General thread about Immortal Steel Cojones, True Mordecai the Undying, Protector of Jimenez, Sworn Enemy of the Incubus! [In context of THE ENTIRE BORDERLANDS series]

At the age of 17, Mordecai won an interplanetary sharpshooting competition with a revolver. The other competitors, all of whom were using sniper rifles, accused him of cheating and eventually got him banned from the competition for “unsportsmanlike conduct,” although many witnesses noted that he did not display any unsportsmanlike behavior until after the accusations began… (Borderlands Official Strategy Guide: page 25)

Gladly Mordecai has good friends who helped him to get through this insulting situation!
(And who even offered to take off boots from the offenders and let them run tied to vehicle through the wasteland until they find Jimenez.)

Mordecai, who, of course, had not received a public apology from representatives of stinking corporations and accomplices of the infamous conspiracy despite breaking the nose of the most malevolent and sneakiest one, was extremely surprised.

But by the traditions of Skaarj and Yautja, Mordecai can be deservedly considered the most honorable. Radiant glowing of pure intentions from his persimmon-shaped organ smells fresh and not corrupt. Predators throughout the universe regard with great respect to glorious legends about trophies on his wall. He was even honored to wear a similar traditional haircut when has grown up.

I’m wondering to whom those samples from the test folder belong.

Theoretically, the sounds similar to melee attacks of “_2” from prototype battle dialogue package can be “extracted” from Julio.
But these samples were apparently cut too short or simply wasn’t made by him, because these samples lack (maybe audio engineers have some special term for this feature) these specific unique shades of exhalation at the endings of sounds, which cause direct associations with the actor’s appearance and expressions, or if the listener does not have concept of Julio’s visual appearance in head, then which draw a grotesque vision of big cunning smiley cat-like entity canonical to primary traits of True Mordecai:
Mordecai’s parts in Prototype not-battle dialogues don’t sound like that because… apparently at that time ginger has not received soul yet. (But the concepts those pieces have indicated seem very pleasant, these ideas can be awesomely renewed in next BL games on well-developed Mordecai with Soul!)

Trying to identify stray melee attack sounds from BL1 i remembered very interesting sample of “Plants”.

For some reason I decided to compare those prototype audio with the sounds from videogame The Terminator: Dawn of Fate (2002) ; canonical prequel to True Terminator Film Dilogy(proper version of the second film has ending in well-set future and dream with unicorn Kyle Reese! and should be broadcast on Mother’s Day together with Cameron’s Aliens film); the game tells about old-school adventures and badass combat actions that lead up to Kyle Reese being sent through the Time Displacement Equipment, to make John Connor.

I actually managed to forgot why I took this game off the shelf and started repairing my boyfriend’s old PS2 (you know, this common problem with wearout of the disk drive laser) to play this game… because, damn, such a cool game! Gameplay resembles Red Dead Revolver and Freedom Fighters, only a story in The Terminator setting… and then i figured that i did this in context of my favorite Mordecai from Borderlands!

I’d like to mention that one of the playable protagonists in The Terminator: Dawn of Fate looks like a hybrid of classic Kyle Reese and Julio Cedillo(who voiced this character in this game), which makes this playable protagonist kinda “True MordeKyle Reese”, another case study of “germination” caused by dominant positive biofield of this magical Soul Core.

One of the things i love in sculpture is that even if it’s fully static it can display lots of different things from different angles or under different lighting. Design of Reese’s model in this game was combined so versatile that it looks like canonical Reese and young Cedillo at the same time.
Although maybe it is obvious only to me again, because i studied the subject as you may have noticed (I can even tell a cool story how one of works of this actor helped me to pass very difficult human anatomy exam at the Academy), so i want others to take a closer look to test its obviousness.

I think it’s pretty visible, that this version of famous character has different facial contrast, dark brown hair, more developed cheekbones, beefyer proportions and Latin ethnicity.
This MordeKyle also shows pretty different behavior, unlike SimpleKyle, he’s calm and steady, and in common can be described with traits from Mordecai’s bio sheet (from this post above), and he seems more focused on the emotions caused by Polaroid Artifact, rather than on fear of being exterminated like a crispy cockroach (i sometimes even wondered why John Connor doesn’t call him Daddy). His voice sounds very cozy and sometimes causes associations with a smile of purring cat. This is really good for a videogame protagonist, because the player needs to spend some time in fighting holes beside him and not get tired, which would be hard in this genre with jumpy version from films.

In Dawn of Fate also appears one authentic character (this very Perry who was mentioned in the first film) who’s Archetype can be described as “Serious version of Brick” and his VO was performed by Marcus M. Mauldin who voiced Brick in Borderlands series, by the way. (He’s also playable in few missions)

Not only clothes were ripped off from MordeKyle. Travel through time-space was accompanied by a noticeable loss of living tissues and melanin amount.
(of course, Julio couldn’t play Kyle in The Terminator film because in 1984 he was only ~14 years old. Time is such a funny thing…)

Maybe MordeKyle’s biofield was too expanded and stupid device managed to teleport in the film only a small part of it, and the rest stayed in “border” condition. (Maybe something similar happened to Mordecai from Borderlands during travel through another Vault into cel-shading style world)

So Kyle has turned into slim anxious blondie person who looks like Michael Biehn.

Still sorta cute.

Poor Kyle.

I think if to shove Ulysses in similar Shaitan Machine he would also come out as something else (Ulysses is the character from Fallout, whose role is pretty similar to Mordecai’s in BL), because of his complex unique structure: inside he’s a little boy, but covered under the layer with non-removable mask of the head of an adult man whose unique brutal beauty could not be shown otherwise because of the limitations of the game engine, and in addition he wears respirator mask on the top, for the same reason why the half of Mordecai’s face is hidden under the goggles; because these faces require very high quality animation, and it was much more reasonable in those cases to express everything with only superhighqualitative VO and leave the rest to players’ imagination…

The anecdote about Borderlands:

The audience wasn’t paying attention on “The Pledge”, started clapping on “The Turn”, and didn’t get why “The Prestige” is needed…

As we have already found out (wordlessly agreeing with the conclusion in post #21) lack of True Mordecai in BL2 was deliberate spiteful meanness in style of BL2.

I think in the “The Prestige” Stage should be some crazy “parody on sci-fi” in best traditions of True Gearbox explanation of the “horrible disease” that almost killed Mordecai.

Obviously, for the same reason Eridian Guardians couldn’t appear during whole BL2, Mordecai’s gentle living nature could not exist in evilness caused by disgusting hypocritical influence of the “blue hell”, and all Mordecai’s essence got stuck in INFINITE HARMONIC REFLUX, leaving on “the surface” only a designation of his approximate location.
For the while being, he probably already got acquainted with versions of himself from other worlds and knows why exactly it is so important so True Vault Hunters were protecting the Vaults from being opened by these “Wannabe VaultHunters”, dangerous ravages and suicidal psychopaths, pendejos who think that the Vaults are just lootboxes with weapons…

So no matter what, we have to save him!

Maybe we should feed what’s left of his body with some magical buttock-shaped herbs (like in Wakanda) and bury him in some special place so he could wake up with returned powers.

Thing has a life of its own… It’s simply a matter of waking up his soul!

No, not the little cheap one!
Daddy, I want the big one!

[Klopotinsha takes a break for ritual booty dances]

I’ll be back.

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Hmm… Actually i was the one who was joking on him (trying to reduce pain caused by each of his lines in this episode). Like “Ahaha lol, look at Mordecai, he’s completely disconnected. boo hoo can poke him with a stick… he can’t react, coz he’s in stasis… or coma… [sobs] comatose state caused by chemical poisoning… or simply alcoholism…”

Thanks Tina for allude to my favorite show about Lords and Ladies, after which Legion can be described as “the universe where Lord Crawley go nuts”.

Julio Cedillo was performing Mordecai’s personality, made him a living human being.

And the second actor has nothing to do with it; LIEbretch voiced only Mordecai’s Alcoholism, I mean simply Alcoholism as separate “phenomenon”, showing destructive effect on personality, which turns the subject into an empty shell.
And how’s it going with “Plants”?
Without energy of Soul Core they wither and fade.
Biological alcoholics usually receive unhealthy rotten-potato-like shapes, while digital Alcoholic got sharp edges and started resembling the model made by cosplayers of cheap cardboard painted with felt-tip pens (particularly nose and lips, very bad signs.). This disease also makes a sight dull and expressionless, but Decoy apparently has no eyes under goggles at all.
Worth noting that Decoy’s face is absolutely symmetrical, which indicates the absence of work of cerebral hemispheres and absolutely uncharacteristic for living beings with Soul.

I paid attention on what, instead of what real bereaved Mordecai could say or more likely show through superb animation, the Decoy said “You need to accept it: Roland is dead”; especially in which moment and how exactly he said it (inappropriate and as complete douchebag).
I note the level of disgust caused by Decoy at this moment as “twenty times higher than quest where one of a-holes takes off blonde wig from cute Loader’s girlfriend”.

But it also shows how strongly the work and contribution of True Mordecai’s Actor is appreciated. No matter why he couldn’t participate in the sequel, Gearbox haven’t even tried to replace him, finding another qualitative actor with the same level of badassitude (which is certainly impossible at least in the next two-hundred years)
Instead, they made deliberately wrong disgusting Decoy, hiring for it something from anime, and turned absence of True Mordecai into one of “near miss” jokes of BL2. (damn perverts.)

Of course, BL3 cannot operate with identical to BL2 sort of humor, repeating the same jokes, so second usage of Decoy would be stylistically inacceptable.

(Wow, Mordecai is such an epic character, that he even had a separate actor casted on role of his Alcoholism!)

Another important calculation:

This improved Hunter tactics can be very usable in the gameplay, such as for removing aggro from NPCs and arranging ambushes in PVP or even just 4 lulz and enjoying the game engine.

Though throwing ragdolls in UT3 on UE3 was really fun; Mordecai should do this more conscious: with mo-cap from One and Only, combined with Euphoria (simulator of biomechanics) on UE4.

I think True Mordecai’s ability to Feign Death would be an unforgettable gaming experience!
Especially because of his original VO.

By the way, if someone wondered “what if XCOM on Borderlands in times of Red Dead”,
Jon Favreau directed one super awesome film about it…



Extended Director’s Cut version of Cowboys & Aliens has much more scenes with our favorite “MORDECAI”!
(Daym, I want a spin-off about adventures of Bronc and Hunt!)

And the moral of this part of this story: Don’t mess with True Mordecai.
He wins even in duels against classic Chryssalids.


Update 5UCK-1T4N-D533 for the conclusion from post #21:

After series of brutally monstrous experiments on living humanoid (and not so) unregistered volunteers was found that some rare minority of the test subjects who did not experienced painful sensations while hearing the voice noise of Disgusting Decoy were not “Hail Hydra”. (Of course, none of those claimed, that Decoy is “better” than True Mordecai)
And same as everyone else they could not give any reasonable explanation about why they “liked” or didn’t feel disgust and retching from Mor-Decoy in BL2.
So they had to take entheogens to clarify the work of own perception.
Appeared that despite quality level of Disgusting Decoy some not evil people with not atrophied imagination might feel in it phantom resemblance to archetype of “Not Mexican Mordecai”, or “Gringo Mordy”.

Klopotinsha’s survey team have found healthy well-developed specimen of this subtype of Legendary Archetype in Ubisoft universe (which is actually not so far from Borderlands, contiguity can be easily found in Ages Beyond Myst, or Lost, and Ancient Titans who are pretty common for all sci-fi settings, and, of course, through universe of Jesper Kyd’s soundtracks)
This Caucasian male character with similar algorithms to our favorite True Mordecai is a key element and the most important character of whole Watch_Dogs series, because he literally created the entire Magical Sci-fi component of this series.
Name Raymond Kenney, also known as T-bone. (performed by John Tench, pretty nice sorta “caricature Viking” or “lumberjack” looking person. Glamour French devs made his digital version a bit smoother so he looked more like hipster hacker, rather than Lemmy from Motorhead)

T-bone lives on Earth where everybody is wearing fancy clothes and hanging on smartphones.
Raymond Kenney was the one who helped to create “central OS”, he did this with the logic of an Artist, with good intentions(analogically to how naive Mordecai from BL helped to find pieces of The Vault key), but Another Evil Corporation defiled and perverted all this in order to obtain total control on population. Ray tried to warn people about danger and eventually got fired (lucky that wasn’t killed). After that he began to openly oppose Evil Babylon and this network, and have caused the Blackout by hacking it in order to show the dangers of an entire infrastructure relying on one system.
The blackout caused the accidental deaths of eleven people, making Ray to feel extreme guilt and leading him to go off the grid in order to avoid detection by Babylon. T-Bone began drinking heavily due to both his guilt over the deaths he caused as well as his bitterness in Evil Corp firing him. The Blackout, however, led to him becoming highly revered in the hacking community and among the resistance against Babylon.

T-bone is full of shiт and regret but still has a lot of Light inside.

This character’s role can be also defined as Legendary Keeper of Coziness. (Of course, Ray’s aura is not as powerful as Father Julio’s, but he’s still extremely cute, sometimes can be even spotted on creating “Otter Eyes” effect.)
T-bone is very much like our favorite Truxican Mordecai from Border Lands(especially as we wished to see him in BL2 with Julio’s performance), except, while True Mordecai is like a panther, T-bone Raymond is a typical dog; the rest human qualities and behavioral algorithms are pretty similar (adjusted for particular setting)

Since T-bone’s habitat is not so rich in alien wildlife (or drug cartel members, etc.), he created for himself electric “pets” from metal with his welding equipment, high knowledge in software engineering and artistic taste. This talented sculptor created a lot of artifact creatures, from tiny cars with electroshocks, to Eridian-like armed torsos, huge lightning strike arachnids and fire-breathing dragons who protect him from uninvited guests.

“Gringo Mordy” T-bone Ray is also often heard to speak short phrases in Spanish like “vámonos” or “adiós amigos”, but it doesn’t sound like vile hypocritical antics of Decoy from BL2 at all, Ray does it sincere and cozy and cute and appropriate and even stylish, like he does not know Spanish very well, but he really likes how it sounds.

In the first Watch Dogs game T-bone was dug up by pretentious bore Aiden the Vigilante who avenges death of his niece Helena Pearce.

And after the story with bore Aiden there comes the most interesting part!
Add-on BAD BLOOD where Ray continues finishing what dumbass Vigilante couldn’t finish.
So in Bad Blood we got Awakened Raymond F* Kenney as playable protagonist.
And this is F* AWESOME.
In Raymond’s personal story there’s a lot of humor and healthy delirium in best traditions of our favorite BL1. This story is… like… imagine “Life is Strange: version for girls”; very touching, funny and moderately dramatic at the same time… it is kinda journey to Raymond’s personal “Jimenez”.
By the way, this paranoid appeared smart enough to figure out that he’s a videogame character, but instead of banal breaking the fourth wall he just fixes on his backpack animated tamagotchi output facing the player who stares at his actions from behind his shoulder.
The only sad thing that, though this story much more profound, it is in format of DLC and much shorter than “main” game.

In Watch Dogs 2 (which eventually turns around Ray again, because he’s the most important character in the series) Ray helps the bunch of young hipsters to arrange exposure that automatically causes HUMILIATION of another Jared Leto style “Handsome Jack” sort of unpleasant worthless hypocritical harmful douchebag.
Worth noting that despite 55 years old Rey Kenney looks the most worn out, greasy and wrinkled in the team, from the inside he is younger than all these kids.

By the way, the confrontation of old proud bearded weirdo against abuse of hyped fascist liar with atrophied cojones is quite predictable vintage algorithm. In Old Testament there is a story about smartass Mordecai the Jew versus vile envious nazi “Another HansomeJack” named Haman who wanted to exterminate all the Jews and especially Mordecai…

And eventually Mordecai saved his people, of course, not without help of his little sis Esther who was to him like Marcus for Ray Kenney (only for hacking the system they were using Jewish rituals instead of hi-tech stuff), and after Esther’s stealth action under the guidance of Mordecai and series of hilarious episodes with HUMILIATION of Haman (my favorite is when Haman’s “Angel” pours out her chamber pot on Haman’s head and then jumps out from the window to death when realizes that dressed-up like a slave was her vile father but not proud Jew Mordecai), Haman was hanged on the very cross that Haman himself was preparing for Mordecai.

Meeting with Mr. Kenney was especially pleasant for Klopotinsha because while she and I were enjoying trilling adventure with this amazingly charismatic qualitative “Gringo Mordy” character she also received more comprehension of awesomeness of possible gameplay mechanics, structures and plot moves with her favorite True Mordecai performed by one and only Julio Cedillo. So, while walking through WD her mind handled with two universes at the same time, experiencing DOUBLE AWESOMENESS from playing with T-bone and imagining analogical algorithms for True Borderlands.

After getting to know a healthy version of “Gringo Mordy”, all the test subjects who were not “Hail Hydra” began to show signs of psychosomatic toxidrome after a single thought about Horrifying Decaying Decoy from BL2, and also began fearlessly affirm like ‘Hell no, we’re not buying kak! We better find more good stuff from other developers if GBX cast anyone but Julio on role of Mordecai in next Borderlands games!’

And remember [subject name here], when the Lights go on, good things tend to happen.

Hello,Karina. First i have to say that B1 is still my favorite game in the franchise and Mordecai is also my favorite character, but i find your obsession with him quite disturbing. It doesn’t matter who voice him, i’m happy he is still alive. I see that you’re a badass fan and i love your artwork, but you see, things have to move on.Have fun and keep things real, would ya’. Take care. :wink:

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Hello, stranger!

All of illustrations of WotH series are published to explain particular ideas; i think that “universal language” of visual images is the best tool to provide it. But as I can see by the comments where people say like they “love” the illustrations and ask me not to do for what I create these illustrations, I probably must share more direct thoughts in words, instead of showing new illustrations.

I see your post is different from one i received in e-mail notification. I already prepared to write here big LONGPOST about Eridians as the point of interest in context of Mordecai.
But now I have no idea how to interact with this…
Oh, wait, I got it!

Stay awhile and listen.

In case with Mordecai - VO actually matters.

Of course, True Mordecai from BL1 forever alive because NEVER DIE is Special Ability given to him by actor Julio Cedillo who gives this Special Ability to all of his characters (like Steven Ogg gives Rampage Special Ability to all characters)
Julio the Actor actually has a whole garden of really interesting Skill Trees if to consider his works as “RPG mechanics”. I actually would like to see BL Mordecai using more of his skills like Otter Eyes from Stunning Animation tree, variety of interaction with four-legged creatures from Rancher tree, ‘Shakespeare, so what?’ from Dramaturgy tree and, of course, his Badass Laughter is my favorite, really epic stuff, I mean it is SUPER Ability! :bllol:

But, if to consider BL2 as canon we can observe Mordecai in half-life (scientific and mathematical term, describing time during which the system decays in an approximate ratio 1/2), because LIEbrecht, as we have figured out here, performs total Decay.
I assume 2 half-lives elapsed for the time of BL2 add-ons when the character’s condition becomes exponentially worse, not depending on that part of it is in Athena’s flashback (which again confirms Mordecai’s attachment to not linear time).
It sounds very disturbing, indeed. By my calculations the third half-life will start Dissolution of Eternity, where Border Lands are already completely WASTED.

As you can see, Mordecai’s VO is a part of Sci-fi in this story, or, if you can’t see it, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t do what it does.

By the way, yesterday watched Avengers: Infinity War.

And there was Josh Brolin, and then there appeared Benicio Del Toro, but at the end there was no philosophy-making Julio Cedillo, so i was like “shiet, i’m kinda watching the wrong movie!”, and things turned out so-o-o-o bad that pathetic remnants of survivors will have to reset the universe! :rofl:

If you don’t get, it is another joke with allusion to Real_Borderlands film Sicario, though who are left to Avenge likely will have to reset the universe, and Cedillo certainly should play someone in MCU, but, I think, he fits better for more awesome part where those who Defend.

[MCU spoilers On-topic]

While True Mordecai is meant for more epic Infinity Adventures, in this Tiny Infinity War with Thanos appeared one “mal’enkie mordekaichiki” character!
Holy cows! There was one of Mal’enkie Mordecaichiki with this classic Vault riddle about Soul Cores!
But then appeared that under the hood of this Mal’enki Mordecaichik was Nazi!
But then appeared that Red Skull was just a form taken by Mal’enki Mordecaichik to look more reminding of Nemesis from Catacombs and Disciples of D’Sparil!
And then appeared that this Mal’enki Mordecaichik was performed by ANTI-LIEbretch!
Daym, we were joking a while ago that Aaron from Walking Dead (Ross Marquand) is “Anti-Liebretch” because he has similar shape of skull, but he’s a good actor with Light instead of Void! So we were joking about “Anti-Liebretch”, like we were making fun about “Ryan Gosling is a horse” before we knew that it is direct part of a plot in Blade Runner 2049, and then ANTI-LIEbretch performed Nastoyashij Mal’enki Mordecaichik!!
AHAHAHAHA Mal’enkie Mordecaichiki in Disney universe!


By the way, Thanos solved the Vault puzzle completely wrong and cursed himself! LOL
This Purple Titan appeared even more hard headed than Talbot-Graviton! (Titans brains are made of stone)

A little memoir.

I remember this thread was the first thing i started to search for when i entered the old GBX forum back in ~ the end of 2013.
But I always found only scattered scraps on theme “wow, BL1 has such a wonderful Actor! He added so much sense to this story! Cedillo’s Mordecai is one of the best protagonists ever! Something is really wrong in the sequel.” And it always was not deep enough.
On the new forum i couldn’t find anything, so i had to make it by my own. If this thread wasn’t created by me, I’d be so happy if i just found it.
Daym, I’m so happy anyway. Yeeeah, such an awesome thread!
Though, I did not plan this thread as my personal diary unlike my other threads which are actually personal diaries.
I made this thread for everyone, so even hypothetical opposition can write their parts more constructive on-topic like “we afraid of returning of True Mordecai, because he can beat all boring evil Incubuses and make Borderlands awesome again, we prefer words taken out of context, off-topic, baiting, power abuse and Decaying Decoy from BL2 much more, because it stinks and discredits Mordecai! We want to destroy everything alive and beautiful (especially Mordecai) for the sake of The Void.”
I personally would recommend adding “MWAHAHAHA!” for such speech, but it would be more characteristic for possessed by good old “red” Demons and not appropriate for sad pronouncement.

Hm… Translating posts into the language of “Heptapods” can make them more compact. I’ll think about that. I sometimes make such letters with my coffee cup…

By the way, all series of True Mordecai Archetype characters obviously has innate talent to nonlinear time perception.
Smartass Mordecai the Jew “fragged” Haman after seeing a dream and correctly interpreting which, Mordecai predicted like easy-peasy where the nazi puts his “rakes”, and there left only to make sure that vile moron will step himself on each of it.

Melquiades the Gypsy (one with the black hat) wrote the manuscript with the story of seven generations of the Buendia Family in the town of Macondo long before it became mainstream happened in “real time”.

Melquiades the Cowboy (with the white hat) felt his own death, but did not despair and asked his friend to make of it a magical journey to the most beautiful place.

Mordecai the Hunter can percept the story like fractals of the cosmic snail, which hypothetical player in BL1 has as a part of gameplay on second walkthrough.

And then my “fan theory” on theme “what if to imagine BL2 with the identical script, but with real True Original Mordecai (including ally real True Roland and Bloodwing revealed as supporting npc with sounds of real leather wings instead of silly rustling of paper)”:
There would appear an interesting moment: by the script Mordecai started drinking heavily before his friends were murdered in linear timeline, In version with Decoy it makes no sense, but with the original actor it can create stylistic effect that can be interpreted like the character has already learned that ‘where there is death, there will always be death’…

Maybe alcohol was also used as improvised emergency immersion in “Stasis” in order to reduce influence of Decay and the Old Gods.

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So… Any last words in defense of Disgusting Decaying Decoy?

Alright! Cause i gonna figure out how to get rid of this parasite properly.


I mean figure out how exactly this thing was or will be slain (depending on subjective time), without precious Mordecai getting irreparable damage.

Yup, everything is not so simple again (though, no doubt, shotgun-axe is really awesome idea in context of LIEbretch’s roles)
I’m not quite sure if Decaying Decoy has different body or it parasites on host. This line is blurred and seems quite abstract.

In BL2 actually was an antagonist, and, of course, this antagonist wasn’t worthless wannabe John the office plankton (this possessed dummy was only a faceless “symbol” of this kak).

The real Antagonist in this story was not even Who but What, and it was literally Decay.
The essence of Decaying flesh of the dead Old God, impersonal psychoactive substance that was dug out from Pandora’s tomb and afflicted all the characters and locations, and in combo with cheap plastic from “blue hell” also summoned disgusting spawns like “playable characters of bl2” and other soulless decoys.

Such Decay is not like the one who is harmonious part of Life and makes food for worms, grass and trees.
Void Lords hate Life and scorn the Existence; their Decay is meant only for Decay in order to make the Void and nothing else.
On Pandaria this Shiт is known as Sha, on Pandora as Slag or Jack, whatever, these “anti-Plants” are physical manifestations of negative emotions — such as doubt, despair, fear, hatred, or anger.
And BL2 can give all of these “wonderful” feelings in addition to deceit and distorted samples of all kinds of vices!

And the moral of this story…

Ancient Titans, Eridians and other Great Old Ones, do not sweep away infectious waste under the carpet, follow the recycling protocol.

The unfortunate experiences has shown that the dead Old God is much worse than alive one (but, of course, not as bad as alive one who awake with an idea to simply erase everything… and leave only heads that would fly around and scream)
The point is that such beings in principle is not designed for having any physical form, and even if they manage to receive one while entering Reality — all this bizarre biomass with eyes and tentacles is subordinate only of their mind, thoughts and personality.
But when such mind and personalyty dies, its body doesn’t disappear, trolling the laws of physics, and this impersonal psychoactive substance starts to come into reaction with Darkness of random creatures around. The unfortunate experiences also shown that human beings can generate more evil Evil even than Primary Cosmic Evil.

But even an evil spirit originated from ripped tentacle of The Old God can have cozy charicmatic oldschool version with healty adorable TRULY EVIL personality MWAHAHAHA!!!
For example Lord Aku voiced by Mako!
The Master of Masters, the Deliverer of Darkness, the Shogun of Sorrow!

However, Aku’s nature is incendiary and have no signs of Decay; glorious Aku looks very alive and healthy, that speaks of ability of his maternal cosmic biomass (apparently Shub-Niggurath) to successfully propagate by cuttings.

So much depends on VO!

Original Mordecai with his Soul Core can be such a wonderful monster full of doubt, despair, fear, hatred and anger at the same time!

Though, only temporarily, but quite enough to make other not so badass monsters run away dazed, terrified and learned quotes from Shakespeare;
and then he simply becomes immune to this Sh~ and joyful again, as he was in BL1, but a little bit wiser and upgraded for new unforgettable journeys and adventures.

Still no eridians ? :frowning_face:

Hm… Seems like another confirmation of theory (described in post #21) that some people avoid noticing and perceiving emanations of natural types of energy.

Anyway, who need these “Eridians” without “Doom guy” who can use them? The thread is first of all dedicated to One and Only True MORDECAI Neverdying, Protector of Jimenez, Sworn Enemy of the Incubus! So to not to seem off-topic skag poop it’s better to discuss all the cosmic snails, tentacles, infinite ammonites, physical anomalies, temporal paradoxes, harmonic refluxes, et cetera Borderlands lore in context of studying the nature and character of possible interactions with particular good human character known as Mordecai… or Melquiades, or Manuel, or not even starting with “M”, in any case, if you once knew him, you will never confuse him with anyone, because he’s so unique and specific.

Since the art created by humans is created to be perceived by humans, all fantastic “unreal” things need “a bridge” like human character who can show exemplary perception of such things, for example, we can perceive evolution of the image of Aliens through Ellen Ripley, or because of how Carrot and Potato talked to Abbott and Costello we can understand the sense of stuff shown in Arrival.

Mordecai has perfect settings to be the one who reveal the Heart of Border Lands, only this image is not yet complete and strengthened, and was also severely damaged by Decaying Decoy. That’s why continuation of work of original actor (who has put in him these perfect settings) is so important, especially on current stage.
The metaphor: It is bad when people say that it is necessary to “move on” and trample down sprouting sunflower before it grows big, yellow and happy to make the seeds.
New quest available! Gotta beat such people with a stick!

Continuing the theme about murdered Old God, known in Borderlands series as ancient imprisoned “Destroyer”(who was opened and disquieted by fools from Atlas corporation, then stopped and shoved back by the Vault Hunters, but then forcibly dug by another stinking corporation with obsessed fools who wanted to use poor creature as weapon, and then passed away after horrible tortures on Helios space station that spread fetor of decay all over the sequel):

Such beings are an integral part of contemporary folklore; some are hostile, some are fearsome, some maintain balance, some are just the observers, some are good at Art…

By the expression i saw in the eye of “the Destroyer”, i don’t think he was hostile. More likely he was just confused and frightened little one.
(But Lilith should not be blamed; I bet she was not less confused and frightened after what she could feel in it.)

I assume the environmental disaster could have been avoided if in events on Elpis appeared True Mordecai with activated Rancher talents (and Original Roland who would have listened, first of all, to the inference of the “specialist”). It might be possible to somehow find a way to establish contact with “the Destroyer” and transport him (or her) in safety, even tame maybe. But things without all remedy should be without regard: what’s done is done. However good “move on” requires “learn from mistakes” (conclusion from this story: without Mordecai BL totally f*cked up).
It’s just a thought for the future. By the way, for example.


Hell yeah! Found positive “missile” that can simply annihilate sad foolish decaying Incubus!

Awesome music video starring Julio Cesar Cedillo… who acts like typical GTA protagonist while missing some voice work… Yaaay! There is also a demonstration of Real Mordecai in canonical flight helmet with photorealistic graphics style! :bllol:

By the way, in setting where Julio acts like typical gta npc and where Jimenez is his drug cartel, his minions are styled like nastoyashie Malenkie Mordecaichiki!

Malenkie Mordekaichiki!

Gotta catch 'em all!


^ _ ^


As was said by [username] in post #3, while good people will be rejoicing at glorious return of Immortal Steel Cojones, True Mordecai the Undying, Protector of Jimenez, Sworn Enemy of the Incubus;
Some people demanding to know what had happened to Decaying Mor-decoy from BL2 aka Alcoholism and lousy minion of Incubus.

And not necessary that in the “second group” were only naughties who never played BL1, good people also demanding to know what had happened to Mor-decoy just in case if it try to spoil someone’s mood again and somebody will have to bury this thing, because even skags will refuse to eat something so stinking.

I know what had happened to Decaying Decoy.

It was exiled to the lowest circles of Hell, the very bottom of bottom, where Dante and Virgil never stepped. Demons no longer monitor for lost souls there, it’s more like abandoned basement or some kind of utility room where laundry and boilers for upper circles were.

Klopotinsha’s Survey Admiral Amicus tracked down Liebrecht’s Stench* in the setting of zombie apocalypse, where people don’t even use term zombie apocalypse.
*not a literal stench, although likely this also takes place, but i mean mostly stench of thought; beings with psionic powers usually describe perception of negative mental impulses as a “stench”.

Amicus said, ‘daym, I feel Liebrecht’s Stench’, looking at the scenery of devastation and fidgeting zombies in gray shades. And then appeared that there is actually freaking Liebrecht!

By the way Liebrecht’s Stench is kinda new term like Chekhov’s gun and Shephard’s pipe wrench, but, while the original two is about dramatic principles of using special plot items and quantum physics, Liebrecht’s Stench™ is manifestation of decay and despair, serving as a prelude to something bad and extremely unpleasant.

“Anti-Aaron” appears in episode “Just in Case” of fourth season of FearTWD.
It’s not a spoiler because this background character does not matter to the story and plays a role of stylistic element (source of Liebrecht’s Stench™)

It was like an anecdote: Adorable Cowboy John Dorie (yup, Dorie like a fish from the cartoon) meets Decaying Decoy in after-Mor-decoy stage.
And Liebrecht does the same stupid grumpy face like in Day5, but looks even more stinking this time, like not only his beard is smeared with crap, but he also has a full pants of it.

‘We don’t know each other, I’ve seen your flag, I see your cloths, I know what you are, I know we got a particular person in common,’ said the Cowboy, guessing that Stinking Decoy has something to do with something really bad. And the Cowboy even gives Post-Mor-decoy a choice to not to act stupid and stay unharmed.

And The Decoy choses to act stupid, because, daym, Decoy is so stupid!

The question arises, how could Post-Mor-decoy survive for so long in zombie apocalypse setting, if he’s so damn stupid?
Because he’s so stinking that even zombies refuse to eat him! (And it also gave him ability to cooperate with other bad people who survived at another’s expense)

And then Adorable Cowboy was pissed off, because the only thing Mor-decoy can do is make good people pissed off.

Never seen Dorie so angry before. Poor Dorie.

By the way, this version of stinking Post-Mor-Decoy is a member of the Vultures, a hostile gang of cowardly nomad looters who sit nearby villages like anti-hippies and decrease morale of the inhabitants by stinking and talking crap like, ‘something bad will happen to this place, because something bad always happens, we’ll wait until you’re all die and then just loot your stuff’.

Yeah, perfect role for Liebretch.

It would be even funny like running joke if Decaying Post-Mor-Decoy wasn’t so disgusting.

The moment when Morgan jammed in the “wrong” mode and doesn’t let to shoot the crappy guy in his stinking ugly face trolled me a bit. Damn Post-Mor-Decoy!

By the way, I’d like to mention that the good actor of True Mordecai Neverdying Protector of Jimenez also played a role in this show about Hell. As a ray of hope, literally fallen from the sky, in the most dull and gloomy times of the series (3rd season of commonTWD)

As soon as accidentally dropped defenseless piece of light reached the ground, he was grabbed by vile, foolish and pestilent soulless creature named the Governor (compared to whom Jack from BL2 is just handsome.)

The guys who read the comic book said that originally Julio’s character in TWD was a lady who was needed to say that the Governor is a douchebag. But instead of banally pointing at something obvious, Lieutenant Welles tells badass stuff like “Brothers in Arms vs. Zombies” with the shiniest Otter Eyes full of life and increases morale of the spectators so they could endure the most rotten part of the show.


Adventures of pathetic Post-Mor-Decoy that decays in the bottom of Hell with zombies, part 2:

In the next episode of FTWD Post-Mor-Decoy continues crapping his pants and doing stupid grimaces, while hiding behind backs of other Vultures like the last coward.

And then another girl stabs the skull of this rotten zombie with one of the most creepy melee weapons ever (Noteworthy, that it was pierced softly, without crunch, which is characteristic to not fresh zombies who has rot for a while)

Wait a sec… shotgun…
He-ell yeah! I told ya, shotgun-axe is really awesome idea in context of LIEbretch’s roles!
By the way Zombie-brecht was very different from normal walking dead (aka walkers, passed, muertos, biters, infected, etc);
Seems Zombie-brecht hasn’t finished their school, coz it looked more like an amateur performance.
I think it was the most ridiculous zombie in TWD series.

Now there is no doubt that Liebretch understands WHAT he is doing. He really tries hard to look as disgusting as possible. He has a specific talent that can be useful for specific roles. I’m glad that in FTWD Liebretch was used by its intended purpose.

But it does not redeem the spoilage caused by the heartless people who hired this thing to defile Mordecai.

By the way, I still haven’t played BL2 second time as I planned.
I assumed I’ll be able to, after at least someone else here at least tries to help overcome bitterness of missing the main character of Borderlands series and of mockery with insulting decoy.
My suspension of disbelief simply won’t operate with this again, especially after we figured out that Mor-decoy was even more hideous than i thought.

Judging by test results of people who play BL2 constantly and have wasted over 1000 hours (not being really interested in game lore, and paying attention only at distracting content of BL2);
I, who have played in BL2 a single attentive co-op walkthrough of all quests, DLCs and add-ons (except TPS dlc about Claptrap, and not counting n times i restarted the first location of BL2 trying to pick less repulsive of “playable” characters, and times when i abandoned the game on Tundra Express unwilling to tolerate Liebrecht’s Stench™. I would definitely demand a refund, if i wouldn’t buy Steam BL2 with all addons for 3 bucks.), remember whole BL2 much better and more picturesque.

First time i could endure walkthrough of BL2 on the momentum of BL1, and it was worth it, because after that coming back to BL1 become even more pleasant.

I prefer to keep the good memories of BL2. So I won’t even install this nerfed kak on my computer again.

And once again I want to add a line of praise about Cedillo’s work on Borderlands series. Because if he had not defined this vector, heck, i wouldn’t beat even a quarter one seventh of BL2.
He definitely did the great job on BL2 even kinda not doing anything. The thought that he may come back in some next addon or after next addon or after next-next addon motivated to go through all this ■■■■.
Hope is a sad thing, indeed…

gotta simply check IMDB before thinking to buy BL3.

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Imagine that you decided to cook something super delicious.
You fry pieces of gorgeous fresh meat, and then vegetables, aubergine, tomatoes, all kinds, add your favorite spices in there, then enjoy how it looks and smells wonderfully… and then you decided to add an egg to this beauty. Yes, an ordinary egg, what can be bad in it?
And here you break an egg right above all this beauty … and the egg turned out to be rotten! BLJAD PIZDETS* the egg is rotten, the smell is terrible! Beauty cannot be saved, everything’s wasted! Must throw out it all NAHOY just because of damned Liebretch! How the hell did it get into this cozy girlish TV show? GOVNO SOBACH’E
(it was intro with the metaphor; *MEANS EXPRESSION)

Perhaps i already mentioned on this forum that I watch “Narcos for girls” (Queen of the South)
great show with awesome cast and nice relaxing ambience, almost like Downton Abbey (by the level of coziness) only about criminal stuff with violence, thriller and comedy, very exciting and heartwarming.
And so one day, after hard day’s work, I decided to relax and watch the 3rd season of this cozy show, but something went wrong. I’ve seen some really unpleasant sh*t.
I mean, of course, the whole plot of this show is built around “unpleasant criminal sh~”, but it always been made interesting from the point of view of dramaturgy, composition, aesthetics, and so on, I also like that the color filter of the picture is so festive, usually warm orange.
But those moments that I called ‘some really unpleasant sh~’ were from completely different opera.
Something terrible happened to one of the main characters, I can’t remember his name for sure (even after three seasons), because it is too simple like Johnny or something, I usually call this guy Ghost Rider since he has similar model (he was even given the skull mask during one mission with Jimenez fraction).
In the third season Ghost Rider began to behave strangely as when elite highlevel unit receives morale debuff after meeting with something undead and can’t normally attack or do anything at all and threatens to mess up the campaign. And these moments, which I refer as ‘completely unplesant sh~,’ occur in his flashbacks, which have nothing in common with cozy ambience. These flashbacks were shot with an unusual pale-gray depressing color filter reminding about the bottom of hell with zombies.

Short story long, I have seen the continuation of the most dumb, insulting and not funny running joke ever. It turned out that Ghost Rider has met with Liebrecht’s Stench™ (manifestation of decay and despair, serving as a prelude to something bad and extremely unpleasant).
This time LIEbrecht was creating the feeling of rotten egg (poisonous stench of hydrogen sulfide)
And he played the role of deliberately disgusting Decoy of Ned Flanders, who hijacked cocaine shipment and used little girls as demoralizing weapon.
All in all, the ambiance of these flashbacks was more like in videogame Resident Evil 7 Biohazard.
Jimbo’s morale was decreased because of nasty debuff and experienced killer couldn’t normally finish the mission with Silent Assassin rating, did everything sloppy and noisy ( just blew up the damn house, even caused death of one of little girls, whom Decoy used as a demoralizing weapon).
And in parallel with scenes of Liebrecht’s stench™, in the main narration we see how favorite characters like Chewbacca were tortured, injured or killed. According to all canons.

I even thought to make a screenshot of this Decoy and insert it here so the words of some hostile usernames from the beginning of this thread looked completely ridiculous, but i decided that I don’t like the idea of saving something like this on my harddrive.
Besides, i feel awkward that I even recognized this scoundrel’s face, although on the other hand it’s better to know Mor-Decoy as indeed shameful grotesque stinky, rather than something simply unsuitable from shoddy anime.

I really need medicine after such a bad thing! Yes, I know the perfect antidote - good memories with participation of the most adorable character from the coziest episodes!

At first it seemed to me that I felt a little sad, that in this post i described in detail the most insignificant and unpleasant moments that served only as stylistic element in order to, as always, emphasize that “things gone bad”;
But I had not wrote 100 longposts about important and beautiful symbolic role of Don “Mordecai” Jimenez (and his horses), but actually I did everything right, because it’s not appropriate to write spoilers about something so important, so I just mention that it was superb.

I like the idea that I can insert here such a pretty screenshot with Don “Mordecai” and local “Mad Moxxi”

It’s time to turn on nice relaxing music for complete healing.


Btw, I’m going to watch “Queen of the South for boys” (Narcos: Mexico), starring rebel from Star Wars, Ant-Man’s friend and our favorite True Mordecai!

It is really strange why GBX took on roles of “the same character” representatives of diametrically opposing forces.

I mean it excludes the concept of “the same character”.
Such BETRAYAL is even more insulting than turning of Prince Arthas Menethil into The Lich King.
However, unlike the cool example with golden-haired paladin boy, with “Mordy” from BL2 it was stylistically inappropriate, not supported by the plot, performed poorly and not cool at all and can’t be considered as canon and also was stupid like if The Lich King was made of Chen Stormstout.

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Eventually, I did a couple of illustrations for Borderlands version of this picturesque scene… :bllol:

Table Scene

Sometimes my co-op partner was blowing my brain when we were playing BL1,
he said ‘Hey, K, imagine Mordecai with mustache instead of beard’ …
Now he stopped repeating this gag for some reason. xD

By the way, I finished watching Narcos: Mexico second time!
Yea, such a wonderful show, that I wanted second walkthrough right after finishing the first on one breath.

There was even Cole Phelps from L.A. Noire and Meat King from Preacher…

But my most favorite character is Comandante Guillermo Gonzalez Calderoni performed by Julio Cesar Cedillo!

Another lively, slightly rude and grotesque, but very charismatic and picturesque character with completely new sets of animation very different from other Julio’s characters I’ve seen before.

Here, for example, a screenshot that I saved just in case someone says that never played BL1

Julio shared in his instagram pretty neat fragment from same scene, titled ‘This is what happened to this guy when he told me he wasn’t watching Netflix’s series NARCOS:MEXICO.’
I think ‘this guy’ also looked like he was going to say that prefers voiceover in released BL2… xD

On my taste, Comandante is too… specific in comparison with the characters like Melquiades or Oscar Peres whom I’d recommend primarily as inspiration for more cinematic roleplay of Mordecai…


I think it worth

To write

I little guide How to roleplay Mordecai in Comandante-style:

  1. you should beat the game at least… 6 times, learn all boss tactics, builds, secrets, so nothing could surprise you. Mordecai’s backpack must contain numbers 9999999 and best guns so there was no need to pick up anything.

  2. Start new walkthrough of add-on, let newbies join your host; lead them through right to the quest objective…

  3. and suddenly leave the game with no explanation (other players will be dropped from host not getting any progress)

  4. Don’t answer the questions, wait awhile, and then yell at them (very irritated) that you had very important afk to go to eat and watch TV shows!

Something like that.

Heck, I’d like if playable Mordecai in BL3 could do melee grabs and take out shoulders ^ _ ^

Musical intermission!
(while I compose another long post… or two)


A few years ago, I came out of the cinema under great impression; who would have thought that the story about bloody cartel war could bring such bliss.
After that, I was absolutely sure that Villeneuve can make perfect sequel to my favorite Blade Runner. (and he did)

The other day, purely for scientific interest, I read the initial script of film SICARIO written by Taylor Sheridan. (Now it can be easily found in web)

And sometimes while reading I caught myself thinking that I probably make face like Calderoni on screenshot from previous post, because the written version of the plot was, to put it mildly, very different from what eventually became one of my most favorite films.

Of course, in scary writing of this pervert was not a word about Brolin’s slippers or Bernthal’s ears; not to mention lack of detailed descriptions of compositions of cacti and bushes from a bird’s eye view, as well as of the majestic clouds and unshakable mountains who are equally important characters in the film, even though they dont give a sh~ about fleeting passions of tiny humans…

Although, I think that complete use of the script was not supposed by the writer himself since this script looks more like schematic frame abundantly filled with random violence and stuff for director’s selection and space for actors’ improvisation.


In the context of this thread, the primary interest is represented in the key scene of the film, which was changed the most and got exactly the opposite meaning. (scene when Alejandro came to Fausto’s family dinner; in Sheridan’s writing starts on page 97)

well… ahaha… after reading this F* trash… lol, I got why Julio at first refused this role XD
or maybe it was intentionally written This way, so Julio could train doing the cute shocked face?
Yea, dis man would rather quote Zapata than play something not cool, so initial script wouldn’t work anyways.
And so the shapeless monster from script was turned into super elegant… cuddly cutie kitty-kitty! aww he’s so adorable that i just can’t hold it.

I’ve seen in Julio’s Fausto Alarcon a spiritual continuation of charismatic “villain” who just wanted to build a restaurant for mom and who doesn’t seem any bloodthirst or violent, just a businessman in very bloody business where sometimes killings happen. I bet he didn’t even tie up the deaf girl.

Pay attention how Alejandro holds the distance in film, seems he afraid to get his head slammed on table.

I remember that spellbinding magical stuff that eventually turned out in the film as ‘the most aesthetic scene I’ve ever seen on the big screen’.

But if some LIEbretch (guy who voiced Mor-decoy in BL2) would’ve got role of Fausto Alarcon, initial script could be used without any changes! In this case stabbing a fork into the hand sounds good; maybe better add even more senseless violence and cynicism.

Where I’m going with this… i think this example with versions of Sicario’s script is a good inspiration for answers on main questions of this thread such as ‘how the game Borderlands 2 (including DLCs, TPS and TfTBL) would be different if there were original True Mordecai’

Borderlands 2 is very like this initial script: raw matter to work with, quite good as schematic frame, but yet too impersonal and with many sharp angles.

So I admit i was wrong saying that BL2 needs a remaster… coz it needs a complete remake!


I’ve made a little illustration for those who can’t feel the difference between two absolutely different characters:


Well, for the good character who is depicted on the left, I’ve been picking music for several years, there are a lot of different genres for different situations and moods … should be enough to run a little Inter-Vault radio station!

But as for the bad thing that ruined all impression of BL2 on the other side… well, I don’t even know … this British rap song perfectly emphasizes its ambience.

In first Borderlands 2 DLC, Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty, was a location Oasis where most of NPCs were dehydrated corpses with voiceover written on ECHO-devices.
Maybe Mor-decoy was made by similar “technology” to play a role in shows for Handsome Jack VIP tours; while True Mordecai was busy in war with Hyperion, raising Talon, guardianship for Tina after the death of his friend Roland and other important stuff on Pandora…

I think it’s more correct to consider released game Borderlands2 as semi-canon on same level as, for example, the play “The Boy in the Iceberg” based on the legend about little monk who had to end the century-long war.
This example is from episode “The Ember Island Players” of the third book of Avatar: The Last Airbender, in this episode the protagonists, Team Avatar, watched the play based on their own adventures. The story of this play can be called a semi-canon, since it’s kinda correctly lists almost all events, but important details are missed or presented with absurdly distorted meaning.
Surely, with such formulation of the narrative there’s no place for wisdom and coziness of the cutest character, instead he was shown in the most flat and derogatory way.
But we know that True Uncle Iroh, The Dragon of the West never said, ‘choose treachery – it’s more fun!’
(Though, it sounded quite fun unlike lines of insulting Mor-decoy.)

The moment from Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!, when Mor-decoy says, ‘our story just began with us getting off the bus’, shows that Hyperion dude who composed decoy’s lines knows about Mordecai only from a brief retelling of another dude who once watched shortened ECHOnet record of Marcus’ play about VaultHunters.

True Mordecai would never say anything like this, instead he’d probably make a weird smirk hooking thumbs in side pockets of pants and slightly tilting his head down; someone who’d notice that would probably think that Mordecai found something funny in Athena’s story of horrors; but actually stories about explosions in the low gravity zone may just made him recall something from his past like favorite moment of his great grandmother’s story about Ancient Eridians, or moment from youth and Championship when the guy from opponent team stumbled trying to speed up with rocketjump… or maybe he just thought something like ‘mierda – i should’ve grab few bottles of booze before the lady starts talking’, or maybe he imagined in his head that Athena says ‘Athena, Out’ after each sentence… maybe all at once.

The details about real actions and personality of True Mordecai in times of BL2 can be easily retconned in BL3, and the very manner of Borderlands narrative disposes for this. (Like when Marcus was killed at the end of Claptrap’s Robolution, he, being a narrator, immediately explained that he was not killed actually.)
After all, Borderlands story is not just shooter-rpg, but first of all – a theatre.