General use elemental choices for Zane?

So I was trying to decide what are the best general use elemental weapons for Zane other than cutsman. I just don’t really like the slow projectile speed with infiltrator.

Options I’ve considered, but haven’t started farming for yet:

anointed and x2 I’m assuming are always best, when possible of the below and all assuming mayhem 4:

  • Corrosive: kaos(?), Breath of the Dying, hornet
  • Fire: hellfire, kaos, sleeping giant
  • Shock: AAA, brainstormer
  • Radiation: foursome?

Anyway, I wanna go farm some, possibly look for the best variant, but I don’t what calculations synergize best with some of his stuff. Sorry I’m not good at min-maxing and have really gotten lost since the new anointments came out with having to alternate them between gear and all.

I use the Hitman tree btw

Thanks for any tips.

I find the Crossroads to still be good after nerfs, but you need an accuracy bonus for it either by anoint or skills. Brainstormer does good work, as well as I’ve found the cryo Conference Call I found to be good. Foursome is definitely good. I’ve been meaning to try out a Roisen’s Thorn on Zane I feel like it could be good. Hellfire is weak and Sleeping Giant while decent is pretty RNG based, a ‘reloaded weapon on digi swap’ anoint could make it reliable.

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Might give a conference call a go. Def need a better foursome. Might look around then.

Thanks for the tip.

thorns is trash my man either sticky or not.

I hope you are speaking in terms of just Zane and not overall because it’s one of my favorite weapons.

Either way I think I’ll check it for myself considering you say things like Zane can’t DPS COV M4 meanwhile I spent all day absolutely destroying SS.

Seems like a CCC build is less gear dependent. Heck, the AAA was freezing people earlier… Sorry not exactly on topic, but kinda related. Zane def seems to be able to kick COV ass, but like in my OP, I’m just trying to figure out what weapons work best with him.

Alrighty. I’ve been up too late I guess. Have a good night

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kill o wisp, brainstormer, torgue stickies are also good if you land a couple while sliding, then bunny hop the rest, crossroads


I say zane can not kill skill cov

Last I checked, SS is COV. And today I ran kill skill CCC build just fine in MH4 SS, so again, wrong.

I ran this BUILD

With this COM and Artifact:


It was not only fairly easy, but I killed very fast and kept AS up almost always along with kill skill. Felt very fun and good with no ghost thank god.

Weapons : Maggie(barrier accuracy), hellwalker (cryo SNTL), radiation crossroad(cryo sntl), normal bullet 3x dictator(cryo sntl). Shield Band of Sitorak. Nade 25% on thrown.

Also I watched someone on stream today run COV with a Seeing Red build. So it can be done, maybe not with the exact build you want. But talking in absolutes sayin Zane can’t do this or that, is bad.

noi man i am talking about hitman max i know through CCC a lot of content is easier. I am talking double stacking donny violent violence cool hand and using seein’red a playstyle that supposedly got buffed. the other ■■■■ we could do pre buff as well. don make it sound like i am saying zane can not do m4 content i am saying the very play style they buffed is not working i never said there are not better options like double barrel and CCC or any CCC splits, but what about non CCC play styles what about sniping what about playing dirty what about seein’red. i dno how can i say this any clearer the build you are runing is a CCC split build not a kill skill build.All i am sayin is kill skill activation and double stacking play style does not work because it does not produce kill times to keep it up.

it can be done is far from ideal i did it myself i am not very happy with it can be done :smiley: it is predominantly still done through pairing up CCC and full hitman and not a single point in double agent, which is hella ugly but that is level 50 compromises. i never liked 50 cap i never will

also what platform/region are you? DM me if u don mind

I do run other builds. My favorite build is actually Double Barrel I call “Atomic Zane”. I also have cleared m4 SS with this. This is what I use to run Trial of Cunning. This build is using all VRED underbarrel Mortar and give clone FP/Cut. I use Barrier with no augment here.


I also before I got addicted to CCC was running a Seeing Red build which was a lot of fun too. I have not tried a sniping build but I will take that challenge. I think I have some nice Monocle and Muckamuck I can use to try and make one work! I’m not trying to talk smack to you but I just hate to keep seeing ‘Zane Can’t’…

what use do you get out of like a ghost?

Since there is no CCC my barrier goes down for a bit of time. So it is to mitigate that downtime and survive. Mostly it was just extra points I didn’t care to put elsewhere though.