoy can just shut up when someone yells “SHUT A HELL UP, MORDY!” Original Mordecai would never do that, because he would rather die than shut up, and Ashly Burch would never dared to yell that in context of True Mordecai, because Tiny Tina would never yell anything like that to True Mordecai, because kids do like Julio Cedillo and his characters. Because he is a good person. Otter Eyes never lies.
And he keeps develop algorithms of this conscious role in his works, and judging by his latest works he already evolved to Stage 3 (shit, run to the relay!)
I think he can just come in BL3 and say “veni, vidi, vici”, like Julius Caesar! pendejos.

A wanted to discuss here WHHHYYYYY True Mordecai is so unforgettable and still highly desired (I will be so glad to play BL3 if he’ll be there), it’s not necessary to remaster BL2, because what’s done is done (and I’ve even mentioned the reasons why it may have been done as it is - with the silence that speaks so much louder that words, which makes me feel like Pete from The Three Burials)

I said let’s fantasize, I mean use imagination to imagine alternate reality where in BL2 was one and only True Mordecai with all related stuff.
I asked for hypothesis about possible variations of the full version of amazing part that was cut, shortened and simplified. Imagine like we’re archaeologists who found ancient Eridian artifact with missing pieces… oh, right… most of you haven’t played BL1 so you don’t know even about Eridians…

Apparently I should go to the forums about Borderlands series to discuss such geek stuff.
Wait a sec, I am already on Official Gearbox Software forums about Borderlands games.

But after this disdainful attitude, it seems I’m unwanted here as if this forums were not for those who love Borderlands series, cares for it, interested in details; but simply a forums for random players of random action-shooters, who don’t care much what they play, why they play… they just play not paying much attention as they say.
And the paradox is they say it like they haven’t played Borderlands, but then appears that they actually haven’t played in Borderlands.
You know, it looks same way like if people who haven’t watched Star Wars, would have come on forums about Star Wars and started telling that they don’t care if Luke Skywalker portrayed by Mark Hamill in new films or by some random guy, because they just need more new consoles or whatever not related to the topic. And like if then those people who watched film “Agent 47” (but never played the games) would have come to IO Interactive forums and started telling that they’d be surprised to see David Bateson in Hitman series… And then Fiona fries these dull heads in a force field because I don’t want to describe such bad manners anymore.

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Hey. Just because someone might not agree with or strongly sympathise with your opinions, doesn’t mean they are any less fans of the series. Please keep your feelings about other forum users to yourself. And read the forum rules, thanks.


It wasn’t personal. There’s no need to be rude. I’d like to hear some conscious opinions about the topic with proofs and cool ideas. I don’t need any offtopic.

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Okay. You’ll understand that moderators occasionally have to publicly intervene in threads to promote good behaviour. Your comments about other forum users and their use of this forum and familiarity with BL1 were also off-topic. I’m assuming you have read the rules now and know what you should do if you have a comment to make about moderation. Pm me, or another moderator, in future, please.


(I’ve contacted Mere to figure out the issue)

I don’t see here any disagreement, people said that they “wasn’t paying much attention” or “it’s doesn’t really matter” for them. They said Themselves - that they don’t really care about the topic. And I pointed out on the impression that was created. Yes, I understand that my part looks defiantly when it is not in context. But I did the comment about action of constant ignoring of the main theme of this topic.
“wasn’t paying much attention” or “it’s doesn’t really matter” - is not reasoned opinion about the topic, but just disregard. If people are not interested in Mordecai’s story and his voice, they can find another thread.

I think it is in the interest of the community to be interested in all the games of the series, and not only the sequel; and to be interested in all the characters and their stories, not only Handsome Jack. I thik that the fact that i consider BL2 in context of the original Borderlands game is actually GOOD and doesn’t contradict FORUM RULES and should be interesting for the community (motivating people to play all Borderlands games to discover the full story)
and this especially true now in anticipation of BL3.


Seriously, if you want me to this discuss this, use a Pm. Please?

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Holy cows! Why take everything so literally? (rhetorical question)

I wrote abstract example with the Adventures of the Dull Heads

so forum members could proudly say:
“Hell No! We’re not like these Dull Heads from ep4 of TftBL! We are here to talk about all Borderlands lore, stories and characters because we DO LOVE IT! End even if we don’t know much about Eridians or Mordecai, we would like to LEARN more!”

By the way Borderlands 2 story gives pretty similar choice


I tried to pick the words very carefully

And the thread is NOT “why borderlands must be remastered”


“why need BL2 remastered”

i also thought about the title “why want BL2 remastered”

or “why need to want BL2 remastered”

there is a question of the need, but not the obtain.
In more philosophical context, rather than technical.

and the main question of the thread is

So. I keep the talk on-topic.
maybe also @Kitty_Jo would kindly remember something about different Mordecais?
I remmember i noticed on TTG forums that you have mentioned somewhere that you noticed the change of his VO.

I’m not a pro in “shippings” (except if it’s not giant space stations crushing on the planets)
but i had a thought that

By the way. This render is quite perplexing.
(does anyone remember where and when it appeared in the first place?)


We can see here Mordecai with the explosives.
And Wildlife Exploitation Preserve on the background.
It can be related to some unused plot moments.

Maybe version for original actor was more brutal and dramatic.

If i’m right, it is really good that it was changed for version with mor-decoy, because if this Thing that was killing Mordecai would be to much relate to killing of mutated Bloodwing it would be too much.

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Did it ever occur to you that the Gearbox team wasn’t entirely satisfied with Mordecai’s original voice? There could also have been some sort of obstacle that made it very difficult, or even impossible, to use the same voice actor. Or there could have been some other issue. What do I know? The point is that these are questions that you always need to consider when discussing things like this.

A team will NEVER stay the same year after year. If things stay the same for too long, the creativity and the development will come to a halt, and competing teams will leave you behind, and suddenly, you’re out of business. It’s inevitable!

We all want things to be exactly how we want them all the time. But that’s not gonna happen! We just have to accept the fact that the team made decisions based on what they thought would be best for the game, and the team. Most of us here consider the voice acting for Jack to be outstanding. However… I don’t think that they would have remastered the game if it had only been average. Personally, I think the voice acting for both Roland and Lilith is pretty boring, but maybe they were supposed to be that way right from the start. Borderlands 2 is about Axton, Gaige, Krieg, Maya, Salvador and Zero. The spotlight is on them! Not the original VH’s, and that could very well be the reason why Mordecai is toned down here. What do I know?


I don’t know where that’s from, but I do know that things evolve during the production cycle for any game. What seemed like a good idea at the beginning didn’t pan out, or something better came up - whatever. And not all that stuff gets taken out of the game before release, because it’s scattered across multiple types of resources in multiple locations. There’s unused Jack dialogue in the BL2, isn’t there? And the classic “These pretzels suck” line was total improv by the VA that got green-lit into the game because it was so good.

Maybe the original plan was that the VH blew up the main gate to get into the docks, but for pacing and XP reasons they decided to do the surveyor/loader thing instead. Who knows?


I actually prefer BL2’s writing and atmosphere to what’s in BL1. I also like Mordecai’s character and voice work better in BL2 than in BL1. Actually, I feel that all of the characters in BL2 are more fleshed out and have more personality than any character in BL1. And to me (and the majority of people here), Jack IS one of the best villains in video game history. The voice work from Dameon Clarke is just masterful and I love the background and story arc they wrote for the character. Top notch stuff.


Without a doubt. But I’m definitely ready for something new.


Yeah, Jack’s loop has been played out, either leave him out of BL3 or only thing I could think of to do with him is give him some reason to be sort of good again for awhile because he has moments of humanity only for his evil inner nature to resurface again and be who he really is…

It’ll interesting to see what direction they take the 3rd one because the defining moment at the end of the game was the presence of all the vaults, not some ultimate evil or anything to fight against, just the opportunity to loot a bunch of sweet gear from a long time ago…


Yes, I agree it’s time to move on and let Jack rest in peace. I was actually addressing his comments about Jack on that other post he linked to in the OP:


…The skies are painted with unnumbered sparks.
They are all fire and every one doth shine,
But there’s but one in all doth hold his place.
So in the world. 'Tis furnished well with men,
And men are flesh and blood, and apprehensive,
Yet in the number I do know but one
That unassailable holds on his rank…

In my analyses I pay more attention on qualities rather than quantities.

What is this “Borderlands” anyway? Why the game was titled so? What all this has to do with borders? Is there a line to cross?

I often hear something like “BL1 has no story because there’s no constant chatter”. But verbal channel is not the only way of storytelling that the game has to offer. Narrative in games can occur through the architecture of levels, lighting, colors, details of the surroundings, gameplay mechanics, physics engine, animation, sounds, music, voices, screams and whispers, etcetera, combination of all these delicate things; the foregoing may even fulfill the duties of unused senses (smell, taste and touch expressed through visualization and sounds)

I also got from this very cozy way of interpreting the storyline, which will keep stable complete condition of Borderlands setting(making any sudden incompleteness of storyline stylistically acceptable) even if @Duvalmagic will screw continuation of BL story like Gaben did with HL3, because Borderlands games can be considered in context of “multiverse”(films and stuff) with Cedillo’s characters, same as Half-life can be considered as part of Abrams’ Cloverfield universe(es) (especially after “The God Particle”), thanks to ideological and stylistic compatibility (in case with Cedillo’s Mordecai there’s more Magical Realism sort of things, rather than literal Quantum fiction)

This game’s world can be the “Border Lands” in multiple simultaneous meanings.

I’ve perceived Borderlands as straight sequel to The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada (and other compatible films) as some sort of Purgatory like in Dante’s Divine Comedy.
(Lol, reminds old beardy anecdotes about Doomguy who is looking for Exit)
And it fits perfectly with the sci-fi component of the game’s setting, representing something like a fragment of model of fractal dimensions.

(I couldn’t miss The Three Burials and Electric Mist because Agent K from MIB is one of my favorite superheroes since i was 5)

Of course, it would be difficult to recognize Mordecai’s voice only by The Three Burials, because Melquiades was speaking only Spanish with specific local accent and wasn’t aggressive.
But six years before I played BL1 my very first time, I’ve watched the film whose whole story could be described as “One does not simply forget Mordecai’s voice” (or “If Splinter Cell wasn’t boring”)… In this film was also stoned Roland(Oliver Tull) with a crossbow!
It was on DVD titled Единственный свидетель, though the original title is Killing Down.
The moment when Perez (or PereS?) shoots the water was imprinted in my memory as a trigger picture of one of the best summer days…
I remember how and where this DVD was purchased, though I can’t say that I remember the vendor’s face for sure because most likely this piece of memory was replaced with face of some random guy from more new times. We were coming back from the lake, my hair was wet and it was terribly cold (although the weather was hot), because I spent more than an hour snorkeling in the water, temperature of which is usually not higher than 16 degrees Celsius even in hot summer… I remember when the elders were watching this movie I was playing on the carpet with the cat who then was only three months old; it was afternoon because the sunlight was falling from the south-west side through the curtain, drawing rectangles of warm lacy patterns on the floor; “the villain” was so charismatic that we were shouting out that Ruben should kill “the nurse”… it was so exciting, as if we were watching not a film, but live theatrical performance. His last words were epic! “I just wanted to finish the restaurant for my mother”… damn, it was so awesome… after that I’ve read all the Shakespeare we had in the house… I also remember the giant жужелицу красавицу (beautiful ground beetle) that I’ve caught in the garden that day and put in empty sugar bowl with a broken handle, of course, she seemed giant because my hands were much smaller than now; I released her in the flower bed with large crimson peonies in the evening when I was sure that stupid boys could not fry her under the magnifying glass…

And yeah, I was totally aware to evaluate Mordecai’s catchphrase “I NEVER DIE” :bllol:


Can anyone imagine my excitement when I received playable Mad Melquiades with friends by his side, and he had to come to some abstract place at the edge of the time and space, and then there was told that this place may not even exist, and yeah, along the way they have also met a lonely blind man who did not want to leave his home in the outskirts…

…And this time it was happening in the Border Lands of so many things, which is closer to the setting of Unreal (including Bulletstorm), but also canon to id Software mythology by technologies and connections with the ancient “Martians-Eridians”, and also the answer on “what if futuristic GTA in space”, and probably there can be also found some books from Myst …

Yea, and apparently at the end of this journey there supposed to be an exit to Heaven!

Well, judging by previously studied things that do not contradict to what was seen on Pandora.
People have met before with the mysterious Guardians; and with Aliens, Demons and Old Gods they hang out quite often, not to mention distant travels through space and time.
And all this naturally reflects on their culture and folklore, including sci-fi video games. For centuries of mankind’s experience have been worked out special techniques, conventional symbols that the creators use to show what kind of sh~ I mean energy in question.
And every type of energy always has an opposing one (kinda for balance).
For example (for ease visibility), on Mars were skirmishes between Ancient Ones(similar to Eridians) and Demons from Hell, which can be easily considered as canon for BL, because there were also humans with similar technologies to those we can see updated in BL (for example Fast Travel technology)…

Emanations of chaotic dimensions are difficult to overlook, they look ridiculously out of place and mutilate the environment beyond recognition, showing naughty behavior in every possible way, violating the laws of physics and ■■■■■■ common sense, and in general it can be characterized simply as freaking devilry.


The energy that leaks through dimensions can be manifested in form accessible for perception of human beings. Henceforth, I will call this “Plants.”

The “Plants” of classic Hell can look like dips filled with blood, acid or burning liquid manure similar to lava, can resemble a medieval inventory for tortures, fragments of random skeletons of all colors and sizes, shapeless flesh, forever crawling stitched intestines, and other mucks that naughties “plant” in attempts to freak living beings out.


By the way, in BL1 was a place similar to something like that, although most likely it was just stones in liver of another Ancient Leviathan.

But with “Cyan Energy” everything is much more complicated, it is inside of every living being, though many ones simply do not notice it, do not pay attention, or take it for granted, or do not even take it seriously.

(The first thought that come to my mind when i saw this warp tunnel was “oh, someone managed to grease this sh~ with protective “pipe”… hope it won’t leak”)

This energy is secretive, harmoniously merges with the environment, and it is impossible to measure it with any devices; scientists still have not been able to learn anything reasonable about it, except that its weight in a living human is about 21 grams (■■■■■■■■, coz True Mordecai sounds much heavier!)

This energy disguises itself as narrative manner of magical realism,
to not to fall into rude greedy claws of ignorant a-holes.

But living beings can FEEL IT and even turn it into shining beams of light…

I take into account that hypothetical reader has already started to think “why this crazy lady dared to talk about such bizarre things when she herself asked not to deviate from the topic about actors?!”

Well, the point is that i consider actors as “energy generators” for characters.
In this case it does not matter which exact words they deliver, but those expressions that they give to delivered words.
These things are unique like patterns of fingerprints. And this energies also has a feature to reveal itself in the form of “Plants” (as I’ve already mentioned, even the most grotesque cartoonish characters usually receive visual similarity to their actors)

In BL2 we can see ideological continuation of story of the same Mordecai who didn’t managed to find Exit to Heaven. Broken down and give up, he’s chained forever to a world that’s departed.

By the way, in BL2 story the natural sorts of energy is almost completely absent, there was mostly Decay (purple ■■■■) and the most horrible type of energy, as I called it, “Blue Hell”:

“Blue Hell” by technical parameters is like classic “red” Hell, only fully artificially synthesized. Cold. Empty. Sterile. Not able to generate any “plants”, causing nothing but “uncanny valley”, and absolutely not suitable for beings with Souls. (Perhaps that’s why Helena, Blood, Roland and Scooter were unable to respawn)

The writers’ work was good.
But here is the discussion about work of actors, and I still don’t have the slightest clue why people liked Mordy-guy from BL2 (except it is the only version they saw) Nobody gives even a single argument (though I’m wondering!).
I remember Mordecai’s jokes from Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep was quite fun. But the written stuff is the merit of writers, and visualization is the merit of the artists, animators and of the original actor as model, of course.

In case with Mor-decoy of BL2 it seemed to me that the voice over was like auxiliary thing, meant for moments when it was not comfy to read the subtitles while aiming to shoot people in a face (or Loaders in limbs).

To try to understand what could be so special and unique that people might like in newb actor, I decided to look for his other works. And as I learned from the internet, his most recognizable brand role is voice of some Yato, drunken androgynous girl in a sportswear who claims she’s a guy, from anime ノラガミ. But even in this case all I can say about LIEberch’s voice over is “Yikes! The character’s Japanese VO sounds much better and appropriate than this gringo dub that causes so much vergüenza ajena!”

In common I’ve seen some horror. Now I have an allergy on anime.
(need a dose of brutally-charming Truxican cartel bosses to heal from this psychological trauma!)

So. I made a conclusion that ones who claim that BL2 Mor-decoy is “better” are followers of Uncannyvalley Jack who were gloating that Mordecai was weakened and unable to dispel the fascist’s lies with his magical laughter… damn, of course, he was unable to do it without Voice, let alone he couldn’t even breathe! Mordecai didn’t laugh or even give a little smirk during whole BL2… I bet he just saved this for more worthy usage in BL3.

And here they are again trying to draw the attention on “the Hero”.

Well, it’s already closer to the discussion. Drop wears out stone, huh.
Okay. Thank you.
As I said, his sterile impersonal character did not invoke in me any interest, so i wasn’t looking for his unused lines and don’t remember any “pretzels” or whatever memes kids are quoting these days, though i remember one line of this thing(whose real name wasn’t even Jack) said in context of Mordecai, and there was something like “If you want to destroy someone, you don’t need to kill him, you gotta kill what he loves.”

And i immediately saw the handling to me as a player and an allusion to the lack of Mordecai’s VO, and confirmation that Mordecai who I miss was REAL. This feeling of loss was tearing me apart for real. Though, this line also explained that the faceless thing learned nothing about love and what it capable of.
(Love can even glue fragments of destroyed planets!)
And those who can’t love are dead by default and therefore there was no interest in “killing” this faceless thing that was meant only to get returned to the Void where it belongs.
(By the way a while ago I’ve made the thread that is very appropriate to discuss things like “Handsome Jack”)

Perhaps the very presence of True Mordecai may contradict to happening Evil in BL2, because presence of such powerful Soul Core would simply annihilate this faceless thing of low moral values.

(I remember that right after I wrote this in the thread about BL movie, I’ve watched an episode of second season of series about adventures of Truxican ladies in GTA with awesome “fanservice” precisely on this theme.)

Undoubtedly, it is the soundtrack!
Raison Varner did amazing job, Cris Velasco and Sascha Dikiciyan wrote so many exciting motives emphasizing the plot moments, and in tracks by Jesper Kyd were even more scale and freedom! Mysterious ethnic motives changed to anxious clank of metal strings and dubstep, showing insatiable deadly influence of the “Blue Hell”.
All the tracks were literally crammed with ASMR triggers that were reassuring me along the way, and helped to survive tis horror stories, like sayin’
Hold on, be strong
The game don’t stop
Cause when it’s on it’s on

I especially liked the soundtrack of The Pre-Sequel. It’s really amazing. Still listen to it sometimes. I would even say that i really liked The Pre-Sequel… and I would even like to play this game once again(and even look what’s in the add-ons(except one about Claptrap))…

…if there were no commentaries from this stupid Mor-decoy!! Yeah, as my boyfriend reminded me, I started to HATE this disgracefully wrong guy for real after TPS(actually after the last Headhunter Pack where this a-hole wasted all the best moments), because in BL2 it was quite neutral(so-so as crappy dub), but in these parts he started to talk absolutely wrong, showing that he does not understand this character at all! This is unacceptable!

I think that I can stop hating this “anime girl” only after i see THE MOST DELIGHTFUL SCENE… yeah, i think that would be pretty cool!
I really wish to stop hating this random guy.

(By the way about the soundtrack, playing BL1 I felt presence of “exotic flavors” like in early Tim Larkin’s themes… and yeeeah, on music disc were also two purely his bonus tracks! And he certainly had something to do with magnificent music from my favorite Test folder(BL1 files)! I FEEL IT! That’s what I call FASCINATING ARCHAEOLOGY! Need more Uru-style stuff in BL3!)

About render with the dynamite:

Apparently, this render was made not long before release, because Mordecai’s new model was finished not long before release judging by the fact that in some release trailers of BL2 he still appears with model from BL1.
I take into account that this inconsistency can be an accident caused by the workflow. Nevertheless i think that initially it was made according to dramatic principle of Chekhov’s gun “If you say in the first chapter that there is a rifle hanging on the wall, in the second or third chapter it absolutely must go off. If it’s not going to be fired, it shouldn’t be hanging there.”
Taking into account that in this case gunfire is something usual and random, inventory on this picture still can be considered as special plot items rather than something technical just for opening of the gate or something like that (like Shephard’s red pipe wrench is more like a symbol rather than a weapon of usual Marine.)
Dynamite is unusual tool for Mordecai. We do remember well how an explosive does go off on this map. It would be very dramatic if the explosives that Mordecai himself has hold in his hands were used to kill Bloodwing.
But possible combinations with such outcome would be allowable only in story with Original True Mordecai. Otherwise it would be inexcusable.

And I’d like to mention, it would be not correct to consider BL1 and Bl2 (with all addons) as separate games since these are two sides of the same coin.
Apparently there was initially one big script (without obscurantism and faceless red herring), which later was cut into smaller pieces.
I think that “Disgusting Era of Ignorance” (BL2) has important symbolic sense in the context of the entire Borderlands setting, same way like, for example, disgusting film Mad Max(1979) was important for the world of the legend about Mad Max, which become really fun in the next stories.

There’s always a lighthouse the Vaults. There’s always a man Mordecai.

In unused audio of Borderlands everyone appeal to him like to the main Protagonist, calling by the name or referring to his always eccentric appearance.
He is the one who was involved in all this from the beginning and shows up in each version of Borderlands with each graphic stile…

mabe Mordecai is undercover Survey Agent?


Wow, long post! Just one question: where is that “survey” image from?

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Such a callously short reply after this longpost, apparently, shows that the conclusion in longpost was correct.
The answer on question: obviously it becomes obvious from the context in the longpost.

Oh, by the way, if in BL3 will be Mordecai there should be an allusion to the scene from the first picture!
Quite enough if he just folds his hands like this… and says “So big, so angry…”, while Talon swoops down and stabs his beak into the skull of the character who would be a parody on Benicio’s character, and, “… So dead!”

BWAHAHAHAH keeeek! That’s gonna be awesome!!

On the one hand, the young bird romps with the brains of the dead man, whose picturesque trickle of blood flows down the table making a mess on textures of natural wood and limestone with Eridian patterns, and on the other, Mordecai is so pleased with himself and continues enjoying the wine and view of the deep blue sea, at the arid bottom of which he could roam and ride just a couple of cycles ago … It could be an idyll, if not these irritating missions requiring attention of experienced Vault Hunter…

And there should be the music in style of my favorite “Test” BL1 folder!

And meanwhile I found the web series where we can see actors of both Mordecais in action!

I mean Badass Actor of One and Only True Mordecai Neverdying Protector of Jimenez in Action!
And… uh… uggghh… this creepy Uncanny Guy who voiced Mor-decoy in BL2… as a piece of furniture.
(I think the creators of this series are aware of horror that happened in Borderlands, it can hardly be a coincidence since the whole role of the Secondary was like weird redeeming humor and the channel was originally specialized on gaming humor.)

It is Day 5, post-apocalyptic drama released on Rooster Teeth in 2016.
The setting is very specific: the transformation of the world from apocalyptic into post-apocalyptic state occurred not in years or weeks, but just in few hours when turned out that every living being dies in sleep due mysterious sci-fi reason.
So those who survive have to constantly suffer from insomnia with all the ensuing consequences.
For synchronization with the characters I recommend to watch this … you know, when you do not sleep already more than twenty-four hours, before some important deadline and you face a choice: to fall asleep on miserable hour and a half to reboot your brains and eventually oversleep your important event and ■■■■ up everything, or just watch this wonderful show with another dose of coffee!

Although, such hardcore is not for everyone: my co-op partner very painfully endures a lack of sleep and the very theme is very annoying for him, so I’ve shown him only a festive episode with “our favorite Mordecai”, and few moments from two episodes with stupid “mor-decoy”.


In the third episode titled “Night Terrors” The Boy, The Junkie and The Radiologist get into magical oasis in style of Día de los Muertos where they meet “the walking Celebration” named Father Julio, adorable priest with the revolver and leader of Truxican tribe with a record number of underage survivors, la bruja who makes awakening potion and other rare wonders…

Together they must chase the terrifying monster (former office plankton obsessed with doggies and senseless violence) and recall some classic horror movies.

Noteworthy that Father Julio demonstrates exemplary behavior of Perfect Mordecai for BL3 (only a bit sleep-deprived because of setting).

By the way, remember in my concepts for Bl3, I place emphasis on that Mordecai should be performed in lighter colors?
That’s because it is so fun to smudge white things in visual effects! Yay! Awww Otter Eyes is socute

After the terrifying “Incubus” was defeated; turned out that Father Julio was aware about current objective in story quest of the main characters, but refuses to go on a trip with them, because if it was RPG they didn’t know how to unlock him or their Karma wasn’t good enough.

The protagonists will remember this friendly tribe as the first place where they will come back when the nightmare is over.

In the hardest moments of the adventure it is always good to recall that somewhere out there Father Julio protects the Children…

* * *

And In the next episode another protagonist The Pilot finds a group of companions with THE MOST STUPID AND USELESS character of the whole series! And as you may guess this character was performed by actor who voiced Mor-decoy in BL2. Honestly i wouldn’t recognize him if i wouldn’t check his roles in context of previous longpost. While the other characters participate in drama and thrilling adventure, this one seems nothing special, except tragicomic Easter egg after the episode with the actor of True Mordecai.

This faint character whose name i can’t remember (though it was pronounced few times) was introduced by a sleepy woman as her husband, although this woman clearly didn’t want to be with him (in the next episode she kept only next to other male characters and didn’t even appeared in frames with him even when they were in the same room)
This character was armed with the pistol, apparently symbolizing the lack of testicles judging by how he was posing with it.
And he was doing very unpleasant face like his beard is smeared with crap, but he’s too stupid to realize where the stench comes from (probably it was by the script).
The Crappy guy was just posing with the pistol and said few short stupid inexpressive phrases in style of Maya from BL2… and then was punched by a girl and grabbed as human shield.
By the way… uuuugh… he looks like… uncanny Robert Rodriguez doll!! EEEEWWWW

And the most eerie thing is that his facial expressions did not change at all, IT was with this weird grumpy face constantly…

In the episode where the characters of web series decided to shut down the TV station, Creepy Decoy doesn’t communicate with them at all, instead he was shown briefly few times(like on the screenshot)… and then was WASTED with Manhunt style violence by the good old newsman after odd and disgusting attempt to attack this hardworking old man from the back after his monologue about importance of hearing the voice and protecting the light in the beacons…
and yeah, and of course the woman who called IT her “husband” (but stayed closer to other male characters) goes mental, but like she’s just pissed at Decoy guy because DAMN STUPID DECOY, HOW he managed to get WASTED so STUPIDLY!? WTF??
…this woman also makes a pile of unpleasant crap before decides to take a nap… kinda to prove that they were a couple.

It is always good to recall that somewhere out there the F* Decoy rots in a puddle of his own blood and piss mixed with the ashes and butts of good old newsman’s cigarettes, and with a pen stuck in the neck and in addition strangled with a wire of a computer mouse nearby a splattered wall…

… the only thing I can’t understand, does Liebretch realize WHAT he was playing, or he’s a creepy NPC with buggy AI for real?
Anyway I think I already hate him a bit less… or more? Nah, it’s just disgust.
He simply needs to be used for his intended purpose!

This guy really inspired me to kill pinche puto de mierda Reaver in BL1 few more times!
Disgusting person this Reaver!

* * *

I hope these clear examples will help to understand that True Mordecai and Mor-decoy cannot be even compared, because these two entities are completely unlike, and even diametrically opposed.

Same as their actors are completely different people with completely different styles and quality of work; for example, if to swap their roles in Day 5, it would generate two more different characters, requiring different script writing for the whole season:
if actor of Mor-decoy would play a part of the priest, it would be uugh… kinda like the antagonist of new Far Cry 5 about rednecks with fewer “Jared Leto from Blade Runner 2049 sort of creepiness” and with much more his firm Decaying Decoy sort of creepiness… and, of course, in this location would be no survived kids, and there would be much more Incubuses, but they will be less survivable and dangerous. And the protagonists won’t receive the van and the revolver as a gift from good priest, but they will have to shoot the bad priest in a face with the revolver after they realize what he did to the kids, and just take the van to escape…
While Julio as someone’s husband would be like real husband, acting lifelike, dramatic, healthy, interesting and attractive, adding superb speeches, movements and brilliant sense of humor, and his wife wouldn’t be stupid bitch, and it is not kosher to show the victims of deadly sleep in episodes with Julio (note, this creepy unaesthetic unnatural ■■■■ wasn’t shown in episode with him!), and instead of weird attempt of “stealth attack” on the good old newsman he would just raise panic like True Mordecai, which helps to avoid series of sad and bad outcomes and to figure things out peacefully, and the characters will receive much more time, hope and opportunities to find the right way, and even if this hypothetical character “dies”, he makes it aesthetic and with deep philosophical sense, and whole his appearance would be remembered as a parable…

In Borderlands presence of Julio’s Archetype must have also affected on emergence of honest merchant with cool stories and “third world country” accent.

I remember on exhibitions with early version of Borderlands(~2007-2008) DuvalMagic while introducing Mordecai, accidentally called him Marcus; likely because GBX have decided which one will run on missions and which one will trade and tell stories not long ago and still were confusing the names. By the way, Marcus of those times was very different from our favorite release “cozy version of Sidorovich for healthy people”.


By the way, this cheeky grin head icon that we can see on every corner in released games has very familiar portrait resemblance… and after that they want me to believe that Borderlands Mascot is some annoying single-wheeled robot, huh?

If Julio would play Marcus’ part it would be very much like classic literature version of Melquiades who “dies in dunes of Singapore”.

And release version of Mordecai is also very much like this very Melquiades, only the part where he travels a lot and suffers from all possible diseases…


I like being to the point!

Not really, no. I mean, it’s obviously obvious to you, but equally obviously it’s not obvious to me. It just appears to be a random image dropped into a long post and I have no idea what the source is - I’ve never seen it before. Is “Survey Agent” another game? I don’t remember it from playing BL1 anyway.

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